Vandar Yaren

Vandar Yaren, Deceased Violetford Watch Captain

TODO Met Hirisa in Violetford while on patrol one day - just saw her in the light and fell in love.

Deceased father of Aida and Darias and husband of Hirisa. Good friend and partner of Tybalt Greenfall.

He first apprenticed in his youth to a woodworker, and fell in love with the craft. He hoped to one day take over his own shop and build furniture and other various works of woodcraft for his trade. Then, he met Hirisa, and they decided to marry and start a family. Unfortunately, there was little work at the time for woodworkers in Violetford, with many of the populace taking up that trade in the city at that time. Needing to find a way to support his family, he turned to the career path that paid the most, which meant joining the City Guard. As it turned out, Vandar was quite good at law enforcement. He had a strong back, a strong sword arm, and a virtuous heart. He made an excellent impression with his fellow guardsmen and was very well liked in the community. Nevertheless, while he enjoyed those opportunities to help and protect the people, he often looked on his chosen career with regret. He would have been far happier building a kitchen table for a family rather than enforcing the edicts of the town leaders and dealing with drunks and criminals.

As of start of campaign, has been dead for almost 10 years. Would have been 38.

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