Vance Eir

I am a bizarre, empathic Vance who Listens to the Whispers

Player: Jannah

Physical Description


Personality Notes



TODO prominent set of apartments on the Academie campus; Prominent due to its location as part of the campus; can have 4-6 rooms. Can gain up to 7 augments, and has 1 secret room and 1 peculiarity (p152, The Key)

Eir's suite of rooms is within the campus faculty housing as she teaches cantrips and minor magics there.

Apartment Invisible 4, Academie Brighella, Room's Moor, Palindrome



Room's Moor in the Palindrome.

Bad Horse (-)

Recently, a horse has been seen wandering the neighborhood during the early morning and late evening hours. Garbo Farms insists it is not one of theirs, and no one has claimed ownership. The horse would be a mere curiosity except that it has crossed in front of travelers a few times, causing injurious accidents. Some are beginning to spread rumors that the horse is, in fact, spectral, and would not be injured in a collision with an automaton or a person, but others believe that Garbo Farms has simply hired less than reputable help recently and is trying to protects its reputation and its coffers by disclaiming ownership of the escaped horse.



  • Eir has 1 lv NPC connection with Sally Williams.
  • Eir has 1 lv connection with The Dead due to her past work experience with them.
  • Eir has a Friend from the Past in Ritchie.

has been back in the Actuality for around 3 years at the start of the campaign

Development Still to Do

  1. Description
  2. Personality Notes
  3. Description and layout of house
  4. Name and location of neighborhood
  5. Finalize PC connections
  6. NPC Connections
  7. Shadow Memento and Quirk
    1. Shadow skill - what kind of profession or significant hobby did you have in Shadow? get a lv 2 skill related to that
    2. Shadow memento - an object of sentimental value that you brought back from Shadow; it represents something to you
    3. Shadow quirk - see The Key p 155 for some examples
  8. First character arc - some suggestions:
    1. Develop a Bond
    2. Establishment
    3. Join an Organization
    4. Repay a Debt
    5. others based on forte
  9. Group Desideratum

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