Vislae Nathan Whitlock

Nathan Whitlock is Nessa's missing husband. Due to her amnesia, she doesn't really remember much about him aside from how he was in Shadow. She's fairly certain that his name really is Nathan, and has recently come to believe that it is possible that he might have been pulled into Satyrine just like her.

Nessa's vislae friend, Bad Company, served in the U.S. military in Shadow, and served in the same posting as Nathan at one point. This is one of the things that drew Nessa to Bad Company. While the two were out near the Pale Embassy one day, Bad Company thought that he saw Nathan. Since there was an emergency going on at the moment, Bad Company waited about an hour before mentioning this to Nessa. Nessa took off, running through the streets and shouting for Nathan, eventually stopping when the police got involved.

While she never found Nathan, she now is clinging to the hope that he is alive, somewhere in Satyrine. If Nathan is here, she does not know whether he is a normal mortal or a vislae.

Family Tree

All of this information was found in the Marquis Quarter records.

  1. Mother: Alice Velia
    1. Maternal Grandfather: Thulile Velia
    2. Maternal Grandmother: Liesel Iryna
  2. Father: Ruben Whitlock
    1. Paternal Grandfather: Nathaniel Whitlock
    2. Paternal Grandmother: Anastasija Rastus
  3. Children
    1. Daughter: Genevieve Whitlock
    2. Son: Jason Whitlock

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