Timmer Norintosh

Timmer Norintosh, Tavern Owner

Timmer is the owner and cook at Timmer's Tavern in Brightmill. Darias developed a friendship with Timmer during his apprenticeship in Brightmill.

Timmer Norintosh, the owner and cook of Timmer's Tavern, is a personable man in his mid fifties, still in relatively good shape despite his years. He cooks good food and shares good conversation with many of the regular customers. His specialty is the local Gliderfish. He is very intelligent and wise in the ways of the world, having seen many summers come and go in his life, and has grown from it. When Darias was just starting out in Brightmill and was having a difficult time with his master and the new town and, well, becoming a teenager, Timmer listened to the young boy, and his even-tempered, subtle advice kept Darias from abandoning his apprenticeship. Darias likes Timmer. More than that, he respects Timmer. Darias is also, like many in Brightmill who eat at the tavern, curious about who Timmer was. The man just showed up in Brightmill about twelve years ago. There are dozens of rumors and speculations that circulate about who Timmer might have been before opening his Tavern. Some of the more popular ones include: he was the high priest of one of the gods (the god in question changes every time the rumor is told); he was a powerful wizard who was cast out for sleeping with his master's wife; he was born into an incredibly wealthy family, but was disowned for/spent his inheritance on constant drunken carousing; he was one of the elite warriors who guard the bridge of the gods; he sneaked past the bridge guards one night and walked across the bridge, and returned… 20 years older; he is one of the gods (usually Farlanghan or Olidamara) who has taken human form to indulge himself in the mortal realm, or sire a great hero/holy man/wise man, or provide guidance to the faithful. Admittedly, some of these speculations may be a bit far-fetched. Indeed, they've become something of a tradition for those drinking at the tavern. Members of a group will stand and tell his or her story of who Timmer used to be and how he got here. Whoever tells the most amusing story, Timmer will say "yes, that's what happened." The rest of the group has to buy the winner drinks/dinner. For his part, Timmer has "confirmed" every one of these rumors at least once, as well as a great many others, and peppers his conversation with offhanded comments like "well, back under the Four Pillars," or "where do I get my fish?… why, I just walk out to the river, say my magic words, and the fish just leap right into my basket," or "overdone? the very magic of (insert god) is baked right into it!"

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