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Starts after Maleos and Darias fell into the Green Altar Hatch.


  1. M & D fall down the ladder. gravity all screwy, but they climb out.
  2. After out, find out that reinforcements are coming. Thinking twice, everyone goes into the hole.
  3. Mal and Finn fall, take Darias down with them. wrangling and lost grappling hook to get everyone back to ladder. "Grabbers" coming to get them, so they pile on and slide down/fall down the ladder.
  4. At bottom, see giant spider-person.
  5. Weird discussion/negotiation with spider-person.
  6. Restore children; trade boons.
  7. leave, get back to cavern, and find situation.

"The detritus ask what to call me - further proof of the descent of memory, the descent of knowledge.  They know not of me, know not of you.  The Weaver, the Architect, the Apprentice and Understudy, all names lost and histories forgotten; the drones and servitors, the golems and automata, likewise forgotten.  How badly have the brethren failed us all?"

Alias: Lucrèce Leithromill Goizeder Massonoira Fidellanel Lázaro

Start of next session:

  1. Saul closed the "door" to the cavern
  2. The menehune that followed the party are trying to force their way in
  3. A secret passageway, completely invisible/unnoticable before, has opened in the back of the cavern - not a way out, but potentially a place to hide, and there's treasure there - when the players passed through, felt like curtain of water; that was the illusion spell reactivating after they passed, allowing them to hide out there


  1. What are the five items the PCs found in the stone "wardrobe"?
    1. Forgemaster's Gauntlets (Darias)
      1. heavy leather forge gloves
      2. 8th lv: use spark at will (Pathfinder spell)
      3. 10th lv: fire resistance 5; can pick up hot objects or touch flames w/o being harmed
      4. 11th lv: become +1
      5. 12th lv: heat objects touched; use heat metal dc 13 at will, touch range
      6. 13th lv: fire resistance 10
      7. 14th lv: +1 flaming gauntlets
      8. 15th lv: +1 flaming burst gauntlets
    2. Ring w/ Pearl of Puissance (Maleos)
      1. thin, small gold ring with inset pearl in center
      2. 9th lv: pearl of power 2nd lv
      3. 11th lv: pearl of power 3rd lv
      4. 14th lv: pearl of power 5th lv, +1 caster lv bonus only if 4th lv or lower
      5. 15th lv: pearl of power 6th lv, +1 caster lv bonus only if 5th lv or lower
      6. 16th lv: pearl of power 7th lv, +1 caster lv bonus only if 6th lv or lower
      7. 17th lv: pearl of power 8th lv, +1 caster lv bonus only if 7th lv or lower
      8. 19th lv: pearl of power 9th lv, +1 caster lv bonus only if 8th lv or lower; or can act as pearl of power (2 spells) w/o caster lv bonus
    3. Amulet of Reconcoction (Saul)
      1. Twin baubles hanging from silver chain
      2. place 1 bauble in water, 1 in potion, leave 1 week; replicates potion; only works on lv 1 potions
      3. 6th lv: now takes 1 day for 1st lv potion
      4. 8th lv: can now do 2nd lv potion, which takes 1 week
      5. 10th lv: 1 day for 2nd lv
      6. 12th lv: 3rd lv potion in 1 week
      7. 14th lv: 3rd lv potion in 1 day
    4. Mimetic Rod (Finnbarre)
      1. Copy text by passing rod over page and pressing gemstone, leaving original text untouched
      2. Press other stone to write text to new surface, erasing it from rod
      3. Can only copy 2 pages of text at a time
      4. Can copy but not "freely transcribe" spells; cannot copy magical traps
      5. 9th lv: can copy faces - wave in front of person's face or high-quality reproduction; can then use that face to cast disguise self 10 min per char lv on another; can only store 1 face at a time
      6. 11th lv: can translate stored text to any other language named by user
      7. 14th lv: can copy and reproduce magical traps
    5. Lead of the Menehune (Aida)
      1. Braided steel cable with bronze and leather harness
      2. when placed on animal or familiar, gains 30' lead; holder gets +4 animal handling
      3. 8th lv: grants natural armor +1; fur, scales, or skin takes on slight bronze tone
      4. 10th lv: grants natural armor +2; fur, scales, or skin takes on slight silvery tone
      5. 12th lv: natural armor goes to +2; fur, scales, or skin takes on dull steel sheen
      6. 14th lv: can cast stoneskin at holder's lv 2/day on wearer; while active, fur, scales, or skin takes on adamantine gloss

Session ends with brass humanoids, one brass drakke entering cavern and exploring. Don't seem to see hidden door to where PCs are hiding. Stand guard, then some invisible silver-blue-furred twin-tailed monkey-creatures enter and start poking around with portal area, apparently trying to make sense of it. PCs (sans Saul, of course) do not understand the language the brass things and monkey things speak.

PCs wait overnight for others to leave; when they don't, PCs teleport back to the Thunderhead and leave.

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