Well Hydra-ted (DHD Campaign)


While doing some chores, the party fends off an attack from a hydra. In the aftermath, the party meets Nathan's family for dinner and socializes a bit.

Session Notes

While out helping some of the farmers outside of the village (Ted - was this still in Throme, or had we gone elsewhere?), the party was witness to an attack by a multi-headed dragonlike creature. It sprung from the nearby lake and attacked some fishermen and farmers, killing a couple before the party could race in to try to defend them.
The party rushed to the town's aid, but they found the beast harder to kill than they would have imagined. The mud and the muck surrounding the lake made the party's footing very tenuous, and the beast seemed to be able to turn away all but the most grievous wounds. The party did learn, however, that chopping a head off and sealing the wound with flames (Nathan and his fireballs to the rescue here) was very effective. Unfortunately, the party did not take the time to inform Isidor, whose grasp on the language was still somewhat tenuous. Fortunately, Herzshutz landed some significant blows against the beast. One of Isidor's picks, Stalbrecher, landed a killing blow, leading him to rename it Drachereisse. With luck and dedication, the party was able to defeat the hydra and drag its corpse from the water supply.

After the battle, the party returned to the town. Nathan, as a courtesy, invited everyone to dine at his home; the party accepted. Isidor vaguely hit on Nathan's sister.

After the dinner, Isidor began to prepare to leave town. He chatted up a young, strong soldier lady at a local bar and convinced her to come away with him (though she doesn't know about his wife). He also started buying up IOUs for supplies from local merchants. Soon after, Isidor set off to find his home. He plans to return one day to collect on those IOUs and use the supplies to help his people survive.

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