Village of Tantor

Tantor is a nexus town through which many people travel - Gwivonna only exists as a stopover point between Tantor and Peloria. Tantor is about 20 to 25 times the size of Gwivonna, having a population of around 2500.


Grokoth's Pantry

This restaurant is out-of-the-way and has decent, inexpensive food. There is no inn attached, but Grokoth's has a bar and a small stage in its 30-table restaurant. This restaurant is more tightly packed than the Giant's Boot in Gwivonna. (regular group of 3 females, 2 males comes in before dinner rush; includes Sylvia)

Snow Cone House

This is a little cafe that serves snow cones, made from real snow. It is a popular place for young people to get treats and talk.

Nameless Whorehouse (for now)

Basically, the room is on par with the "room with an actual bed" in the Silky Doll, only cleaner and better furnished… not a luxury hotel, but reasonably nice, and all the rooms are this good. There's also a bar and lounge area, so food and drink are available… The girls are all of pretty high quality, like the highest available at the SD, so it's a flat rate of 2GP/hour. There are no older or ugly women in this establishment. It occurs to Damir that some of the girls working the streets outside may have worked here when they were younger and prettier. There's an obvious little desk to the side of the staircase, with a guy behind it, and keys on the wall.

Mocmars' House

Ferella's house

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