Venn Tyree

Commander Venn Tyree - Former Senator, Antaran Noble, and Officer in the Alliance to Restore the Republic

The face and cape work for Venn, though the armor would actually be more modern Star Wars style clothing.

Physical Description

  • Male Human
  • 1.83 m (6'0")
  • 79 kg (174 lb)
  • Brown hair, short
  • Brown eyes
  • Tan skin
  • Age 28
  • Handsome and fit, but not a dedicated athlete. Dresses well, typical style would be quite similar to the "Young Senatorial" template from the back of the Star Wars, Second Edition - Revised and Expanded book, crossed with Count Dooku's general style (though not the palette).

Personal History

  • See the description for the "Young Senatorial" template from the back of the Star Wars, Second Edition - Revised and Expanded book - listed below
    • "For three centuries you family served the Republic. Innumerable Senators have borne your name. For centuries, your family has selflessly sacrificed for the good of the state and society. You have served loyally and well, and because of it, the citizens of your planet are loyal to your house. Since the Empire was established, your family has tried to fend off its evil ways and to hold the Emperor to his promise to promote the public good. Even now, you are reluctant to turn against the galactic government which your family supported for so long. - Yet you have no choice. The Empire has truly become a tyranny. Your home planet is occupied by stormtroopers. If civilization is to be saved, you must act now. Your family will provide leadership to the Rebellion, as it did to the Republic."
  • Born on the planet of Antaras into the Tyree family, a lineage with a long history of serving the people of that world.
    • Antaras is a fairly wealthy planet in the Inner Rim. The planet is largely temperate in climate. The economy is fairly diversified, although they are known for developing and manufacturing high quality and advanced hyperdrives. The long history of the planet is rich with art and culture . Antaras does have a history of tension with a neighboring star system, Chostas, and its native reptilian race, the Xillash. The two systems have fought in many minor skirmishes and two fairly large-scale clashes, the most recent having taken place about 250 years ago, in which the Xillash actually invaded Antaras before being beaten back to their own star system.
  • Venn spent four years of his youth serving in the Antaran Defense Forces. He has been trained in basic combat, command, and has been given a broad exposure to many of the disciplines in the military (as a member of a noble house that frequently takes up leadership positions, this is common), although much of his four years of service were spent serving as a Communications Officer aboard an Antaran cruiser.
  • The noble houses of Antaras have a long tradition of dueling. Though less common and more ritualized now, it is an enduring part of the culture. Venn, as a member of the Tyree family, has been trained in the use of the traditional dueling weapon, the Tarkosha Dueling Staff - a well-balanced, roughly six-foot-long metal staff (usually very ornately or intricately designed). Once made from wood, then light, resilient forms of metal, the modern Tarkosha staff also incorporates two internal electrical generators, as well as slightly sunken contact pads on the tips of the staff. When a direct thrusting blow is made, the opponent receives a strong electric shock. These electrical discharges are meant to cause disorientation and pain, making it difficult to defend against follow-up blows, but not completely immobilize the opponent. However, rarely, some dishonorable duelists increase the power levels of the electrical generators, so they have the lethality of a Force pike. As a result, most formal duels involve inspection of the weapons by third parties.
  • Venn's hand-to-hand and melee combat style is a blend of two main sources (see below). Overall, Venn's style is well balanced between strikes, blocking, grappling, groundwork, etc. It's general focus is on using speed, balance, and technique (coupled with a bit of well placed power and the ability to take a punch) to defeat a more physically capable opponent. A typical fight for Venn would have him keeping his opponent at a distance, dodging blows and using blocks, parries and the opponent's own momentum to keep him off balance. Venn would evaluate the opponent, and deliver well-placed strikes when possible. If forced into a grapple, Venn's first instinct would be to escape it. If he could not, he would then likely go to rather brutal techniques to incapacitate or kill the combatant as quickly as possible. However, he would be far more likely to use an elaborate throw or a twist out of a lock, rather than a neck break or joint break. If fighting an opponent with better reach, he might well close and grapple, but his usual tactics are to stand off, using speed and technique to defeat a foe. (Think a combination of Marine Corps combat techniques, but used more in the style of jiujitsu, bojutsu, akido, and fencing (style-wise).)
    • The first source of Venn's martial style are the combat techniques he learned while serving in the Antaran Defense Forces. The ADF gives its recruits instruction in quick, simple, no-nonsense grappling, ground fighting, melee, and striking with all parts of the body, similar to most military training. The goal is to disable or kill your opponent quickly. However, the ADF's combat instruction does favor techniques which prove more effective against the Antaran's traditional enemies, the Xillash (see below). ADF forces are trained for endurance in combat, to be able to outlast and wear out a stronger opponent. While they are taught dangerous grappling techniques, more emphasis is placed on escaping from a grapple, and on avoiding attack and keeping an opponent at a manageable distance. Force pikes and other long weapons are common melee implements for the ADF.
      • The Xillash are a humanoid reptilian race, more snakelike than the crocodilian Transdoshans. They have slim, lithe bodies with long, non-prehensile tails. Though their bodies and limbs are relatively thin, they are almost all muscle. They are nimble and possess quick reactions and the ability to contort their bodies more than the average humanoid. Like snakes, they can see into the infrared spectrum (body heat), as well as in visible light (though they are colorblind). They can taste the air with their tongues, and pheremone signals make up a common subtext for their language. While they possess fangs and venom sacs, they are seldom used in combat, except as a last resort. While their venom is usually not strong enough to kill an adult human, it does act as a potent paralytic agent, usually completely immobilizing the victim in less than a minute (the effects wear off over the course of several hours). Typically, a Xillash favors ranged combat, but when he closes to fight hand to hand, he will employ wicked daggers (often covered with the Xillash's own venom), or use his own slightly-clawed hands. While these racial features make a Xillash a dangerous combatant, they do have weaknesses. First, they do not possess great endurance. If a typical humanoid can engage even a skilled Xillash in a protracted fight, the momentum tends to shift to the humanoid as the battle continues. Second, Xillash, while certainly capable of employing larger weapons, seem to just prefer using knives and their own natural weapons. So, if an opponent can use a weapon with a lot of reach (such as the traditionally favored weapon of the Antaran nobility, the Tarkosha staff) to keep the Xillash at a distance, the reptilian warrior is at a distinct disadvantage. Lastly, due to their neurological makeup, the Xillash are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields. While this is something of a benefit to them in certain circumstances (being able to determine north, detecting the presence of a life form at a range of roughly 2 meters, etc…), it also makes them particularly vulnerable to blasters set on stun or weapons that employ electrical discharges (Mechanics: Xillash roll -1D to resist damage from blasters set on stun or weapons using electrical discharges. Such weapons roll an additional +1D for damage against a Xillash.). This is actually the reason modern Tarkosha staves incorporate electric pads on their tips. While Tarkosha staves are almost never used in front line combat by ADF forces, their soldiers do carry collapsible force pikes (2 feet, extends to 5 1/2 feet) for close-in fighting.
    • The second source for Venn's hand-to-hand fighting style are the unarmed techniques used in conjunction with the Tarkosha staff in a traditional Antaran duel. The staff techniques and unarmed techniques are meant to blend together so that the staff and the body become one weapon. While many duels can be quite brutal, and strength is needed to properly employ the weapon, the duel is, indeed, looked upon as a martial art. Practitioners are meant to employ powerful yet graceful moves. Tripping, locking weapons, and disarming tricks are used frequently, and footwork, position, balance, and speed are seen as key. While the staff is obviously used for most attacks and defensive moves in the duel, a duelist will often deliver kicks to an opponent who is open to attack. When duelists press staves together in an attempt to push one another back, one combatant could very well throw a swift jab or two. Grappling techniques are sometimes used if one's staff has been knocked away, and running for it is not desirable. Unbalancing one's opponent for a trip or throw appears more often than close-in grappling.
"Old Senatorial" template
  • Venn's father, Gallos Tyree, also supports the efforts of the Rebel Alliance (as do many, if not most, of Antaras's citizens and leaders). However, as the second most powerful figure on the Anataran Ruling Council, he must walk a fine line in order to maintain the safety of the people of his world. As a result, he has publicly denounced the actions of his son as a disgrace to both Antaras and his family. Secretly, Gallos takes pride in his son's actions, though he fears that he will not be able to give his son any real help… and might not ever see him again.
  • In addition to his father, Venn's immediate family includes: his mother, Illiara Tyree; an older sister, Orianna Thissian; a younger brother, Galen; a younger sister, Shara; as well as large numbers of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc… most with a great deal of influence in many levels of Antaran society.
    • Illiara Tyree is descended from another Antaran noble family (known for their service to the Antaran Defense Forces, and their advocacy for fierce retalitation in response to Xillashi aggression), and is nearly as potent a politician as her husband. She sponsors many charities, both on Antaras, and in the larger galactic community. Over the past few years, her health has been failing, forcing her to take a less and less politically public role in her family. Her husband and children publicly downplay her condition, but are growing quite worried, as the finest physicians on their planet have not been able to determine the source of her illness.
    • Orianna Thissian married an hyperdrive industrialist from the minor Thissian noble family. While she follows her mother's example and sponsors several charities (taking up more of the slack for her mother now that her health is failing), for the most part, she spends her time raising her three young children.
    • Galen Tyree is somewhat of a black sheep in the family, as he cannot stand politics and refuses to serve in the military. He makes his living as a painter, and has plans to marry an Imperial diplomat's daughter. While somewhat disappointed that their son won't be taking part in the family tradition of political and military service, Gallos and Illiara are supportive of their son, and know that he is dutifully serving Antaras in his own way.
      • Unbeknownst to Venn, and likely the rest of the Tyree family, Galen has been working as a spy for the Rebel Alliance on Antaras for some time now. Currently, Tam Minera and Ahmanha Orden are the only members of Venn's team to have knowledge of his brother's secret double life.
    • Shara Tyree, the youngest daughter of Gallos and Illiara Tyree, is career military. Focused and intense, she has quickly risen through the ranks of the ADF to the level of Lieutenant Commander. Though proud of her heritage, she detests any suggestion that she has achieved her position through her family's fame and influence, rather than on her own merits. She constantly pushes herself in order to prove (to herself as much as anyone) that she deserves to be where she is. Her superiors and subordinates would all agree, and while some might find her to be driven and uncompromising, most would also call her tough-as-nails, utterly loyal, and a brilliant commander. She is currently serving on an Antaran cruiser, the Rising Storm (the same one Venn served as a Communications Officer on during his time in the ADF), as third-in-command. Given her skill, determination, and swift rise through the military hierarchy, many think she may be given her own command in only a few short years.
  • Venn has been working for the Rebels while performing his duties as a Senator for a year and a half by the time the campaign has begun. He started small, passing information as he heard it, and had been gradually providing increasing amounts of support for the Alliance. He tried to work cautiously, but, as a result of taking ever greater risks and the increased scrutiny on his actions as a voice of opposition to the New Order, was (unbeknownst to him) identified as a possible spy just before the campaign began. After being discovered as a spy, he, the other members of his Rebel cell, and another group of Rebels attempted to escape from Coruscant, most of whom made it. The Empire buried the incident, declaring that Senator Tyree had been killed in an attack by Rebel terrorists. (Given that the Senate was to be disbanded and the planet Alderaan destroyed a month or two later, the story was quickly overshadowed by larger events.) Since his defection, Venn has officially joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and his life has become quite a bit more interesting…
  • Since defecting to the Alliance, Venn has been commissioned as an officer in the ARR Navy. He has taken part in a number of commando-type missions, and has even used his political acumen to help facilitate the inclusion of the Mon Calamari into the Rebellion.
    • Currently, Venn has been promoted to the rank of Commander after the events of the destruction of the planet Alderaan. He has been put in command of a small special forces team under the auspices of a newly created Rebel Special Operations/Intelligence branch. His team now operates semi-autonomously, answering directly (though somewhat infrequently) to General Rieekan, often through contact with the Third Fleet.
      • Venn's team currently consists of the following members:
        • Navy Lieutenant Kane Novallis - Former smuggler, mercenary, and starship captain… currently a Rebel soldier and determined "entrepreneur," Kane Novallis is an… interesting team member. The second highest-ranking officer on the team, he continues to act much more like an "independent." While his attitude occassionally causes Venn to raise an eyebrow, Kane has proven to be courageous and dependable. His skill, both as a pilot and as a soldier, make him an incredibly valuable member of the team.
        • Navy Lieutenant Amanha Orden - Orden is an intelligence specialist. She has a good deal of classified information at her finger tips, and has a good idea of the strategic overview of the Rebellion. She is quite skilled at computers, sensors, communications, and other skills useful to an intelligence officer. She has an amazing capability to sort through massive amounts of data to find useful intelligence, and can make intuitive leaps that seem to defy common logic, but turn out to be uncannily accurate. She is also quite possibly bipolar, BPD, autistic, or all of the above. Though Amanha's behavior is somewhat disconcerting at times, she has proven quite versatile and reliable in the field. She also keeps long hyperspace trips from being too dull…
        • Army First Lieutenant Tam Minera - Venn's former bodyguard and espionage co-conspirator, Tam is a capable soldier and detective. Though he carries more than his share of psychological trauma, and has a yet undiscovered addiction to Imperial combat drugs, Tam's courage under fire and combat abilities have led him to nearly single-handedly save two major missions thus far. After a stormy period where his loyalties to the Alliance were held in question, Tam is now mostly accepted by his Rebel comrades, and the leadership have granted him an officer's commission. He is the team member Venn trusts and depends on the most.
        • Army Master Sergeant Sidara Lanka - A weapons trainer and drill sargeant in the Rebel Alliance, Sidara was one of the first people Venn met on Echo Base, and was the senior noncom on Venn's first mission for the Rebellion. Her courage, intelligence, and force of will impressed Venn, and her combat skills impressed him even more. Originally from Alderaan, she was present at the destruction of her planet, and is now dealing with the loss of her family, friends, home, and people. For the moment, both Command and Venn are watching her (and all other Alderaanian Rebels, for that matter) to make sure she doesn't break under the weight of this devastating loss. Ever resolute in the face of personal tragedy, Sidara soldiers on, and is the one person, other than Tam, that Venn trusts most on the team.
        • Navy Warrant Officer Katiara Rourke - Rourke is a corpsman and medic for the new SpecOps team, and has had to deal with more than a few wounds during the course of her duties, including some of her own. Beautiful and poised, Rourke is quite the former fashionista. Rourke is extremely compassionate and cares about everyone. She is probably the most well-liked person on the team, and functions as kind of a de facto ship's counselor. In terms of backgrounds and interests, most would consider Rourke to have the most in common with Venn, and Venn does feel more at ease around her than most of the rest of the crew.
        • Army Specialist Wen deCrion - Private deCrion accompanied Venn on his first mission, and the soldier's computer skills were instrumental to that mission's success, as well as the safe return of the team. DeCrion is cool and professional under fire, and while not strictly an elite slicer, he is highly skilled with computers, security systems, and is an adept combatant as well. He is currently functioning as a Chief Engineer (beneath Kane, of course) for the Prospect. Venn appreciates deCrion's abilities, his steadiness under pressure, and his generally pleasant and relaxed nature outside of combat.
        • Army Specialist Zhymmia Starfall - Starfall is a grunt, but a smart grunt with a lot of potential. She is a solid and skilled combatant, but she is also intelligent, idealistic, optimistic. She has a fair amount of medical knowledge, and functions as a secondary medic for the crew. Originally from Alderaan, she, like MSgt. Lanka, is coming to grips with the destruction of her world and her people. Thus far, Starfall has performed impeccably in her duties, and is a solid member of the team.
"Venn slumming it." - A more casual, lower-class, but still stylish look for Venn.


  • See the description for the "Young Senatorial" template from the back of the Star Wars, Second Edition - Revised and Expanded book - listed below
    • "Intelligent, confident and energetic. You are more interested in getting things done than in discussing government theory. Sometimes others are awed by your lineage, and you are proud of it, yet you do not consider yourself class conscious. Great men and women come from all walks of life, and everyone can contribute to the Rebel Alliance."
  • Venn has a strong sense of duty, due mostly to his upbringing. His family has stressed their tradition of service to the people of their world and the Republic as a whole for centuries. Venn is proud of his heritage, and strives to prove worthy of the works of his ancestors.
  • Venn is one of those people who needs a goal to pursue. He has a focused work ethic and doesn't enjoy standing around doing nothing, particularly when others are busy with important things. While he has no problem taking time off to relax, that usually means doing something enjoyable, rather than lying around just relaxing.


  • Like most Antarans, he has a strong aesthetic sense and values beauty and grace in all aspects of life and the world around him
    • Knowledgeable in the theory and has a basic appreciation for many different art forms
      • In particular, enjoys theater, singing, and traditional Antaran dancing
      • Has recently (in the last few years) begun taking up painting - thus far, not with much success
  • Not a womanizer, but most of his relationships are physical and short - the two or three women he has seen on a more regular basis have been from his social caste (this is not due to a snobbish attitude, but to the fact that he knew that women from his circle understood his life, and were (usually) not interested in him just (or mostly) for his fame or wealth or social position
  • Tends to fall back into "Communications Officer mode" when in space combat (calling out information from his station, enemy/ally positions, and (if no one is officially "in charge") takes charge of coordinating tactical movements and providing a bird's eye view of the battle for allies)
  • Often wears calf-length capes typical of Antaran nobility
  • Has a very broad palate (a necessity for someone who frequently dines at the tables of diplomats and rulers from countless alien worlds with strange, and sometimes unpleasant, cuisine)
    • Loves warm, fresh-baked bread, particularly the smell of it drifting throughout his family's home

Current Objectives

  • Ensure the fall of the Empire, the restoration of the Republic, and the protection of all species from any weapon of mass murder, such as the Death Star, for all time.
  • Improve his skills in more "practical" areas (such as combat, starship operations, first aid, demolitions) to make himself more useful to the cause (not to mention more likely to survive)
  • Overall mission
    • Disrupt Imperial operations wherever possible, while maintaining undercover status
  • Current Assignment
    • Capture Imperial Agent 7117
    • Discover identity of "Spectre" (presumed handler for Agent 7117)

Stuff I'd like to see happen in the campaign

  • I'd like Venn to be able to use his Tarkosha staff (or something similar) - he doesn't carry it normally, so this might take some careful handling
    • Once in a formal Antarian duel (in front of other nobles, hopefully in a grand hall on Antaras)
    • Once or twice in more regular circumstances, like a deserted hallway
  • One or more scenes where Venn might use his persuasive oration abilities to rally Rebel troops or rile up civilians to turn against the Empire, or just to riot and an opportune moment
  • Have Venn use his Command abilities to coordinate and substantially boost a unit's performance (in and out of combat)
  • Star Destroyer Plan (he'll wait until he's planned and executed a few operations first)
  • Development of a relationship with Sidara
    • Although, it might be cool to have an early relationship sneak up on Venn and Rourke (an undercover mission where they pose as aristocrats, or just a couple, work well) - leads to a missed opportunities deal between Venn and Sidara (a la Creighton/Aeryn, Mal/Inara, Castle/Beckett, etc.)
    • At some point quite a ways into the mission, have Sidara become pregnant (around Star Destroyer Plan time, and after Venn and Sidara have been together for a while, but are not ready to commit forever - possibly they've decided to stop seeing each other for some reason - point is, the prenancy should be a drawback for them)
  • At some point have the group find themselves driving an Imperial AT-AT walker (with no one involved knowing how to do so)
  • Another starfighter combat (Y-Wings, X-Wings, B-Wings, Headhunters, whatever…)
    • Employ the Cracken Twist
  • Exploring creepy terrain on a supposedly uninhabited planet (ancient temple like Yavin; abandoned, crashed and maybe ancient star cruiser; etc.) - Good time for a monster or enemy to hunt/be hunted by the crew
  • Prison Break - maybe entire team, or maybe some are captured and others must stage a rescue - Star Destroyer or Imperial garrison work well
  • Find ourselves dealing with a Kubaz, preferably another former Senator from Venn's time (Venn particularly likes a lot of species, such as the Gotals, the Squib, Verpine… and the Kubaz. He finds the Kubaz very pleasant in general… see description on wookieepedia)
    • In particular, like to see the group (Venn and Tam, especially) invited to a grand insect feast. Venn, of course would be comfortable with this, but it would be interesting to see what the rest of the group does… especially Tam. (While the Kubaz don't expect non-Kubaz to partake in the feast, they do see it as the mark of someone who doesn't appreciate culture and refinement.)
  • Find ourselves in a bar with a few (or a LOT) of Xillash (showcase cultural baggage, give Venn a chance to use his knowledge of the Xillash language/culture/tactics)
  • At some point on Hoth, I'd like Venn to bump into Leia and Luke and maybe Han (hopefully have SOME contact, but not much before Hoth is evacuated… due to them or Venn being out on a mission)
    • Specifically, I have an image of Venn running into Luke in a hallway by chance (after hearing rumors that Luke is calling himself a Jedi), thanking him for his role in destroying the Death Star, and asking him if he can see his lightsaber. ("Oh, shut up")
  • Like to have some mechanical benefit for using the Tactics and Command skills, or at least have many opportunities where those skills are needed
Missions and roles Venn would be best suited for:
  • Making overtures to political or corporate bodies in order to gain them as allies for the Alliance
  • Command and leadership roles
  • Using his skill at persuasion and inspiration to help in recruiting new Rebels
  • Infiltration/espionage


  • Ethan Harbatkin, owner of Prospect, and manager of the shipping business they run

Contacts and Relationships

Friends & Allies


Gallos Tyree

Venn sees his father much as every other Antaran does… as a lion. Scion of one of the most famous of the noble houses, Gallos Tyree served with distinction in the Antaran Defense Forces before joining the Antaran Senate and, finally, the ruling Council. For decades Gallos Tyree's voice has moved mountains in Antaran politics, and his mere presence lends an air of gravity to any discussions. And anyone who met him, and had never heard of him, couldn't help but recognize the presence of a leader in him. Venn idolized his father.

Though Gallos Tyree was also a loving and proud father, even his children recognized whom there father was, and even to this day, Venn instinctively tends to straighten up whenever his father enters the room. Gallos Tyree made sure his children knew about their responsibilities as members of a wealthy, powerful noble house to serve the people of Antaras, and Venn took this to heart. Going first into the military, then the Antaran Senate, then the Imperial Senate, Venn always strove to follow in his father's example, hoping one day to be worthy of the legacy his father had lain upon his children. Even now, fighting a guerilla war against the very Empire he once served, Venn keeps the example of his father in his mind, always remembering the responsibilities he has to his men, to his planet, and to the galaxy.

Upon returning to his home to deliver the experiemental medicine to his mother, Venn was shocked to see how her condition had affected his family, especially his father. The proud, hale man whose voice steered the course of worlds now seemed to be a ghost of his former self. Haggard, distracted, seeming to be moving on auto-pilot… seeing his father in such a state was an enormous blow to Venn's equilibrium. Certainly, Venn understood the change in his father, and knew it was only natural. Nevertheless, it made Venn very nervous being around his father in such a state. If the mighty Gallos Tyree could be brought to such a state… how much would it take to bring Venn so low?…
With his mother's prognosis looking positive, Venn hopes his father will quickly recover his old self. Time will tell.

Illiara Tyree

Beautiful, poised, infinitely compassionate, yet with an underlying will of iron, Venn’s mother was the hub around which the whole family revolved. While Venn’s relationship was more formal, Illiara was more nurturing with her children. And while Venn learned more about the military, politics, and leadership from his father, much of Venn’s cultural education came from his mother. His mother taught him theater, dance, music, and more. However, Venn always did feel a bit left out due to his inability to develop the painting skills that allowed Illiara and Galen to become so close.

As his mother’s health deteriorated, the family grew more and more worried, and, as always, pulled together, hiding her illness from the public to protect her privacy and keep opportunists away. When Venn heard her health had radically declined, he made a difficult decision and abandoned an official mission to bring an untried medicine to her. When he arrived, he barely recognized her. Illiara had become emaciated and bed-ridden, but her eyes were still clear, and she comforted Venn as much as he comforted her. Since the promising early results of the new medicine, Venn left hopeful (but still knowing he might not be able to return soon, made his goodbyes) that his mother would recover. He still worries, though.

Orianna Thissian

Orianna is Venn’s big sister, and she certainly lives up to the task. Orianna takes after her mother, caring and compassionate, but with great reserves of inner strength. Orianna does have a tendency to be quite stubborn and a bit domineering, but always in a mothering way… trying to look after her family and those around her. Growing up, Venn could always count on her to provide advice, help with studies, and an occasional punch in the arm if he and Galen were bothering her…

Returning home, Venn found that, during their mother’s convalescence, Orianna had taken it upon herself to take on her mother’s work load as well as her own, supervise her treatment, and continue raising her own family… and was working herself to the point of collapse. Venn hopes their mother’s positive response to the new treatment means that Orianna will take it easier on herself, and he asked her to do so before he left. He hopes their tumultuous and tearful reunion won’t be their last.

Galen Tyree

Galen and Venn were the closest in age (only about a year and a half between them) of all the Tyree children. So, they were quite close growing up… playing, getting into trouble… typical brother behavior. They diverged more as they grew up, as their interests were different, and they began running in different circles. Venn took more after his father, and focused his studies more on public service. Galen, however, took more after Illiara, and was, if anything, more compassionate and gentle. A talented artist, he had no interest in navigating the often duplicitous waters of politics, and had no interest in wearing a uniform. This somewhat disappointed his parents, particularly Gallos, but everyone, including Venn, knew that Galen was a passionate and kind soul, and had taken the same idea of service to the people to heart. He simply was pursuing it in his own way.

Though not as close as they were as boys, Venn and Galen still had great affection for each other. Venn often wished he had Galen’s skill with the brush, and one of the paintings that decorated his office in the Imperial Senate building (as well as several in his private residence) were done by Galen. Venn really regrets leaving them behind. On his trip home, while his mother was on her deathbed, Venn noticed that Galen had not arrived. No one would say anything, and he got the impression that something had happened. This has Venn greatly worried about his younger brother.

Unbeknownst to Venn, and likely the rest of the Tyree family, Galen has been working as a spy for the Rebel Alliance on Antaras for some time now. Currently, Tam Minera and Ahmanha Orden are the only members of Venn's team to have knowledge of his brother's secret double life.

Shara Tyree

Like Venn, Shara took after her father and decided to go into public service. However, while Venn ultimately went into politics, Shara was career military through-and-through. Growing up, Shara always followed her brothers around and wanted to do everything they did, even if she was too young. Being the youngest, the family naturally doted on her and tried to protect her, a situation which Shara couldn’t stand. Independent and driven, she once pummeled Venn for telling a schoolyard bully to leave his little sister alone. “I don’t need you to protect me!” Then she hugged him. And then punched him again. Shara’s determination makes her family proud, but sometimes means she isn’t as expressive and friendly as her siblings, but Venn and the others know she’s very warm underneath.

When Venn last returned home, Shara had "borrowed" a TIE interceptor, apparently being used by the ADF now, to return home. Shara seemed concerned that Venn had come home. She left after three days, and seemed to be involved in something secret. While it could be her more reserved nature when it comes to conversation, Venn is concerned by the apparent increase in Imperial presence in the ADF, as well as how it seems to be affecting his little sister.

Venn's SpecOps Team

Navy Lieutenant Kane Novallis

Kane is many things. He is a good negotiator, a crack shot, a brave fighter, and a truly excellent pilot. He has a keen eye and a quick, if occassionally exasperating, wit. He has proven to be a loyal and invaluable asset in the field.

However, even after years of serving with Rebel ground forces, he still seems to pay little heed to the command structure, either as a commander or as a follower. This has Venn concerned, as he feels Kane may not take his responsibility to those under his command seriously. As Kane is the second-highest ranking officer on the crew, someone a commander needs to depend on, this is a less-than-ideal situation for Venn. Still, he has hopes that Kane will overcome his more… "independent" tendencies, eventually.

Crew Evaluation To Date (excerpt): … Lt. Novallis continues to contribute to almost every facet of the mission. Combat skills are good. Piloting skills, exceptional. Contacts and infiltration skills, quite useful. Minor discipline issues… Overall individual performance rating: Very Good

Navy Lieutenant Amanha Orden

In Venn's opinion, Orden is a double-edged sword. She's brilliant, savant-level brilliant, and can piece together an accurate picture of a situation with remarkably few and seemingly unrelated pieces of information. Her knowledge of the latest intel and skills at gathering it are valuable resources.

However, as an off-duty intel officer once put it, "that girl is 5 kilos of crazy in a 2 kilo sack…" Orden is off-balanced, to put it mildly. She has a great deal of difficulty communicating with other people. A significant disadvantage, for someone whose job it is to gather and summarize information for others. She seems to show only the most minimal regard for the command structure, and even then, somewhat sporadically. Being the third-highest ranking individual on the ship is probably not the best place for her to be. She's also almost entirely useless in a combat situation.

Despite these significant drawbacks, for the time being, Venn considers Orden's talents to outweigh her flaws. Recently, her data-sifting abilities and computer expertise essentially single-handedly saved the lives of the entire crew when they were stranded on the ancient alien starship. For now, Venn feels the best course of action is to leave her on the ship unless her skills are required for the mission and combat is not expected to be heavy. Also, he has asked the ship's "den mother" of sorts, Rourke, to try and help Orden socialize and stabilize as much as possible.

Crew Evaluation To Date (excerpt): … indicates medications might help. Lt. Orden's data gathering and analysis skills continue to amaze… crew saved by deciphering unknown alien tech… discipline and interpersonal issues, as of this report, are manageable… Overall indivdual performance rating: Very Good

Army First Lieutenant Tam Minera

Army Master Sergeant Sidara Lanka

Navy Warrant Officer Katiara Rourke

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Other Rebels

Imperial Senatorial Guard Captain Sebastian Fel (deceased)

A former Senatorial Guard Captain in charge of security for ex-Senator Venn Tyree, Sebastian Fel was a Rebel spy and Venn's main point of contact with the Alliance before his treachery was discovered. Venn held Captain Fel in very high regard, and depended on him in order to carry out nearly every facet of his espionage on behalf of the Rebellion. Tam looked up to Fel even more, and took his death incredibly hard. Venn deeply regrets not being able to take Fel's body with them when they fled the Rebel base in the Bilbringi system. After everything the Captain sacrificed for Venn and the Rebellion, including his own life, Venn felt that the least Fel deserved was a proper hero's burial. Sadly, the situation did not permit it.





Rjana the Hutt

Spice smuggling crime boss from Kessel

Lile Morin and Ma'tala

Captain and crew (respectively) of the cargo ship Flipside. Don't particularly want to see Venn or his crew again.


Race: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Maybe
Force Points: 0
Character Points: 3


Attribute Dice
Dexterity 3D
Knowledge 4D
Mechanical 3D
Perception 3D + 2
Strength 3D
Technical 2D


Dexterity Knowledge Mechanical
Skill 3D Skill 4D Skill 3D
Blaster 5D Alien Species 6D Astrogation 3D+2
Blaster: Blaster Pistol 7D Bureaucracy 7D Beast Riding 3D+1
Dodge 6D+1 Bureaucracy: Imperial Government 8D Capital Ship Gunnery 3D+1
Melee Combat 4D Business 4D Capital Ship Piloting 3D+1
Melee Combat: Staves 7D Cultures 7D Capital Ship Shields 3D+1
Pick Pocket 3D Intimidation 4D Communications 5D
Running 3D+1 Languages 4D Repulsorlift Operation 3D+1
Thrown Weapons 3D Languages: Xillashi 5D - Fluent Sensors 4D+1
Vehicle Blasters 3D+1 Planetary Systems 5D Space Transports 4D+1
Streetwise 4D Starship Gunnery 3D+1
Survival 4D Starship Shields 4D
Tactics 5D Swoop Operation 3D
Value 4D
Willpower 7D
Perception Strength Technical
Skill 3D + 2 Skill 3D Skill 2D
Bargain 6D+1 Brawling 4D Capital Ship Repair 2D+2
Command 6D+2 Climbing/Jumping 3D Computer Programing/Repair 3D
Con 7D Stamina 4D Demolitions 2D+1
Forgery 3D+2 Swimming 3D First Aid 2D+1
Gambling 3D+2 Space Transports Repair 2D+1
Hide 3D+2
Investigation 3D+2
Persuasion 6D+2
Persuasion: Oration 7D+2
Search 4D+1
Sneak 4D


  • Stylish Clothing
  • (Mostly) Concealed Armor
    • +1D against energy damage
    • +1D against physical damage
    • Worn under clothing
  • Blaster Pistol (Modified)
    • Damage: 5D
    • Short: 3-10
    • Medium: 30
    • Long: 120
    • Ammo: 25
    • Rate of Fire: 3/round
  • Blaster Pistol
    • Damage: 4D
    • Short: 3-10
    • Medium: 30
    • Long: 120
    • Ammo: 100
    • Rate of Fire: 3/round
  • Hold-Out Blaster
    • Damage: 3D
    • Short: 3-4
    • Medium: 8
    • Long: 12
    • Ammo: 6
    • Rate of Fire: 1/round
  • Tarkosha Dueling Staff
    • Damage: STR + 2D (5D)
  • Commlink
  • Transliterator (500 language basic package)
  • Personal Transponder
  • Datapad
  • Medpac
  • Holocron
  • Money: 13,200 credits
  • Earns 1,100 credits/month when able to get back to the Third Fleet to pick up pay

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