The Usurper

The Usurper is one of many beans that have been given the designation "The Outsiders" by the gods. Broadly speaking, the PCs have heard the Outsiders described as being to the gods as the gods are to mortals; their ultimate goals, thought processes, and actions are often completely alien. The gods have admitted to the PCs that the Outsiders as a collective essentially performed experiments on the gods sometime in the distant past and that everything mortals know of as Reality is a creation the gods are using in an attempt to keep the Outsiders at bay. Mortals are a large part of that plan, as the nature of mortals is so completely alien to the Outsiders to be antithetical to their existence within this Reality.

Within Reality, the Usurper appears as a collection of purple-black wormlike creatures that bind together into larger forms. The worms vary vastly in size. It is unknown to the PCs how other Outsiders manifest within this Reality.

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