Undead Are A-Okay (Society)


TODO add notes about how the society uses undead, treats the dead, etc. Probable topic areas include death rituals like funerals, how undead are properly summoned and created, how sentient vs. non-sentient undead differ, etc.

Include background here or in a subsection so that we can understand the history. Who first discovered how to raise non-evil undead creatures? What type of creatures were they - did they start with animals, recently-dead family members, what? Why were the undead created - intellectual curiosity, necessity, etc.?



Raising the Dead


  • Ritual preparation/alternate rites for positive-energy undead
  • Suitable work for the undead

Dealing With the Dead


  • Each major type of undead and how society interacts with them

Laws and Punishments

  • Raising negative-energy undead
  • Killing sentient positive-energy undead
  • Uncontrolled non-sentient undead

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