Tristan Mason (Eric)

Name: Tristan Mason
Age: 20
Class: Ranger
Hometown: Violetford, apprenticed in Golddale.



Attribute Score Mod
STR 14 2
DEX 16 3
CON 14 2
INT 16 3
WIS 14 2
CHA 10 0

Combat Statistics

Melee 3
Missile 4
Initiative 0
HP 12
AC 15
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude 2 2 m 4
Reflex 2 3 m 5
Willpower 0 2 m 2
Weapon Size Type Attack Damage Range/Reach Ammo
Composite Longbow Medium Piercing Ranged 1d8 110ft 59
Woodsman's Axe Medium Slashing/Piercing Melee 1d8 Touch
Kukri Medium Slashing Melee 1d6 Touch
Dagger Medium Slashing Melee 1d4 Touch
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX
Leather wt Light 2 +6


Skill Ability Class? Abil Mod Ranks Class Bonus Racial Bonus Magic Total
Appraise Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Autohypnosis* Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Balance+ Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Bluff Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Climb+ Str cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Concentration Con cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Control Shape Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Craft (something) Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Decipher Script* Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Diplomacy Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Disable Device* Int cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Disguise Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Escape Artist+ Dex cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Forgery Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Gather Information Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Handle Animal* Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Heal Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Hide+ Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Intimidate Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Jump+ Str cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Knowledge* (something) Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Listen Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Move Silently+ Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Open Lock* Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Perform (something) Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Profession* (something) Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Psicraft* Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Ride (something) Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Search Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Sense Motive Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Sleight of Hand*+ Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Speak Language* N/A cl mod rnk class race magic tot
Spellcraft* Int cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Spot Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Survival Wis cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Swim+ Str cl 2 rnk class race magic tot
Tumble*+ Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot
Use Magic Device* Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Use Psionic Device* Cha cl 0 rnk class race magic tot
Use Rope Dex cl 3 rnk class race magic tot

* denotes a trained-only skill
+ denotes armor check penalty applies

Speak Language details


Quick Draw
Point Blank Shot



Composite Longbow - Handmade, well used and cared for. Some decoration but not obvious.
Woodsman's axe - Single-bladed axe with a rear pick-style spike. Primarily a tool. (Picture a firefighter's axe.)
Kukri - Chopping blade primarily used for dealing with overgrowth and other woodland needs.
Dagger - Purely utility item. Eating utensil, and another million uses.
3 Quivers worth of Arrows


Leather Armor - Handmade, neutral, woodland appropriate colors.


Artisan's Tools (A set for both his bowyer duties and leather armor making)
Armor Maintenance Kit


Belt Pouch
Flint and Steel
50ft Hemp Rope
Holy Symbol
2x Hammock
Forester's Cloak
Explorer's Outfit


Wild Empathy

Personal Details

What do you look like? Try to describe not just your hair and eye color but also stuff like distinguishing marks/features, mannerisms relating to dress, etc.

Fairly tall, around six feet, but a little thin for his height. His movements are smooth, a combination of natural grace and thought in action. Shoulder-length dark brown hair frames his face. A few thin braids and occasional trinkets decorate the front portion of his hair, and keep it out of his eyes. Those eyes are almond-shaped and a deep brown. A strong jaw is mostly hidden behind a trimmed beard, marred by a scar on the left of his chin suffered to a snapped bowstring. His right pinkie finger is somewhat crooked, a feature joining a number of nicks and scars indicative of life in the wilds.

Unless the circumstances dictate differently, Tristan only wears clothing suitable for woodland gear. Good boots and sturdy clothing and leathers he made himself. Combined with a thick cloak sewn to match his environment, and the rest of his gear, he doesn't need much else to get by.

Not that he's against accepting help, Tristan just prefers to be prepared to deal with himself. Likewise, he prefers the solace of life on his own, or in small groups of those he trusts. It's unclear even to him at the reasons he feels this way, it's just the way it is. Perhaps a youth of conflict spawned these feelings, or maybe that he finds himself a little overwhelmed by the chaos of city life.

Who are your parents? Your family? Are they still around?

Tristan was an only child in a family living on the outskirts of Violetford. He and his father Marcus were extremely close, and as soon as he was old enough he started joining his father at work. A huntsman by trade, Marcus supplied the basic's in his woodscraft and hunting knowledge. They spent many a night out under the trees and the stars, alone save for the other.

When the time came, Tristan was sent off to apprentice with the same man who had taught his father. Payne Helfter was an old man by this time, but still vital. For four years Tristan and Payne ranged through the forest of the Islands of Mist, primarily around Golddale. At seventeen though, news came from home. Marcus was missing, gone in the woods far past his planned return date. Marcus and Payne immediately set off for home, but sadly they would arrive too late. Marcus was found two days before they arrived, the woods he loved having finally gotten the best of him.

While not the same relationship as he had with his father, Tristan still cares very much for his mother. Following Marcus' passing, she was supported by Tristan's maternal uncle and his family. To aide her, Tristan utilized Payne's connections in Golddale to aid in a change in focus.

What about friends — got any? Close ones? Regular acquaintances?

Tristan is an outdoorsman, a survivalist. As such, there is an aspect of his personality that is a loner. He doesn't easily form attachments with others, usually when they occur it takes many hours of shared experience. But when people do get close, he treasures them.

Of those who have made it through Tristan's barriers, the relationship with his father was the closest. Payne and his mother a close second. Thus far, the ranger has kept things business like with his bowyer fletcher, though the man and his wife are growing on him.

When off on his own, he often thinks fondly of his friends from childhood. While their individual lives have taken them in different directions, it's a part of his life that was important to him. Since reconnecting, meeting and talking with the others has provided him with a lifeline back into normal society. One perhaps more important to him than he realizes.

*Edit once Kate's character is more developed, and further details are determined regarding the party relationships.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, what about enemies? How powerful are they?

No one person sticks out as a particular enemy of Tristan's. Over the years he has had conflict with other outdoorsman over hunting rights and the like. Once there was a spectacular rout with some loggers who cut down one of Tristan's favorite hides. While he can't speak for others, he currently holds no grudges against anyone.

Note: This said, somewhere in the back of Tristan's mind, lies doubt about the story of his father's accident. He'd gone missing in land he had hunted since his father had taught him. He can't put his finger on it, but something just seemed wrong. *Continue to flesh out*

What caused you to move away from home and begin your life of adventuring?

No real cause, it was purely the life he was taught, and took to. If anything, he's been drawn back to normality by his familial responsibilities and his link with his friends.

Where did you learn the tricks of your trade? Did you receive schooling (most mages and priests do; mages apprentice and priests join a temple, but when, how, and why)? Did you have a natural affinity but little training? Did your parents or another family member teach you?

See above concerning training with Father/Payne, and later apprenticeship in Golddale.

Do you belong anywhere (e.g., guild, organization, etc.)? If so, where? How did you get involved?

No real organized groups. When they do meet up, individual rangers do stop and share stories, knowledge, and provisions. As such, they have almost a loose network that hardly resembles and such sort of organization, but for what little there is, Tristan is fairly well regarded. He is still young and inexperienced, but his interest in learning more is respected.

When in Violetford, Tristan drills with the Watch. He's not much for armored combat, or very skilled with a sword. He concentrates on his work with whatever archers and scouts there are. When in Golddale, he does much of the same, though the lack of real interest has left Tristan in more of a leadership role, despite his age.

What kind of person are you? Try to name some traits of yours… and WHY do you have these traits? Do you even know, or are they just integral to your personality… just because?

Quiet, direct, and to the point.
Goal and detail oriented.
More than willing to put in the work in order to achieve his version of perfection.

How do you feel about authority figures? Why?

In general, he feels that some sort of government or organization figure is necessary in the long run. Most of the time, however, everyone gets caught up in the inconsequential things, or worse yet, turn it into a grab for power. He despises those who would use authority to put themselves above others.

Personally, he doesn't have much use for it. His preference is that somebody keeps things running in town, for those occasions when he does need something. He also recognizes it's use in providing for his friends and family. To that use, he will do his part to make sure it succeeds, and is not threatened.

Why is your moral code (or alignment, if appropriate) what it is?

What motivates you deep down inside?

Finally, try to list some quirks or identifying mannerisms. I usually aim for between 10 and 20 little quirks, like "strokes his goatee when thinking" or "has trouble looking people directly in the eyes." Just jot down anything that comes to mind about yourself. Don’t forget to jot other notes as you play; half the fun (or more) is how your character can grow during the course of a campaign.

Like all true archers, Tristan builds his own bows and arrows. He's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing. His own bow took much longer than normal to make, and his attention to detail is apparent even when he is building them for others. Though still officially an apprentice, he's starting to become known for his work. While he has to do some level of larger scale production, he prefers to take on specific commissions, tailoring each bow to the owner's hand size, dominance, and approximate strength. Oddly though, he's not much for decoration. Only his own bow has any sign of decoration. *develop further*

When taking a shot, Tristan hyper-focuses on his target. In his head everything else sort of disappears, his vision filtering down until it's all that remains. Sometimes he feels like looking at the target is almost unnecessary, eventually the shot just feels right, and he looses the arrow.

Personality Quirks

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personal history

Family and Relationships

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