Uri Krejci

Uri is an experienced priest who served rotations in support of the Stormwall and in Golddale for years before becoming the High Priest of Heironyous. He brags that he may have spent more nights in tents than under a roof; when people don't understand why this is a brag, he tells them they've never properly looked at the stars. He has been High Priest for almost a decade and still serves a three-week rotation at the Stormwall every February.

Uri is a little chubby about the middle and a little shiny on top as he nears 50. His modest gut is clearly more from slight overindulgence at the pub than any lack of physical labor, but he's also not maintaining the physique of an actively-drilling soldier. Uri has devoted a considerable amount of effort to wind and weather magic during his life; it is not unknown for him to spend prodigious amounts of magical energy to clear the clouds enough for him to see the stars. He is one of the few priests who takes the old lessons on the stars and constellations deadly seriously; this is a topic that, at best, he can discuss in detail with some fishermen from time to time, but he drills his students on them until they can recite the proper details in their sleep.

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