Third-Degree Droids

Third-degree droids are usually focused on social interactions. Protocol droids, household servants, and similar droids are third-degree droids.


The WEG-published core rulebooks describe a number of droids. The table below contains references to the models described in the core rulebooks.

Model Cost Reference Description
Cybot Galactica 3P0 Human-Cyborg Relations Unit 3,000 Cyn 731
Caladrahlsen Mechanicals C4LR Litigation Droid 3,000+ Cyn 74 Droid can be up to 10,000 credits depending on specific programming requirements; additional modules available at 2,000 credits per module
Rebaxan Colmuni MSE-6 "Mouse Droid" 350 Cyn 75 Single-task maintenance droids, low footprint
Industrial Automaton SE4 Servant Droid 2,600 Cyn 76
Roche Siak-series Protocol Droid 3,500 Cyn 77 Verpine protocol droid
Opti-Prime XA-540 Personal Secretary Droid 2,500 Cyn 78
Cybot Galactica 434-FPC Personal Chef Droid 4,000 Gallad 232

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