War (Never?) Changes


Bad Company and Nessa

Bad Company invited Wystrin to take a look at the children. Long story short, she cast some exploratory/divinatory spells to find out what was going on, and something unexpected happened - Genevieve somehow latched on and brought herself and Jason out of their comas (badly Anguishing Wystrin in the process).

Genevieve remembers learning some magic from "a tall, dark man with a pet hat and hair like friendly snakes." He taught her some things about "knitting the magic together."

Both Nessa and Bad Company owe Wystrin a favor.

Convo between Vincome and BC:

V: "I can't tell you why. I don't think I trust her. Something about her… reminds me of the Event."
"Interesting. That's new information. Tell me. Would she look more unsettling if she were blonde?"
V: "Blonde… maybe? Maybe…"
"There's another woman who looks just like her, except she's blonde. We're not sure if it's a Modality or what. But Nessa has no memories prior to her life in Shadow. If the Nessa I know had opposed us during the War, we'd be burned to a crisp. Nothing sneakier than that. Blonde Nessa, I have no idea what her abilities or tactics would be."
V: "…, may be nothing. Or maybe she was one of the Crew we were meeting - never did get a great look at them myself. Just.. seeing her made me think of that, when you, me, Chucky, and Soraya all got hit."
V: "Still owe that Vance girl for digging you out. She couldn't been more than 20, powdered half a building to get you loose."
V: "'Tween that fist-of-doom spell and the Green Angel she threw up, don't think we would've gotten out of that without her."
"Interesting. I remember the meeting scheduling the mission, but not the hit itself. I'll have to buy Soraya a round if I see her. For starters. I assume Chucky is Charles Abernathy?"
V: "Yeah, Charles Abernathy - Dull Chucky."
V: "Guess he's not so dull any more, 'course."
V: "Oh, you think Soraya!… oh, no Soraya wasn't the one who dug you out. Don't remember that one's name, just that she was one of Mjana's. Mjana had to stuff you deep into Shadow to get you out of that. You look real different now."
V: "Soraya, no… Soraya was hit almost as bad as you. Different thing, though."
"Iiiiinteresting. Can you introduce me to Mjana? I have so many questions."
"Oh. And one more thing. Once we're done here, go outside, make a left before you hit the outer wall, and follow the wall until you come to the Manor's side door. Knock once. Skinny will let you in." *mysterious smile*

Dale wants to follow up with Mjana between sessions - Mjana sent him to Shadow.

Next session: Search for wine bottle (Bad Company's quest) and the search for Book M.

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