Thirteen Station

Interlude: Izabelle's Party (2019-09-18)

Taking some time away from their pursuit of Limerence St., Bad Company, Eir, Navin, and Seren attended a party thrown by Izabelle Nora at Izabelle's home. Izabelle intended the party to serve as a networking event of sorts, allowing various friends of hers to meet a couple of more senior vislae (particularly Charles and Soraya). Unfortunately, Bad Company saw something upon entry that sent him back to Shadow. Though disappointed, Izabelle resolved to invite Bad Company to her next party to make up for his unexpected absence.

At first, the party went fairly smoothly, with the vislae wandering and mingling freely. Just before the intended midpoint of the party, though, Auriah identified "Soraya" as an impostor. So identified, the illusion fell away from Parris, a recent ex of Izabelle's. Drunk, sleep-deprived, and frenzied, Parris accused Izabelle of cheating on him and threatened the other partygoers with a knife. While some of the attendees hustled Izabelle from the room to relative safety, the PCs surounded Parris and tried to calm him down. They were able to control the situation without allowing Parris to really injure anyone or damage Izabelle's house much, and Bravish was able to help the PCs bind him sufficiently to get him to the authorities.

Party Attendees

I Ain't Afraid of No Modalities (2019-09-28)

A week or so after Izabelle's party, Bad Company is wrapping up some research for a more senior Goetic. Figuring he'll be wrapping up things soon, he decides to contact Nessa and Seren to see if they can spend the afternoon doing a little more research on the Pneuma. They contact a friend of Bad Company's, Dante Thirds, the man who originally gave them Derran's card. They then ask Dante to help find Limerence St.

As they are searching the area, Bad Company and Dante Thirds are approached by a slight man, a vislae who introduced himself as Talbur. He stammers out that he's being haunted and needs Goetic help, and he's willing to pay. The group agrees to come by in the evening after checking in on Variagan's house. They do so, but despite hearing rustling inside after knocking, no one comes to the door. Nessa writes a note requesting he contact them and drops it through the mail slot, and they leave to return to Talbur's house. Once there, they inspect the place; it's heavily warded, and there aren't any obvious ways a ghost could get into the "lab" through the wards without waking Talbur. As a result, the vislae can't figure out how his lab equipment keeps getting trashed. They decide to "stake out" the place that night to see if they can prevent the damage.

That night, very late, the door opens and another Talbur enters - he looks much the same as "Talbur Prime," but with different eyes and the addition of some greenish scales on his skin. He notices Bad Company with their pistol drawn and attacks with some kind of entangling vines, leading to a short but violent encounter that finally ends when Seren is able to bludgeon "Front Door Talbur" with a crowbar and slap handcuffs on him. With Dante Thirds badly wounded and both Bad Company and Nessa injured, the vislae decide to wake Talbur Prime and call in law enforcement. Dante is taken to the hospital, but waking Talbur Prime proves extremely difficult. Bad Company finally slaps him hard enough to bruise, waking him and immediately putting Front Door Talbur to sleep. This drives Talbur to conclude that the other Talbur is a modality of himself and must be one that has "broken."

Law enforcement arrives and, for various reasons, takes both Talburs into custody. This delays the payment to the vislae, but after some time and effort (and many days later), Bad Company is able to collect most of the promised pay - 200 crystal orbs and 2 magecoins. One of the magecoins and 50 crystal go to Dante, with Bad Company keeping the other magecoin and the other 150 crystal being split among Bad Company, Nessa, and Seren.

A Night at the Hospital (Side Session)

TODO side session between Nessa and Dante Thirds as they recover from their injuries post-Talbur.

Vislae Seeking Pneuma (2019-10-02)

Bad Company, Eir, Navin, and Seren, with two leads to pursue, decided to hit the closer one first: Variagan's house on Kedellis Row. They still found no answer when knocking on the door, but Navin's testing of the back door revealed it to be unlocked. Cautious both about the rustling sounds and the possibility of disturbing an angry vislae, Navin entered the house calling out to Variagan. Bad Company stood watch just inside the back door, leaving Seren and Eir watching the house and the neighborhood from outside. They had just begun to inspect the house when a spidered teacup and kettle attacked Navin and Bad Company, respectively. The group, unwilling to enter the house guns blazing, threw off the attackers and fled outside. Using her position as a Vance, Eir called in the Paresaad, noting the discovery of a spidered house.

Having been alerted to the dangers posed by Variagan's contaminated house, the Vances sent two nearby vislae - one a full Paresaad member, one who sought to become one. The PCs convinced the two to keep watch for just a couple of minutes while they retrieved critical information from Variagan's house; having reached that agreement. the party then busted in, guns and spells blazing. Bad Company and Navin were injured, but not severely, and the group managed to search Variagan's bookcases as well as his body (which they discovered in the kitchen).

Items Found:

  • Ephemera: Noegenesis (herb)
  • Ephemera: The Silver Potion (potion)
  • Ephemera: Feline Medallion (medallion)
  • Monograph: Beseech (Invocation)
  • Book: The Secret of the Adherents
  • A note from Variagan to "M.", wrapped around 2 magecoins

At that point, the house began to shudder and move; realizing what was happening (and that Variagan had very little to search through anyway), the party left the house, assaulting and destroying it alongside the Paresaad to prevent the spidering from spreading to nearby homes.

Variagan's Note:

Dear M.
I attempted to use an invocation to get us some help, but something went wrong and now strange things are happening in my house. I'm going to leave here and go to Thirteen Station - remember how Mercy said that their "ghosts" were there? Maybe they're still there. If that doesn't work, I'm going to beg the Third Hand for help.
~ Variagan

Thirteen Station (2019-10-12 or 2019-10-16)

Inside Thirteen Station, the PCs find trash littering the floor. Both Eir and Seren pick some of it up to check through it for any potentially relevant information. As the did so, Bad Company (and Nessa? Or Dante?) suddenly fled due to some magical effect. Eir and Seren were then attacked by a guardian spirit. Seren managed to talk the spirit down, convincing it that because they all had tickets, they were supposed to be there. Eir then tracked down the ghost version of Mercy and discovered who to speak with next: Maphre.

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