The Rescue of Stephen Ursula By the Outlaw Mandrivnyk Navin

Into the Ruins

TODO Vance Wystrin tells Eir to help find a missing Vance named Stephen Ursula. His mother, Ursula Ursula, is a higher-up within the Order of the Vance. Eir recruits Navin and Seren to help. They discover he was last seen near the Ruined Expanses outside of the Confederacy of Cloisters. They choose to head in, encountering some goblins, the fringes of a Hate Cyst, a cystspawn (the Jangly Man), a number of Ruins dwellers, and finally discover where Stephen is being held. They discover that the person who abducted Stephen did so with the assistance of Miterand1 and a ghost by the name of Ashmyr2.

TODO The PCs manage to rescue Stephen and return him to his family. Eir is praised and given a large sum of magecoin for her selfless assistance. Izabelle, hearing of their exploits, invites them to a dinner party to celebrate their success.

Divine Snake

TODO Seren went to Mercy along with Bad Company, both to get divinations from The Lockless Key. Seren wanted to know who was behind the threats being carried out against her and Navin.

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