Violetford (Isle of Mist)


  1. Lowlands city around 15 miles (double-check map) below Brightmill proper
  2. Lowlands violets prosper there
    1. many gardens in town full of them
    2. mildly spicy seasoning when dried and ground
  3. River widens, slows near here
    1. used to be a ford, now a bridge and a ferry
    2. ferry for when river occasionally floods during spring and fall
  4. Largest of the cities
    1. Around 35,000 people
  5. TODO specific cultural markers
    1. Seat - elected officials meet here for council
    2. High-profile trials, executions, etc. take place here
    3. Best City watch training here

Violetford Watch

Best trained on the island. Elder takes divine mandate seriously.
Training includes training with weaponry that really isn't available on the island - e.g., use leathers weighted with lead and strapped down to be restrictive to simulate plate armor. Train with knives, fists, broadswords, bow and arrow, hammer, and truncheon. Train in no armor and the training-plate with the straps and weights adjusted for both chain and plate. Train with wooden shields that can be similarly weighted down to simulate metal shields. Train with tower shields and formations that serve no purpose for city watch but would if the city needed to be defended from an invading army.


The Stormwall are the best of the best, the elites of the Violetford Watch. There are only 12 on the Island.

  • Plate mail (very rare on island)
  • Metal shield (ditto)
  • Warhammer
    • Rumored to be divinely crafted, but no evidence of that
    • Extremely well crafted, though
  • Must demonstrate extreme competence before even considered
    • Moral authority demonstrated to clergy
    • Physical prowess demonstrated to Violetford Watch commander

Key Landmarks

Laid out as organically-grown town with multiple market districts surrounded by small shops, inns, and residential sections, with the exception of the "city hall" district - need to lay this area out specifically. Think vaguely Romanesque for the general style of Violetford architecture, though constructed from wood (and rarely clay masonry) instead of stone.

  1. "City Hall"
  2. Temple
  3. Judiciary
  4. Watch House
  5. Militia Barracks
  6. Guildhalls for each of the guilds


  1. Messengers
  2. Scribes
  3. Smiths
  4. Enchanters
  5. Healers
  6. Hunters (small)
  7. Armorers
  8. Lumberjacks (small)
  9. Woodworkers
  10. Merchants

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