"Bob" was the name given to an other-wise nameless Brujah played years ago in a Vampire LARP game. Bob was barely functional in many respects, being mute and quite slow. Estimates suggest he may have been roughly as intelligent as a six- or seven-year-old child despite being unable to talk. Bob was also easily distracted by anything he found interesting and responded poorly to most types of external stimuli. Only a few people could reliably capture Bob's attention for more than a few minutes (or give him instructions he was likely to follow).

Bob was relatively pacifistic, though he could be coerced into violence if he was attacked for an extended period of time. When raging, Bob was nearly unstoppable, though he was terrified of fire (even more so than most vampires).


All of the statistics below are approximate and would need to be tweaked for suitability in any given campaign.

Name: "Bob"
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 360 lb.
Nature: Undetermined
Demeanor: Undetermined
Clan: Brujah
Generation: Unknown, but probably 11th or lower


7 dots (You automatically have one dot in each Virtue.)

Conscience/Conviction: 3
Self-Control/Instinct: 3
Courage: 5

Humanity/Path: Unknown
Willpower: 10
Blood Pool: 10+


Fortitude: 4+
Potence: 3+
Celerity: 2
Obfuscate: 1


Physical Social Mental
Attribute Score Attribute Score Attribute Score
Strength 5 Charisma 2 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 1
Stamina 5 Appearance 3 Wits 1


Talents Skills Knowledges
Skill Score Skill Score Skill Score
Alertness 0 Animal Ken 4 Academics 0
Athletics 2 Crafts (+) 0 Computer 0
Brawl 4 Drive 0 Finance 0
Dodge 4 Etiquette 0 Investigation 0
Empathy 3 Firearms 0 Law 0
Expression 2 Melee 0 Linguistics 0
Intimidation 4 Performance (+) 0 Medicine 0
Leadership 0 Security 0 Occult 0
Streetwise 0 Stealth 0 Politics 0
Subterfuge 0 Survival 0 Science (+) 0

Character Notes

Bob, as originally statted out, would have been very easy to mis-play. He was a powerful combat monster capable of smashing through truly ridiculous numbers of peoples and shrugging off astounding amounts of damage. However, he was never designed to be played that way. He was designed to be played as an innocent and investigative child in an oversized body who was more likely to hide in a corner and cry than start a fight. His Fortitude gave him unimaginable pain resistance and allowed him to treat handgun rounds much like mosquito bites. If driven to anger, he could punch the head clean off a man; however, he was more likely to just stand there, puzzled, while small arms fire flattened itself against his chest.

It is unknown to this author how Bob would have act had he ever reached a desperate level of hunger. The PCs wisely decided to keep Bob well-fed as a first priority during the campaign, often going hungry for a time themselves to ensure Bob didn't have some sort of hunger-driven freakout.

Friends and Enemies

Bob was played in the same campaign as Richard Mitchell. Richard was not one of the people who could order Bob around successfully, but they could occasionally communicate and did seem to have some sort of rapport. As Richard was almost 100% useless in combat, Bob had a tendency to rush to Richard's side immediately and protect him.

As a side note, one of the LARP GMs eventually brought a human hunter into the game who specialized in hunting vampires using fire, particularly flamethrowers and incendiary grenades. Much to that GM's irritation, the hunter character was almost immediately nicknamed "The Everlasting Bob-stopper."

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