This Is Where It Gets Weird....

Started June of 2019, this campaign is using the Directed Campaign addenda from Monte Cook as an introduction to all of us playing Invisible Sun for the first time.


I'll create actual pages for these characters later; for now, I wanted to at least drop in the elevator pitch for each person, which is all a little in the air until everyone's locked things down.

  1. Western Contingent
    1. Carol: Seren, a Galant Apostate who Converses with Everything.
    2. Patrick: Ritchie the Butcher, an Ardent Maker who Fuses Nightmare to Fist.
    3. Jannah: Eir, an Empathic Vance who (blank).
    4. Jen: Mandrivnyk Navin, a Galant Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns.
  2. Eastern Contingent
    1. Ted: Nessa, an Ardent Apostate who Caught Fire's Eye.
    2. Dale: Bad Company, a Connected Empath of the Order of Goetics who Disgorges Creatures.


Since the party is split, I may have sessions that pertain to only one contingent or the other. I'll try to label the sessions with the relevant contingent.

  1. First Sessions:
    1. Western Contingent's First Session
    2. Eastern Contingent's First Session
  2. Pre-Pneuma Side Scenes
  3. Pneuma (2019-08)
  4. Pre-Thirteen Station Side Scenes
  5. Thirteen Station (2019-09)
  6. Restoring the Street (2019-10)
  7. Post-Limerence Street Side Sessions
  8. That Thomas Boy and Other Satyrine Stories (2019-11 through 2020-01)
  9. The Rescue of Stephen Ursula By the Outlaw Mandrivnyk Navin (2020-02 West)
  10. War (Never?) Changes (2020-02 East)

Significant Locations

  1. Abyssal Edge Park, an amusement park in the Fade.
  2. Academie Brighella in the Palindrome district.
  3. Apollinaris, a delicatessen in the district of Zardim.
  4. Biffy's, a high-end cobbler at Gamrose Tower in The Reinvention.
  5. B's Beads, a jeweler in the Fade specializing in beadworks.
  6. The Ballpark, a park in the Topiary.
  7. The Chandelier, an unusual lakeside park in Strangeglass.
  8. Coiffure Extravagance, a salon in Strangeglass.
  9. Essential Tacos, an oddly time-sensitive "taco cart" in the Topiary district.
  10. The Four Walls, a place that Bad Company has only heard rumors about.
  11. Fruit By the Foot, a breakfast-and-brunch-only restaurant in The Hollows.
  12. Garbo Farms, a small working farm in the middle of the city, just off the Academie Brighella campus.
  13. Irrational Pies, a low-cost but high-quality pizzeria just outside of Fartown's entrance in The Hollows.
  14. The Kitchen, a high-end pub at Gamrose Tower in The Reinvention.
  15. The Milliner's Collection a high-end hat shop in the Marquis Quarter.
  16. Observatory of Zuin
  17. Orange Julian's, a Fartown breakfast and brunch restaurant.
  18. Quick Quality Qualia, a defunct Hollows emotion mill.
  19. A Simpler Changery, a high-end tailor and dressmaker at Gamrose Tower in The Reinvention.
  20. Splash the Pot, a prosidy in the Fade.
  21. Toppings, a high-end millinery at Gamrose Tower in The Reinvention.
  22. Trinity's Confections, a high-end confectionery in Strangeglass.
  23. The Undermill, an undertown network in The Hollows.
  24. The Veterans of Satyrine's War Prosidy and Bar, run out of Bad Company's manor in Strangeglass.
  25. The Weather, a city park in the Fade.
  26. Whispers, a high-end restaurant at Gamrose Tower in The Reinvention.
  27. Zero's, a legendary Fartown bar.

Organizations and Major NPCs

  1. Achilleus Akhil, an Undersling PI.
  2. Aria North, a reporter.
  3. Auriah, a Weaver friend of Izabelle's.
  4. Belen, a "street merchant" in Fartown.
  5. Bellard, a neighborhood thoughtform in Silver Hill, Fartown.
  6. Benjamin Abernathy, a Strangeglass Goetic.
  7. Bravish, a Vance friend of Izabelle's.
  8. Brody Bosch, a Dead harbormaster in The Fade.
  9. Catharsis, a zilat Speaker who specializes in treating mental trauma.
  10. Charles Abernathy, a Goetic in Fartown.
  11. Chii-Thulu, neighborhood mascot of Room's Moor in Palindrome.
  12. Cleo Jones, a hostel owner in Zardim.
  13. Dani Seothra
  14. Dapper Ludvig, Seren's father who lives in Palindrome.
  15. Darim, manager of Apollinaris in Zardim.
  16. Delilah Kroff, a Fartown vislae and investment fund manager.
  17. Derran, a Fartown vislae.
  18. Elaine Bester, gerent of Silver Hill in Fartown.
  19. Elaine, a down-on-her luck older woman living in The Hollows.
  20. Elia-Kim Jarvest, a materials and magic dealer in the Celestial Bazaar.
  21. Enridima, a Fartown vislae.
  22. The Fort House Astronomers, a group of students who are renting Bad Company's ball room as a makeshift observatory.
  23. The Fort House Veterans, a loose organization of War veterans who enjoy access to the Fort House prosidy.
  24. Foster and Gerhard, a married couple in Brickhouse.
  25. Garver Darcy, a trust-fund kid in Zardim.
  26. Goodman Jonas, a tall non from Yestervale.
  27. Gris, an importer operating out of the Fartown Bazaar.
  28. The Hendassa, an organization who seems to be primarily focuses on bringing Vislae back from Shadow.
  29. Ignatius Dell, a resident of Zardim.
  30. Inward, a lacuna living in Zardim.
  31. Izabelle Nora, a friendly Fartown Vance.
  32. Jewel, "Just Jewel", a socialite and trendsetter in Strangeglass.
  33. Judge Bechalm Austrain and household, one of the prominent families in the Marquis Quarter.
  34. Kyam, an elderbrin friend of Izabelle's.
  35. Mercy, a Fartown vislae.
  36. Mjana, Eir's mentor when she was an initiate.
  37. Myssari Rone, a Vance in Fartown.
  38. Nathan Whitlock, Nessa's missing husband.
  39. Nestor Crane, a prominent politician in the Marquis Quarter.
  40. Nikolas Fritz, a Hollow boy and a big fan of Ritchie.
  41. Nimmient, a older vislae who lives in Silver Hill, Fartown.
  42. N. Lindecker
  43. Opsimath, a spirit of knowledge.
  44. The Order of Honed Thought, a vislae minor Order/social club with a headquarters in Strangeglass.
  45. The Orderly, one of the librarians at the Vance Campus in Fartown.
  46. Parris, an ex of Izabelle's.
  47. Quent, a Vance and member of the Paresaad in Fartown.
  48. Ritika, a society vislae who lives in Strangeglass.
  49. Sarah Goodman, a vislae who works with vislae who have returned from Shadow and have issues readjusting.
  50. Seru, a Fartown Weaver and glassmaker.
  51. Soraya, a higher-degree Vance who lives in Fartown.
  52. Still Life, a vislae who frequents The Fade.
  53. Talbur, a Fartown vislae of the Order of Honed Thought.
  54. Thomas the Ghost, Silver Hill, Fartown.
  55. Ulynn, a law enforcement officer in Silver Hill, Fartown.
  56. Tor, Sally, Serendipity, and Prosidy Williams
  57. Lieugerent Mara Witherspoon and her wife, Neena, residents of The Fade.

Ephemera Ideas



Ephemera Objects

  1. The Perfect Comeback - Dale

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