Torin Pike

Torin Pike, Master Blacksmith

Torin trained Darias in smithing since he was sent off to Brightmill from Violetford.

Torin Pike maintains a moderate smithy in Brightmill and devotes much of his time and energy to training apprentice smiths, though he generally does so only one or two at a time.

Torin is a giant of a man, nearly 6'4" and 300+ pounds. Though approaching sixty, he is in excellent physical shape, mainly due to working in his forge for 10 hours or more most days since he was 10. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all smiths as well; the smithy has been in Torin's family for generations. Torin is a hard master, tough and exacting; he expects his apprentices to work as hard as he did at their age and wants nothing more than for them to surpass his skills someday. Though he is gruff, he is also fair; he expects the apprentices to work hard and learn, but he doesn't expect perfection from them, only continual improvement.

Torin is married to a lady nearly 15 years his junior, Sierra. He married relatively late in life, remaining a bachelor until his thirties, but somehow he still managed to find time to sire 5 children, 4 of whom are girls. His oldest, a daughter, is 23; his youngest, a son, has just (as of the start of the campaign) turned 12 and recently began his apprenticeship with Torin himself in the smith. There could be no greater difference in appearance between his daughters and his son. His daughters all resemble his wife, small, thin, and pale. His son, however, looks like a smaller version of him, nearly 6' tall and swarthy.

Torin is 57 as of the start of the campaign. He is a level 10 or 11 blacksmith.

Personality Notes

  • Very decisive and strong-willed
  • Authoritative
  • Fair but somewhat perfectionistic
  • Rarely gives explicit compliments
  • Think Elliot from chef-school episode of Leverage and his interactions with his sous-chefs.

Torin's Family

All of the dates and ages listed below are as of the start of the campaign.

Alissa Pike, Wife

Tall, thin, and pale, with hair prematurely gone to grey. 42 at start of campaign. She and Torin have been married since she was 18; he was 32 at the time. She and Torin recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

Cloelia Cosma nee Pike

Eldest daughter, born just a year after Alissa and Torin were married. Now 23 and newly married herself. Serves in the church as a priestess-apprentice of Olidammara.

Vanessa Uriah nee Pike

Second daughter. Married 3 years ago to a metalmerchant based in Golddale. She has something of her father's penchant for metalwork and has recently started a jewelrymaking business in Golddale, something she can continue while pregnant (as she currently is). She is approaching her 21st birthday.

Alaia Pike

Third daughter. Though she, like her sisters, looks entirely like a young version of her mother, she has seemingly inherited her father's stubbornness. She has been working as an assistant to the city elders and has been training as a scribe since she was 11. Now 17, she seems poised to enter some form of city administrative position.

Veronique Pike

Fourth daughter. She most of all takes after her mother. She has been studying various cooking and baking techniques for a few years now. Though she could probably make her way as a chef or baker, she truly desires to find love, marry, and have a large family like her mother. She is now 15.

Vladimir Pike

Youngest child and son. Just turned 12 and is already nearly 6' tall. Recently started apprenticeship with his father. Despite the hard work and how much his father drives him, he seems to be a natural smith and to truly enjoy the work.

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