Session Outline

  1. Hiding in asteroid field, waiting for Lile
    1. Lile's transport jumps in; 30 seconds later, see an older Incom Raptor come in after
    2. Receive message ("Attention Agent 7117: Immediate diversion from current mission required. Immediate reassignment to mission Lowthar. Rendezvous with ISD-221 and proceed with best possible speed to cross-point alpha.")
    3. Raptor banks off toward Kessel moments after
    4. Very ineffective communications to Lile - doesn't ID self, scares guy into continuing to Kessel outpost.
    5. After ignoring comms from _Prospect_, Venn decides to let Lile continue to outpost and commands pursuit of Raptor instead
    6. Hanging in asteroid field as long as possible - Raptor enters pattern and eventually lands
  2. Back to Smuggling Outpost for Lile
    1. Find him at ship in process of unloading and arguing with some Trandoshans
      1. Venn, Tam, Kane, Sidara:
        1. Kane and Venn sneak forward after Venn tells others to cover them
        2. Venn pops up; covered by autoblaster as Lile confused who to cover and Trandoshans trying to edge away, "Sure, you're telling me about the bounty on my head so you can collect it."
        3. Kane then pops up "Boss is putting foot in mouth, but we're honestly trying to help."
        4. Lile: "All right, let's assume for a moment that I believe you. What's… what… what are you proposing?"
        5. Venn: "Did you do something to annoy Hutt?"
        6. Lile: "Yeah, thanks to you. Shootout - messed up my sale."
        7. Venn: "…Sorry about that…."
        8. Lile: "You wanna make it up to me, prove you got no ill will? You do the go-between thing, you back me up, we'll be square."
    2. Heading to Hutt to serve as go-between - same team
      1. Comm ship, say "be ready to go if things go sideways"
      2. Venn: "Want to meet to arrange financial terms"
      3. Door guard: "How so?"
      4. Venn: "Arrange meeting to discuss that."
      5. (mix-up about who employs Trandoshans)
      6. Venn shows picture of him and Morin w/ cargo; door guard droid lets team in.
    3. Lead team up to Rjana
      1. Rjana: "What do you propose?"
      2. Venn: "Want to arrange meeting - we're just go-betweens. Just want a neutral location to meet."
      3. (negotiation on those terms, then): arranges for Sullustan representative to meet in empty docking bay in a couple of hours.
      4. Kane: "You move anything other than spice?"
      5. Rjana: "After this is settled, maybe you talk to Jae (Tevv, the Sullustan "business manager")."
    4. At Lile's ship
      1. Agrees to come with you to the meet, but have to leave someone unarmed under tender mercies of Twi'lek
      2. Wants either Kane or Wen
      3. Kane stays - Twi'lek pats him down very efficiently, removing anything up to and including blast vest
    5. At meeting place
      1. Negotiations start - initial is 12,000 credit cargo and Sullustan wants 25,000, but Lile has little leverage. Is trustworthy and arranged another sale of cargo, so give him time (his side). Sullustan's response is "give us a piece of your ship or a piece of you, then you can buy it back from us eventually."
      2. At some point, Venn steps in, counterproposal: let Hutt loan the money to Lile and let him pay it back eventually
      3. Jae: Loan is a consideration, but for us to provide loan of 25,000, need down payment of 10%
      4. Lile and Venn converse; Lile lost most of his extra cargo, etc. on Gala, barely has 200 credits
      5. Venn comes back with 20,000 credits with 2,000 credits down; Sullustan agrees and says you've got 72 hours to come up with the down payment
    6. Meanwhile, Kane under Twi'lek's gun
      1. tries to talk, but no good - Twi'lek does not communicate
      2. boring couple of hours
      3. around start of hour 2: "Are you as bored as I am?" (Kane says)
    7. Back at Lile's ship
      1. Twi'lek - quickly-tamped reaction of relief on seeing Lile - Kane notices but nothing done. (Aside to Venn: "He needs to wipe that Twi'lek; it's developing a personality.")
      2. Lile basically begrudgingly thanks them and says a polite "get out of my life"
      3. Venn offers to help if Lile finds a way to get money; offers meetup tomorrow
    8. Options are to talk to Hutt and check out bounty board
      1. Venn goes to talk to Rjana the Hutt with previous team (will wait outside)
        1. offers prison break - free a couple of ex-employees
        2. prisoners charged with assault, piracy, smuggling, possession of contraband, treason, similar things
        3. Five prisoners in total - human, Sullustan, Twi'lek, two Trandoshans
        4. Will provide some resources (uniforms, false ships ID) if necessary, but plan is up to team
        5. (Negotiation goes here; Venn 28, Rjana 25)
          1. just robbed, treason prisoners, should be ten times the price
          2. bah, resources diverted, lower security, blah, blah, blah
        6. Venn adds information to negotiations - wants to know if Rjana can trace where Cyborg went from Kessel, and wants that information
        7. Final offer is 15,000 + 2,000 in equipment + information on cyborg (whatever he can find)
        8. Venn agrees to take the job
    9. Venn offers job to Lile - 2,000 if you don't take it, 50% if you do. Lile declines after Twi'lek goes stony
  3. Kessel Break!
    1. Maximum security barracks or train
    2. Tam iffy - barracks depends on con skills, but might be safer
    3. Sidara more toward train - more straightforward and suits her militaristic nature
    4. Kane convinces Venn to go with barracks-infiltration rather than train-assault because of likelihood we can get away clean
    5. Get some equipment from Hutt
      1. Falsified transfer papers (w/ help of Orden and Tam)
      2. 4 carbines and arms permits
      3. 4 prison guard uniforms
      4. Imperial officer's uniform for Venn (Major)
      5. Falsified ident for _Prospect_
      6. Nanopaste disguises for Venn, Tam, Sidara, deCrion, Starfall
    6. Flying down to Kessel goes smoothly
    7. Procedure review re: arms permits, then gestured into facility
    8. Meet w/ Major; greetings, then handover of transfer papers
    9. Major leaves to check papers; back after a couple of minutes
      1. "I'm sorry, Major, but there appear to be some inconsistencies with your transfer orders. Could you follow me to my office, please?"
      2. Venn: "Of course." Then raises eyebrow to Tam secretly.
      3. Tam responds by very slightly shaking his head.
      4. 4 guards remain to cover team while Venn goes with Major.
    10. Return to Major's office with 2 guards covering you.
      1. Orders issued by officer killed in Rebel raid on Kessel
      2. Venn: "Wait… you mean… he was… he was killed…?"
      3. "Yes, and the orders were issued only yesterday."
      4. Venn: "I'm sorry, Major, I'll need to follow up on this. Can I review these papers? And can I use your comms? I need to contact central processing to get to the bottom of this." (secretly comms ship)
      5. Grease-smeared Orden picks up comm while holding spanner, answering "Whaddya wan—oh…."
      6. Venn reads Orden riot act, giving her an alias and hoping she goes along with it. Blames her for completing and filing dead guys forms inappropriately.
      7. Orden, creepy accurate other-personality moment, starts blubbering about how she can't re-file because of damage to computer core, and she just managed to rig up the comm, and….
      8. Venn breaks in to threaten her and closes comm after commanding her to re-file immediately. 20 min deadline
      9. Venn then apologizes and asks, essentially, "can we expedite this? I have so much work to do, and the Colonel is breathing down my neck…."
      10. Major offers help of his security chief.
      11. After 5 minutes, security chief shows - see if there isn't some way we can work this out properly
      12. Security officer whispers to Major, then escorts team towards security checkpoint to "work it out" - tries to trick Venn during walk, but Venn plays gay card (re: Twi'lek) to try to distract chief
    11. Meanwhile, on ship ("Ordenance")
      1. Kane piloting, trying to distract Orden
      2. Orden muttering quietly to herself at gunnery station, idly flicking switches. Upset about Tam in prison, also about her forgeries. "gonna blow such a big hole in their wall stupid guards with their stupid procedures and their stupid corpses how was I to know the Hutt gave me bad intel stupid Hutt…"
      3. Rourke, other gunnery station, sketching medicine and dosage ideas on pad and shaking her head at Kane every time he tries to engage Orden. "LEAVE HER ALONE! I DON'T WANNA GET STABBED BY THE CRAZY BITCH!"
    12. Back to Venn: heads into checkpoint room full of guards playing sabacc
      1. Security officer checking papers
      2. Guards just killing time
      3. Venn feeling seconds just tick away….tick…tick….tick…
      4. Security officer: "Oh, everyone, please check your weapons…."
      5. Venn, to security officer: "Oh, hold on, go back a screen, please."
    13. Back to Kane, as the clock ticks toward 0.
      1. Kane keeps weapons inhibit, takes off, then heads for area of prison away from where the team should be. Will disinhibit weapons when clear of prison entry
      2. As soon as lifted off, Orden begins acquiring weapons locks on various parts of the building, including targeting security lockdown with missiles
      4. Kane then grabs the controls as the ship bucks underneath him; basically regains control but pointing 90 degrees left of where he was when he started yelling at Orden.
      5. Rourke raises shields just in time
    14. Back to Venn again.
      1. panicking and out of ideas; time stretches ahead like a tunnel of deathiness as life begins to flash before eyes, then SUDDEN quake!
      2. Round 1:
        1. Tam and Sidara barely keep feet, start firing on guards; a couple of guards keep feet, and one wings Tam in vest
        2. Other guards scrambling for weapons
        3. Security officer thrown against holoprojector and out cold
      3. Round 2:
        1. Venn rushing at sabacc guards; misses, but dodges
        2. Tam and Sidara make some connections, but no one down yet
        3. Other standing, going for brawling, no other damage yet
        4. Kane: dodging antiaircraft fire, comming "Knock knock! Where are you?"
        5. Orden: fires on antiaircraft battery
        6. Rourke: strafing
      4. Later rounds
        1. Kane continues to dodge while Orden shoots and Rourke works shields and blasters
        2. Wen releases prisoners on Venn's orders; ours first, then whole blocks on timer later
        3. Venn grabbing weapons
        4. Tam and Sidara covering
        5. Starfall guarding
      5. Final escape
        1. dash down rubble to courtyard to meet with prisoners
        2. Orden, to Tam: "I saved you. Your turn." (as she vacates Tam's gunnery station)

Fighting Retreat

Okay, so Rourke, Tam, and Orden on the support stations. Venn co pilot
Venn will be working sensors and doing coordination to basically add dice to others rolls. Bard it up.

Essentially, as you guys are taking off, four Z-95s roll in to acquire and fire. They have missiles, specifically proton torpedos, but they're reluctant to fire them while you're on the ground, essentially surrounded by friendlies. Tam and Sidara take gunnery positions and start firing; Orden pauses momentarily at the bridge door, then dashes back toward the engine access.

As you lift off, Sidara and Tam start laying down supressing fire as Rourke works the shields. You punch out hard, zagging through the atmosphere trying to dodge incoming laser fire. As you leave atmosphere, you hear lock tone as the Z-95s acquire proton torpedo locks.

You scream through normal traffic patterns, rolling off as torpedos lash out at you. The Z-95s can keep pace with you easily enough, but they don't have nearly the firepower, and Tam and Sidara manage to take a couple out. Kane also manages to zig around to fool an incoming torpedo to track to another of the Z-95s. However, you take one hit as a torpedo manages to swing into your starboard shields, rocking you hard to starboard.

The Z-95s and TIEs can keep pace, but you're able to outpace the assault craft. However, the outsystem base starts launching fighters as well. You fight your way past the first picket from the planet (3 more kills, 6 hits against the Sentinel) and into the asteroid field. Once you're into the asteroid field, you eventually lose your pursuers and hide out in a nickel-iron crevasse on a large asteroid for nearly a day as they search for you. Eventually, the search breaks off, and you fly back to the outpost.

The total damage to the Sentinel is a pair of blown shield coils, hull damage to the starboard plating (1D), a blown stabilizer, and a fried secondary communications antenna.

Hutt Trade

Rjana provides the payment, but he couldn't acquire any intelligence on the nondescript man disembarking from that Raptor that landed a few days ago. He claims that all he could determine was that the ship did, in fact, land and exchange cargo; there was no record of any passenger leaving the ship.


Venn decides to come (sort of) clean with Lile, telling him that the Cyborg is a bounty hunter or Imperial agent of some sort and that he should watch his back. Venn also tells Lile that the Cyborg has "at least one cyberlimb," the revelation of which plumb scares the shit out of Lile.

Venn doesn't mention any Rebel ties; he only acknowledges that the crew sometimes works against the interests of the Empire. Venn convinces Lile that, if he sees the Cyborg or gets into deep trouble with Imperial agents, he should post a particular message on a particular HoloNet board. If he mentions Kessel, he's fine. If he mentions Gala, he's in trouble or under duress. Lile reluctantly agrees to use the net after some convincing (doesn't wanna be a hero, just wants to live his life).

Orden Discussion With Venn

Venn decides to check the stolen prison schematics to find out what Orden blew up with her rogue missile attack. Mainly, she targeted the guard checkpoints toward the cell blocks and the far wall of one of the cellblocks - one guard post and like 5 cells, probably three of which were only damaged. Venn can determine that she hit the guard post and only some of the walls of the cells caved in. Some of those prisoners could have survived, but they'd probably be badly injured. However, Venn can see that she did actually splash the missile short of the building itself. She was apparently trying to take down the outer wall so that people had a route out of the cell block.

Venn: "Good job on the comm call masquerade." However, after hearing about her behavior running up to the missile fire, he's concerned about Orden's state of mind. Why did she not use lasers or hold fire? Did she have any idea where the team was? He'll describe just how close the second missile's impact was to the team."

Orden's response is essentially, "It got you out, didn't it?" She also makes some commentary about how lasers don't make big enough holes for "her plan to succeed."

Venn: "Did you know who might have been in the cells you targeted?"

Orden: "Prisoners, duh. Besides, I targeted the guard post. Not my fault the Empire uses shoddy contractors…."

Venn: "Did it occur to you that you didn't know where we were, or that that prison had just hosted highly decorated Rebel officers? That was a bit reckless, wasn't it?"

Orden: "Not THAT prison. Also, I had a pretty good idea where you were." Also, she takes exception to your characterization of her actions as "reckless" - after all, why else would there have suddenly been 20 people in that one checkpoint?

Venn maintains his calm throughout the converstion, but at the end, he is still concerned. "Please remember that when I'm not there, Lt. Novaliss is in charge. Don't go around him."

Orden: "Oh, he didn't tell me not to do it." Avoiding the statement that he didn't know what she was doing.

Later on, Venn asks Rourke to keep an eye on Orden's mental health, in addition to Starfall and Sidara. He also asks Rourke to do some bloodwork to pick up any chemical imbalance or something if that's possible. Rourke's immediate response is, "Oh, that girl's definitely got an imbalance," but she agrees to try to help out.

Snake oil

When Venn returns, the salesman offers him the regimen for 5000 credits, twice the previous offer. He smarmily negotiates with Venn down to 3500 credits. Venn then gives the regimen (a small medkit expert system) to Rourke to store. Before he leaves, the salesman tells Venn not to bother trying to analyze and replicate his secret formula - "I've taken precautions against that type of reverse engineering."
When Rourke double-checks the regimen to determine if he got the same stuff, she finds that the serum is mostly a match to the previous batch. However, this serum has tiny protein-sized microcapsules in it that the previous (microscopic) sample did not have. Other than that, though, the serum is a perfect match.

Orden and Tam

It takes Tam a little while to figure this out, but Orden is actually angry with him for getting into a situation where she had to "rescue" him. She's mostly angry because she seemed powerless to do something, and she normally doesn't have to do things — after all, she's just an analyst!

It takes Tam a little while to actually work this out, and once he does, he gets a little angry about it as well. After all, it's his job, no, his duty to get into dangerous situations! If she can't understand that…! But then, she probably can't, not currently, at least. She's Orden, after all. What do I do about that?

Over the course of the later hyperspace jumps, Tam decides to cautiously approach Rourke about this. She advises him to give Orden some space to figure things out, for one. She also advises him to maybe bring her in on plan discussions where possible.

Slowly, Tam and Orden bring their relationship back to a sort of status quo wherein they begin hanging out more often. Still Tam is very confused about what to do next, though he's broken the wall that kept him from talking to Rourke about it….

Trade Mission

Kane looking around for something to trade in or out. Can only really be cut in on illegal/restricted goods - Hutt don't want to share others.
Doesn't want to get in too bad with Venn yet, so passes on most Spice trade. Picks up 1000-credit satchel of Ryll (13 doses) to sell; may be able to sell it for 100-200 credits per dose.


The session ends with the team jumping away from Kessel to try to rendezvous with the Third Fleet for debriefing.

Key Developments

  1. Orden and Tam
  2. New contacts (Hutt, Sullustan, Lile, Ma'tala)
  3. Loss of concussion missiles
  4. Plan to collect on Letter of Marque for damages done to Kessel prison facility - 18 on Sensors roll to record for proof.
  5. "Project Lowthar" and "Cross-Point Alpha" - what are they?

Memorable Moments

  • "Resolve this storyline" as a euphemism for a contract killing - awesome
  • Dale: "I just love this situation because there's no way Tam can screw it up by being TOO MILITARY."
  • The impromptu "call to central processing" was awesome and hilarious
  • "Could you pull up prisoner 3271… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!" tee hee

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