Tybalt Greenfall

Tybalt Greenfall, Violetford Watch Captain

Tybalt is a Violetford Watch Captain who has kept in touch with Hirisa since his partner (and her husband) Vandar's death. When she came of age and decided to join the Watch, he quietly requested to keep watch over Aida and serve as her unofficial mentor within the Watch.

Tybalt was Vander's friend and partner in the Watch. He led the effort to keep a kind eye on Hirisa after Vandar's death. He feels partially responsible for Vandar's death, even after all these years. Despite what many might think, he has no romantic designs on Hirisa; he is happily married. His concern for Hirisa is more fatherly than anything else and is largely borne of his sense of responsibility for Vandar.

Tybalt is 43 as of the start of this campaign. He is a level 11 fighter with a specialization as a guard.

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