The Session of a Thousand Subplots


Darias, Maleos design enchanted ballista with magic missile "tracers"; Aida presents them to Lt. Hume the Younger, who presents them to Capt. Banister; sent to Brightmill to make prototype

The Traveling Preacher

High Priestess Margaretha of Fharlanghn and 2 journeymen arrive; Aida intercepts, chats with Margaretha; Maleos eavesdrops; Aida uses a Bronze Boon to check on Margaretha and finds that she has been misled but not corrupted by the Usurper

Esme-by I'll Believe You

PCs drop in on Esme. Maleos gives evidence of their time travel, etc. Esme doesn't totally believe their story but can't explain their evidence away fully either. PCs promise to return with solid proof.

Send a Raven Blue-Dove

En route to Brightmill, Darias receives message tied to bird, specifically a blue-dove (greyish-blue-feathered songbird) asking why he tried to contact Abenner. Bird's name is apparently Dorian; bird apparently has a name. Darias communicates via bird-note to mysterious sender a few times throughout night but doesn't know exactly who the sender is, though he has suspicions.

Brightmill and Early

Party arrives in Brightmill. Talks to Torin - masterhealer visited him. His health checked out fine.

Party goes to mill, hands over docs, gets tour. Darias burns a bronze to find out what to do at the Brightmill and discovers that The Book of a Thousand Pages was hidden in the foundations of the Brightmill thousands of years ago after a civil war that also resulted in the rewriting of some of the Island's histories/religious texts.

Darias and Maleos prep gear and spells, then buff Aida; she sneaks into river, dives, and digs up the Book. Has to come back the next day to recover her magical pitons and her rope; too exhausted by fighting the current to do it all in one night. Party experiments with the Book and discovers that it can only hold "stories" (always labelled) and "the truth". Blurred passages; the party eventually discovers that they are blurred because they're not currently true. The party also uses the Book to narrow down where Abenner camps (Hope Island), whether any of the High Priests have been Dominated by the Usurper (no to all), and whether any of their mentors have been Dominated by the Usurper (also no). Plan to use the Book to convince both Esme and Margaretha of what is going on, and will hopefully be able to find other ways to use it as well. Learn that it cannot predict the future, and peoples' intentions and similar are difficult to pin down (too malleable most of the time).

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