Navy Chief Warrant Officer Verena Krin
Chief Krin is lean but athletic, with a runner's build like Carrie Tollefson's

Chief Krin is a tall, very lean woman in her mid-to-late 20s, almost the prototype for the description "runner's build." She's neither soft and curvaceous nor heavily muscled, but Verena could run a high-and-hot marathon on a whim and lead much of the pack. Her energy level is somewhere near the border of dysfunction, depending on who you ask. On the plus side, Verena can move pallets for a 10-hour shift and hit a club afterward; on the down side, it sometimes seems like the doesn't know how to stop talking. She's not impolite or motormouthed in the traditional sense; she prefers to call it "99th-percentile extroverted." The picture shown here is very accurate as to her appearance, though she tends to dress more conservatively, even when running.

Verena would never fit well in a traditional military force, but with the Rebellion hungry for assistance anywhere they can get it, she has done well within its ranks. The Rebellion is lucky to have her, as she's quite good at her job and extremely dedicated. However, she's also very colloquial and open, which somewhat tarnishes her otherwise professional image. Her orders almost never sound like traditional orders, more like suggestions, though she can be very persuasive (and really prefers persuasion to command). Verena also often speaks more openly than the should with superiors and allows her subordinates (and everyone else, really) to call her by her first name. She's smarter than you would guess from first glance, though, and she is diligent about never letting any sensitive information pass her lips unless she knows that the listener is authorized. This is rarely an issue at her job, however.

Verena makes friends easily and loves to talk with anyone. She can talk for hours, her speech peppered liberally with her slightly-drawly contractions and very-nearly-bubbly interjections. She often ends sentences with "you know?" and other such padding.

Prior to joining the Rebellion, Verena worked as a loadmaster at a shipping corporation. As a result, she knows quite a lot of trivia about various transports and freighters both small and large. She even knows a little bit about piloting transports, though that was never her passion. The Empire took over the company she worked for five years ago; roughly a year later, she joined up with the rebellion for reasons she hasn't discussed. When pressed, all she's admitted is that she felt a sort of moral obligation to join. After joining up, she essentially picked up the same duties she held at the shipper. Her duty station on Hoth is that of loadmaster on the Rebel Nebulon-B frigate Privateer, the frigate that carried the Echo Base materiel to Hoth in the first place. She has personally supervised the loading and unloading of nearly half the equipment that went into creating Echo Base.

Verena has never told anyone why she joined the Rebellion because of how haunted she is by it. She accidentally discovered that the Empire was using civilian transports to discretely ship biological agents to various unaligned planets. These agents were secretly being used to stage false terrorist attacks, pressuring the civilian governments to join the Galactic Empire "for their own protection." Verena discovered this as she was sticking around after work one day talking to the late-shift loadmaster at her company when a loading mishap exposed all of the dock workers on a capital freighter to a ruthless nerve agent. She saw their deaths as the airlock auto-sealed and left the planet that very night, narrowly escaping capture and "re-education" by the covert Imperial forces overseeing the operation. Since she was not on the clock when the accident happened, she is in no direct danger from the Empire unless someone were to find out that she was there; however, she does not know that, and she is scared to discuss the incident with anyone.

In her spare time, Verena often runs. She also likes to get out of the ship and mingle on the base when she can.

Dexterity 4D+1 Knowledge 2D Mechanical 2D Perception 3D Strength 3D Technical 2D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
running 7D business 3D space transport piloting 3D+2 command 4D stamina 7D space transport repair 3D+2
persuasion 5D


Venn Tyree

Verena has barely met Venn, though she's heard good things.

Kane Novallis

Kane is just hilarious. Roguish to his core, he's still not above playing out silly scenarios with her, whether they be about a heretofore-unknown demon-creature living in the depths of an asteroid field or a "magical" shield coil. And, after all, he's also kind of cute…. She's never really gotten the vibe that he's flirting with her, however - maybe he's not really interested? Ah, well - since he's stationed nowhere nearby, that's hardly a concern at the moment.

Although, he did ask her, in a roundabout way, if she wouldn't be interested in working more closely with him in an "independent shipping operation…." Is that interest, or does he really just want her skills as a cargo handler and ship's mechanic…? Ah, well, again, hardly a concern at the moment… although… maybe in the future….

Tam Minera

When the new defectors first came to Hoth, Verena mostly shrugged off the news - after all, what are the odds she would ever have to deal with these newbies? However, that soon changed, as she began to encounter the "worst one" of the new arrivals during her morning PT sessions. Told he was an ex-Stormtrooper, she had been primed to find nothing but a cold, emotionless killing machine with no sense of honor or duty. What she found, however, was just a man. A man who, despite pulling weeks of unending double shifts, gritted his teeth and never missed a day's PT, no matter how often he stumbled during his runs from sheer exhaustion. A man who, despite having nary a friend around, grimly continued working on any orders set for him. A many who, instead of her stereotype, was completely determined to do his duty.

Verena slowly began to interact with Tam, eventually learning that he was nothing like the stereotype she'd created for him. Though he was often away on various missions, she made a point to arrange PT with him whenever he was around. As time went on, she began to become more attracted to Tam's strength (physical as well as character)

During his months on Hoth, Tam spent a lot of time with Verena. One night, slightly tipsy, he even came onto her. Verena had originally been considering a relationship, but seeing him sent off so frequently made her reconsider. That night, she (somewhat begrudgingly, she had to admit to herself) rebuffed Tam's advances, saying instead that they should give things time and maybe consider a relationship if their paths crossed in the future. She still isn't sure that she wants to truly pursue a relationship with Tam, but she isn't opposed to the idea; what holds her back is how infrequently they see one another.

Circumstances, however, have conspired against Verena's half-hopes, as she has not been stationed near him for a longer and longer periods. She had some concern that whatever might have been between them may now be gone. Verena has noticed that Tam pulled away a little after the Junkyard incident. However, it wasn't until they first managed to see each other on New Alderaan that she confirmed her suspicious. Tam let Verena know at that point that he'd (sort of, kind of, possibly, maybe) found someone with whom he wanted to pursue a relationship. After that talk, Verena had to admit to herself that she was disappointed. Still, it had been her decision to put off a possible relationship, and she fully hopes that she and Tam can still cross paths and remain friendly.

Of course, when she found out who Tam was interested in, Verena was shocked. That crazy analyst chick? What the hell do the two of them even have in common? And… is she actually even capable of a relationship — of any kind — with another person? Well, the best of luck to 'em, but… wow. Just wow.

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