Useful Equipment From Other Core Rulebooks

Since the West End Games rulebooks are out of print and difficult to find, this page contains references to some equipment that players may find useful in a Star Wars campaign. For the full information about the equipment, you will still need a copy of the referenced rulebook. Consider this an abbreviated index of equipment available to the PCs.

All prices listed are list prices assuming legal purchases at white-market dealers. Actual cost may vary depending on circumstances.

Galladinium's Fantastic Technology

Galladinium's Fantastic Technology: Guns and Gear for Any Occasion is an equipment sourcebook, ISBN 0-87431-215-9. The book contains both combat-related and non-combat-related equipment, as well as some useful rules for various repair skills and other similar background information. The sections below don't exactly map to the major chapters in the book; instead, I have mapped them to the equipment pages on this wiki for simplicity's sake.

Note that Galladinium's is a luxury retailer. As a result, the goods they sell are high end, but they come with a high-end price tag. Some items may have lower-cost alternatives available that perform some or all of the same functions.


Page Item Cost Physical Energy Notes
80 Dampener Aerosol 600 N/A 1D Aerosol mist 1m cube that absorbs part of blaster fire; 3 shots/can; lasts 1 minute in still conditions
80 Combat Jumpsuit 500 1D 2 Thin enough to be worn under bulkier armor
80 AV-1S (Scout) 7,500 1D+1 1D Powered armor; repulsors, infrared imaging, lowlight, comm, binoculars, environmentally-sealed, environmental scanner
81 AV-1C (Combat) 12,000 2D 2D Strength enhancement 2D, integrated weapon computer (+1D to hit), plus features of Scout suit
81 AV-1A (Assault) 50,000 2D+2 2D+2 Strength enhancement 3D, integrated medpac, ejection system, plus features of Combat suit
92 Magnaforce Security Shield 25,000/pair; 2,500/power cell N/A 4D Can deflect blaster bolts (melee roll)

Personal Gear

Page Item Cost Notes
29 Defel Heat Reducer 500 UV-powered biogenerator used to recharge power cells, power datapads, etc.
30 Dispersal Canister 400 Fusion trash disposal; burning gear generates power
30 Food Manager 250 Recipe-specialty expert system attached to food prep unit; requires raw ingredients, but can prepare meals semi-autonomously
30 Refresher Booth 2,500 Self-contained full fresher
31 Repulsor Lounge Floater 350 Repulsor adjusts up to 30 cm; built-in massage programming
31 Grav Mill 700 Variable-gravity omnidirectional treadmill; can support high- and low-grav environment conditioning
31 Magna Lock 150
31 Monofilament Screen Guards 450 80-cm strip that can extend monofilament strips up to 2m for, e.g., doorway "bars"
32 PX-7 Heat Sensor 250 Detect heat sources within 100 meters
32 Universal Computer Interface 2,500 + 100/year Allows communication between otherwise-incompatible computer systems
33 Universal Power Adapter 100 Adapts various power generator inputs to power various devices
33 Holo Communicator 800 Local holographic comm; requires additional comms array to connect via HoloNet
33 Instamist Generator 15; 10/cartridge Fires mist cloud useful as fire extinguisher or visual concealment
34 Coruscant Cascader 5,000 Casts static-discharge cloak over clothing (flashy appearance; no game effect)
35 Dissuasion Field Belt 700 Variable-damage stun burst when struck by kinetic attack
36 Personal Transponder 100+ Cost varies based on ornateness; allows sensors roll to locate wearer
36 Radiation Deflection Pin 250-500 Cost varies based on ornateness; blocks low-level radiation, alerts to high-level
36 Emotion Suppressant 750 Adds to willpower to resist emotional impulses
37 Verdicator 4,000 Discreet lie detector (voice and biorhythm analysis, no contact required)
42 Biorecorder 5,000; 50/holocube Records various biosignals from user and produce "experiencable" sim
42 Body Glove 700 Temperature-controlled powered clothing; minor bonuses to survival, stamina in harsh environments
42 Bubble Cloak 800 Cloak expands on command to small, airtight shelter
44 Iyra Gravity Belt 500 Slows landing in emergency free-fall situations
45 Servo Slippers 2,500/pair Power-assist gloves and/or boots; negates some penalties from high-gravity situations
46 Signature Scent Synthesizer 1,500; 150/refill Replicates any fragrance (including pheromones) if example can be analyzed
47 Synoptic Teacher 10,500; 200-1,000/module Instruction via module
47 Transliterator 1,200; 500/module Translator including slang parsing; 500 common languages in base unit, 500 more per module
54 Oxidizer 350 Atmospheric filter and oxygen-enricher
54 Laser Welder 50
55 Micro Fusion Reactor 750 Mid-powered portable generator
55 Fusion Cutter 75
55 Repulsorlift Grappling Gun (gun unit) 1,200 Grapple gun with repulsor on hook for fine control of placement; blaster sized
55 Repulsorlift Grappling Gun (wrist unit) 1,000 Grapple gun with repulsor on hook for fine control of placement; wristwatch sized
57 Squib Battering Ram 3,500 Vibration-coupled battering ram
57 Versatex Survival Suit 900; 150 armor plates Survival gear
64 Distress Beacon 200 Subspace distress beacon
65 Emergency Inflation Shelter 500 Self-inflating pop-up tent, solar powered
65 Food Analyzer 250; 50/data chip Analyzes various dishes for biocompatibility; additional data chips required for different planets, different cuisines, etc.
66 Givin Emergency Vacuum Seal 750 (50cm); 1,000 (1m) Seals breaches in bulkheads quickly
67 Water Purifier 100


Page Item Cost Notes
38 Anti-Shock Blanket 250 Treats shock, bloodloss with computer-controlled embedded medpatches
38 Anti-Shock Blanket Medpatches 20-40 Refills for medpatches in Anti-Shock Blanket; required after each use
38 Nilar Field Cauterizer 200/50 Lower cost for rebels; heals minor wounds, stops external bleeding
38 Customized Medical Backpack 600 Computer-assisted medkit; contains scanner, various meds, oxygen, etc.
39 Med Diagnostic Scanner 75 Provides analysis of current medical state of subject
39 Plasma Protein Replicator 5,500 Provides short-term blood replacement
40 Portable Survival Pod 13,500 Stabilizes subject placed into pod
40 Med Unit 3,000 Surgical bed with computer-controlled surgical tools; can interface with medical droids
40 Replar Splint 200 Pressure splint
40 Sluissi Gravitic Pressure Bandage 750 Uses gravitics to control internal bleeding temporarily
41 Spray Pasto-Cast 35 Spray-on cast, single-use canister
43 Cyduct Chem Booster 1,250 Autoinjector holding up to 10 doses of drugs
85 Abyssin Grafting Patch 5,000 Works like bacta, but portable; single-use


Page Item Cost Notes
45 Remote Text Data Scanner 750 Scans text and transmits over standard commlink or other comm channel
46 Sound Bubble 300 Masks sounds selectively in small radius; can be used as Maxwell-Smart-style Cone of Silence or full sound dampener
53 Copycat Pod 10,000 Torpedo-sized device that mimics signature of parent craft when fired
55 ILF-5000 Lifeform Scanner 3,500 Scans for lifeforms within 500m/1.5km (various detail levels); can hint at species based on biometrics
59 Dalabar Surveillance Detector 450 Scanner can detect unshielded recording devices
59 Dalabar NI-632 Noise Inhibitor 175 Add-on for Dalabar Surveillance Detector; blocks recording w/in 10m radius
60 Servenidain Securities Limited Data Bio-Encryptor 25,000 Encodes data into bio-capsule that can be swallowed safely
60 Kystallio Detection Plus RMD-20 Eye in the Sky 800 Simple hovering sensor drone
61 Vreshann Electronics, Incorporated EMS Scanner 2,500 Electromagnetic readings of people or things
61 Heat Pod 70 Grenade-like IR generator, 15-min duration, 20m area of effect; blinds onlookers, sensors in visual and IR
62 Culcanis MicroInstruments Tagger 250 False stylus fires short-ranger transponder darts
63 zZip Product Concepts PSG-8487 View Masker 2,500 Pulses holographic static in area, distorting vision, optical sensors
95 Flesh Camouflage 11,000+ Creates disguise to defeat biometric security if system details known
95 Retinal Contacts Blanks 500 Non-reusable blank for Flesh Camouflage kit - defeats eye scanners
95 Biometric SecCard Blank 500 Non-reusable blank for Flesh Camouflage kit - defeats card scanners
95 Flesh Concealment Kit Blank 250 Non-reusable blank for Flesh Camouflage kit - defeats one of face, hand, voice scanners

Page 78 of Galladinium's contains a detailed breakdown of a blaster's components, describing each. Reference this page if you want details on how to repair or modify a damaged blaster weapon.


Page Item Cost Scale Notes
11 Arakyd Hush-About Jet Pack 1,800 Character
13 Hover Shopper 400 Character Repulsor-chair with a cargo bin
14 Luxury Speeder 25,000 Speeder Low-altitude, super-luxurious speeder
15 Methane Sifter 30,000 Speeder Unrestricted-altitude aerial vehicle for reducing-atmosphere planets; no onboard fuel required
15 Microweight 500 Speeder Repulsor-wing backpack for personal gliding
17 Taggeco SCS-19 Sentinel Secure Speeder 50,000 Speeder Armored personal speeder
17 Sub-orbital Luxury Shuttle 225,000 Starfighter
49 Gladiator Walker 40,000 Speeder Recreational stunner-equipped armored walker
50 Grav-Ball Sport Lifter 12,000 Character Repulsorlift attached to a chair, essentially
50 Grav Boots 550 Character Repulsorlift boots
52 Sky Slicer 3,000 Repulsorlift longboard; optional tractor/drogue (for a passenger) available for 500 credits
54 EVA Vacuum Pod 15,000 Character Droid-monitored EVA/maintenance pod
55 Mineral Extractor 25,000 Speeder Mining vehicle
56 Servo Lifter 10,000 Character Powered exosuit for heavy lifting
64 Repulsorlift Baggage Cart 250 Character Repulsorlift cart can be steered or remotely guided (50 credits for remote)
90 Sun Jammer 250,000 Starfighter Solar sail; entertainment/pleasure craft

Vehicle Equipment

Page Item Cost Notes
93 Hyperdrive Booster 16,500+ Temporary means to increase multiplier of hyperdrive
93 Nav Computer Bypass NAFS1 Allows reconfiguration of hyperspace route without dropping out of hyperspace

Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids

Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids is, as the title suggests, all about droids. It describes the different "degrees" of droids (essentially classifying droids based on level of complexity). It also contains background on how droids fit in to society. Finally, Cynabar's contains a large list of droids that can be useful in any campaign.

Pages 22-38 of Cynabar's also introduce detailed rules for upgrading droids, including skill upgrades, knowledge upgrades, and additional equipments. Repairs and repair costs are also covered.

The droids described in Cynabar's are indexed on the following pages:

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