Since West End Games rulebooks are generally poorly indexed, some entries are references to the existing WEG books. The references are described in footnotes.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Skill Damage Cost Reference Notes
Knife melee STR+1D 25 SW2 1561
Throwing knife thrown weapons STR+1D 25 SW2 156 Range 2-3/5/10
Vibroaxe melee STR+3D+1 500 SW2 157 Max 7D dmg
Vibroblade melee STR+3D 250 SW2 157 Max 6D+2 dmg
Double-Bladed Vibroblade melee Str+4D+1 6,000 Gallad 692 Max 8D dmg
Lightsaber melee 5D N/A SW2 157 Miss difficulty by 10+, injure self
Fear Stick melee 2D stun 600; 50/refill Gallad 69 Injects fear-causing compound that may cause opponent to flee
Molecular Stiletto melee STR+2D 400 Gallad 69 Looks like a datapad stylus
Power Cane melee special 400 Gallad 70 Stun tip varies 1D-5D; stiletto STR+1D
Rodian Cryogen Whip melee STR+1D, plus 4D stun 400 Gallad 70 Can cause Dexterity penalties due to system shock
Togorian Scimitar melee STR+2D, plus 4D stun 8,500 Gallad 70 Electrically-conductive version; cheaper plain and vibro versions also available
Force Pike melee STR+3D (vibro); 5D (stun) 850 N/A Vibro tip and stun tip; stun tip variable strength
Shock Pike melee STR+2D; 5D (stun) 750 N/A Bludgeoning tip and stun tip; stun tip variable strength
Light Dagger lightsaber 3D N/A N/A Short version of a lightsaber
Dual-Setting Lightsaber lightsaber 4D/5D N/A N/A Lightsaber with two power settings
Double-Bladed Lightsaber lightsaber 5D/5D N/A N/A Lightsaber with two power settings
Light Whip lightsaber 5D N/A N/A
Light Claws lightsaber 2D N/A N/A Small lightsaber claws


Type: Compact lightsaber
Skill: lightsaber: lightdagger
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 3D

-1D to parry. Character is hit if difficulty is missed by more than 12. This is a smaller version of the lightsaber. The handle was usually 13cm long (as opposed to 25-30cm), and slightly slimmer than the saber's. The blade is only about 20cm long, instead of the normal 60-70cm length of a lightsaber. It was typically used for training or utility purposes, or carried by Jedi as a combat backup (often used as Daisho).

Dual-setting Lightsaber

Type: Variable length Energy Sword
Skill: lightsaber: lightsaber
Difficulty: Difficult (setting 1), Very Difficult (setting 2)
Damage: 5D (setting 1), 4D (setting 2)

+1D to parry others wielding lightsabers or melee weapons, but not to parry blaster bolts (in setting 2).

Must state setting to be used at the start of the turn. This is a rare and unusual variation on the normal lightsaber, in that it had two different settings. In the first, it has the normal length, but more powerful, as the traditional lightsaber. In the second setting, the blade losses about 15% of it's power, but doubles in length. This extra length is useful for keeping others at a greater distance, but makes it much more unwieldy to deflect blaster bolts and attack.

For these reason, it used primarily by young, reckless Jedi, who eventually decide to keep it in its first setting, or going to a traditional saber. It was, however, popular with some Jedi who rode into battle on beast back. The dual nature of the blade often gave it a stunning blade-within-a-blade appearance, with one color forming the core, and a second, clearly different one forming the outside sheath. Less than two hundred examples were ever made.

Double-bladed Lightsaber (Lightstaff)

Type: Double-ended Energy Staff
Skill: lightsaber: double saber
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Damage: 5D

+1D to parry. If wielder misses difficulty by more than 5 points, the wielder struck.

Most specimens may be used as a regular lightsaber (specialty lightsaber: lightsaber), but without the parry bonus. Must declare at the beginning of the round. Damage remains 5D.

An ultra rare light weapon, the double lightsaber consisted of an elongated handle (about 2.25 times the normal length), which projects a blade from each end. This gave it the versatility and speed against attacks of a quarterstaff, but made it MUCH more dangerous to the user. For this reason, it could usually be used like a normal, single bladed lightsaber. This was considered by many Jedi to be a Dark Side weapon, mainly because its most famous user was the Sith Lord Exar Kun. Less than a dozen examples where ever made.


Type: Flexible, wave-guide energy lash
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Skill: lightwhip
Damage: 5D

If character misses base difficulty by 10+, whip strikes wielder. If character beats base difficulty by 20+, the whip may wrap around the target doing 5D+/-Control damage per round.

Due to merged physical/energy nature, when used against an armored target, use Physical Armor -1D or Energy Armor, whichever is greater. Due to energy cocoon, may be used to parry lightsabers, and even ensnare them. Must roll lightsaber Vs lightwhip damage to see if they damage each other.

The lightwhip is the prized weapon of many Sith and Dark Jedi, but only a scant handful of Jedi. Similar in many respects to the Force Lash, the Lightwhips were harnessed energy coiled around incredibly strong, 2.5 to 4.5m long (length varies between users, and is based, in part, on the builder's height), alloy whips. They can easily cut through the strongest metals in the hands of a skilled user. Because the lightwhip is flexible and unwieldy, it is very dangerous to the beginner, and those without any formal training are as much a danger to themselves as they to others. In the hands of a skilled user, however, the lightwhip is capable of deflecting blaster bolts and solid projectiles, in addition to its formidable capabilities.

Light Claws

Type: Energy-blade claws
Difficulty: Moderate
Skill: lightsaber: lightclaws
Damage: 2D (It is believed that some models where as powerful as true lightsabers)

The Jedi may add the Damage + Control to their Climbing. They may also be used to deflect blaster bolts.

This is an unusual weapon, used mainly by Dark Jedi Assassins. They may be
concealed in the sleeves of a tunic or robe. Each claw emits a pair of blades about a meter long. They may also be used to help climbers.


Weapon Skill Damage Blast Range Cost Reference Notes
Fragmentation Grenades thrown weapons 5D/4D/3D/2D 0-2/4/6/10 3-7/20/40 200 SW2 156
Thermal Detonators thrown weapons 10D/8D/5D/2D 0-2/8/12/20 3-4/7/12 2,000 SW2 156
Antipersonnel Mine demolitions 5D/4D/3D/2D 0-2/4/6/10 N/A 750 SW2 156 dodge roll equals hide, attack rolls of mine
EMP Mine demolitions 5D/4D/3D/2D Ion 0-1/3/4/5 N/A 1400 N/A dodge roll equals hide, attack rolls of mine
Sessian Armaments Concussion Stick Model I-79 thrown weapons 5D/4D/2D (stun) 0-1/2/4 3-7/20/40 200/pair Gallad 68 15-second timer
Credit Case Surprise N/A 5D/3D/2D/1D stun 0-3/6/9/12 N/A 75 Gallad 75 Triggered when opened improperly
EMP Grenade thrown weapons 5D/4D/3D/2D Ion 0-2/4/6/10 3-7/20/40 350 below
Thermite Grenade thrown weapons 8D/round, 10 rounds contact only 3-7/20/40 300 below
Smoke Grenade (white) thrown weapons see below 3m cloud 3-7/20/40 25 below
Smoke Grenade (colored) thrown weapons see below 3m cloud 3-7/20/40 30 below
Smoke Grenade (thermal) thrown weapons see below 3m cloud 3-7/20/40 55 below
Flashbang thrown weapons see below 6m 3-7/20/40 150 below

EMP Grenades

The Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) grenade is not a traditional grenade. Instead, the grenade frame contains an electronic device that emits an incredible burst of electromagnetic radiation. This pulse is harmless to organics due to its short duration. However, any electronic devices (including Droids) within the blast radius are affected as if struck by an ionization weapon. Even the best military systems usually need to be recalibrated and have their breakers replaced before they are functional again, similar to ion cannons.

Thermite Grenades

Thermite grenades are designed as anti-materiel devices. They consist of a light metal or plastic body packed with thermite and a magnesium fuse. Unlike most grenades, they do not burst, they just burn at incredibly high temperatures. Thermite burns hot enough to burn through most non-rated materials directly contacted by the grenade. Additionally, the thermite reaction contains its own oxygen source; as a result, it may be used underwater or in vacuum. These grenades are more easily improvised and much safer to carry than most other incendiaries.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are are relatively cheap and make a dense smoke. Most smoke grenades produce a grey-white smoke, though other colors are available for a small price premium. For a higher premium, smoke grenades can pack a thermally-reflective nanocompound that is effective against heat-vision or IR sensors as well as standard optical systems. Regardless of type, smoke grenades produce a smoke cloud for 12 rounds that reduces all visual Perception-based skill roles by 2D.


A flashbang is usually one the first things through the door during a hostage rescue, kidnapping, or prison break mission. Most flashbangs consist of a canister of a fibrous material packed full of flash powder. They produce an incredibly loud bang and star-bright flash that serves to temporarily blind, deafen, and disorient everyone in the immediate area for a short time. Flashbangs are usually safe to handle, but they can be lethal to anyone unfortunate enough to actually be touching the device when it detonates. A stray blaster shot that hits just right, or a sufficient drop, can set off a flashbang unintentionally. As a result, flashbangs are dangerous to carry in large quantities.

Flash bangs do 6D Stun to all within the blast radius. Additionally, all affected must resist another 6D or be blinded and deafened for 2D rounds, suffering a 3D penalty to all skill rolls.

If a flashbang is hit or crushed before being armed, roll damage to see if it detonates. Flashbangs have 2D Body; if the damage result is better than wounded, the grenade detonates, doing 6D physical damage to the holder/wearer and standard blast damage to everyone in range.

Missile Weapons

Weapon Skill Damage Range Ammo Cost Reference Notes
Merr-Sonn Munitions Q2 hold-out blaster blasters 3D 3-4/8/12 6 275 SW2 154 requires special power packs
Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster blasters 3D+1 3-10/30/60 50 350 SW2 154
BlasTech DL-18 blaster pistol blasters 4D 3-10/30/120 100 500 SW2 154
BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol blasters 5D 3-7/25/50 25 750 SW2 154
SoroSuub QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine blasters 5D 2-25/50/250 100 900 SW2 154 Difficulty +5 at long range
SoroSuub Stormtrooper One blaster rifle blasters 5D 3-30/100/300 100 1,000 SW2 154 Use scope and stock for 1 round to get +1D
Drearian Defense Conglomerate "Light Sport" Hunter sporting blaster rifle blasters 4D+1 3-40/120/350 100 900 SW2 155 Use scope and stock for 1 round to get +1D
BlasTech T-21 light repeating blaster blasters 6D 3-50/120/300 25 2,000 SW2 155 Can attach to external power generator for effectively unlimited ammo
E-Web heavy repeating blaster blasters 8D 3-75/200/500 N/A 5,000 SW2 155 Must be attached to external power generator; fire rate 1/round
Wookie bowcaster blasters 4D 3-10/30/50 6/50 900 SW2 155 Fires explosive, energized bolts; no stun setting; Strength checks required for mult shots/round, reloading.
Luxan Penetrator blasters 5D 5-20/40/60 100 600 Gallad 71 Focused sporting blaster; hits harder, but harder to hit with
Intimidator blasters 3D 3-7/25/50 50 1,250; 200 retractable stock Gallad 71 Fire Control 2D for mult. targets in single round; stock adds 1D when aiming
Bi-Polar Blaster Carbine blasters 4D/6D 25-100/200/300 50 1,000 Gallad 71 More damage when both barrels fired simultaneously
Flechette Smart Pistol missile weapons special 10-20/50/100 8/clip 500; 30/clip Gallad 72 3D/5D/4D/3D damage; multi-flechette rounds
Projectile Hunting Rifle missile weapons 5D 50-1k/4k/8k 6/clip 1,500; 150/clip Gallad 72 FC 1D+1 at ranges 1km+; 1km/round velocity; wire-guided projectiles
Prax Protector missile weapons 1D+ 1-5/15/25 6/clip 250; 40/clip Gallad 73 3D-5D explosion upon impact
Ajudicator firearms 3D+1 1-5/10/25 4 300; 10/ammo Gallad 73 Quickdraw wrist clamp available for 50 credits
Blaster Buster firearms 3D 0-3/10/20 4 350; 30/clip Gallad 73 Projectiles home on blasters; roll damage against blaster's body
Blister Blaster firearms special 5-20/40/60 8 300 Gallad 74 Caustic projectiles do damage for 1D rounds; damage 4D 1st, 3D 2nd, 2D subsequent
Ionic Tingler firearms special 0-3/6/10 5 300 Gallad 74 2D projectile, 1D-5D stun (depending on charge used); full charge takes 10 minutes; partial charge in 2 minute increments
Kelvarlek Dissuader firearms 3D+special 0-50/75/100 6 400; 30/clip Gallad 74 3D acid dmg for 3 rounds
Bacnor Hand Baton blasters 4D 0-2/3/5 1 50; 5/clip Gallad 75 Blast of 0-2/3/5
Ishi Tib Coral Scepter archaic weapons 3D+1 2-10/20/30 12 1,200 Gallad 75 Cannot be reloaded; causes blood loss
Magna Caster missile weapons 6D/5D/4D 5-50/75/100 10 2,000; 150/clip Gallad 76 Fires quarrels; damage varies per range
Merr-Sonn Disruptor blasters 5D+2 0-3/5/7 10 4,000 Gallad 76 Nasty molecular disruptor
Sleep Inducer blasters 5D stun 0-3/5/10 15 2,000; 100/clip Gallad 76 Ignores nearly all armor; sonic attack
Bio-Guard missile weapons special 0-2/3/5 1 100; 10/round Gallad 76 Sprays various chemical compounds w/ various effects in rapid succession
Bio-tractant Repulsor firearms special 0-5 6 200; 5/dose Gallad 77 Sprays species-specific chemical compound; if affected, calms or confuses target
Droid Disabler blaster 4D ion 0-5/7/10 5 700; 25/clip Gallad 77 Handheld ion cannon
Wrist Vac Blades missile weapons 5D 10-20/30/50 2 700; 30/clip Gallad 77 Fires 3 blades/shot; 5D if all at one target, or can spread out blades in 60-degree arc for 3D/hit
Verpine Shatter Gun firearms 6D 50-400/900/1.5k 100 30,000; 1,000 (ammo) Gallad 92 Nearly silent; extremely small; extremely high velocity projectiles

Power packs for most blasters cost 25 credits.

Weapons Emplacements

Weapon Skill Damage Range FC Rate Body Scale Cost Reference Notes
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower blaster artillery 2D+2 10-500/2,000/10,000 1D 1/2 2D Speeder 10,000 (new), 2,000 (used) SW2 161
KDY v-150 ion cannon blaster artillery 12D ion Atmo/Low Orbit/High Orbit 5D 1/1 5D Capital 500,000 (new), 100,000 (used) SW2 161
BI/A15 Picket Gun N/A 6D 3-50/75/100 special 5 2D Character 5,000 Gallad 72 Automated blaster, blasters 5D, search 5D

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