Thunderhead (Airship)

The Thunderhead is a prototype airship Darias commissioned the Mieran shipwrights to build for him in Laila e'Sienne. She is roughly the size and capacity of a Mieran seagoing cargo ship with a 60' main deck 20' wide at the middeck. The Thunderhead is fitted with a hot-air gasbag and four custom-designed masts. She also has oar-wings made of virag, steel, and wood-laminate. She can use wind or magical oar-power to travel in the water or through the air. The pilot's deck is near the rear of the vessel as usual, due to the direct connection required to the rudder; this is also where the main magical furnace and all of the magical controls are located. There is a special crows-nest located high above and forward of the gasbag, and magical communications link the crow's nest to the pilot's station so that the lookout can quickly warn the pilot of any upcoming obstacles, winds, or mana storms.

The Thunderhead uses both magical and mundane means to stay aloft. This means that neither simple damage nor magical suppression alone will bring her down catastrophically; she can "glide" to the ground without either means of loft and propulsion. Her glideslope is not fantastic, limited to roughly 10:1 at the best, but this is still significantly better than crashing. In the water, she can travel roughly 30'/rnd under good wind conditions. In low-altitude flight, she can push 50'/rnd; she can double this when in the manasphere, though manasphere navigation is potentially more dangerous due to the mana flux possible at that altitude.


The Thunderhead has 6 small staterooms, 4 of which are belowdecks. These are not large, but they are sufficient size for some basic storage and a bed. She had nearly half a hold aft of the belowdecks staterooms, and she has some storage under the foredeck. The other two staterooms are below the aftdeck (the pilot's deck).


The Thunderhead has room enough to mount 7 artillery pieces on deck, 3 to each side and 1 forward. Currently, only the forward position is occupied by a heavy ballista.

There are currently 12 heavy ballista bolts left on board. An additional 3 have been modified by Yoshirou-Mura and Maleos into Heavy Ballista Bolts of Eyes. When operated by Yoshirou-Mura, she believes she could probably fire one of those accurately perhaps as much as 3 or 4 miles, maybe even 6 or 7 if firing from cruising altitude. They provide a 10-minute-duration visual scrying sensor upon impact.


Item Weight Description
Field Provisions Chest 4 lb conjures rations fit to feed 15 M or 5 L creatures every day
Chest of Preservation 50 lb Chest itself is enchanted to always weigh only 50 lb. The chest can hold up to 1000 lb. The chest is also enchanted to prevent its contents from "going bad" - it can prevent rot (food), evaporation (liquids), and so on, but it can't protect creatures from death or poison or similar. If you do stuff a person into it, they experience a steady temperature of 75F and breathable if thin air.
Magical Clay 1000 lb Was found in the caverns near ikkath and was intended to be used to fix or create more terracotta soldiers. There may be other uses as well.

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