Wen deCrion

Specialist Wen deCrion

Wen looks much like James Kyson Lee

Wen deCrion is a young rebel computer tech/soldier stationed at Echo Base during the start of the campaign. He met the PCs during the prison holding facility raid. He manned and hacked the prison computer terminals during the raid. He's very cool and collected during tense times, surprisingly so given how animated he is normally.

Wen is a bit of a risk taker, as anyone who gambles with him knows. He's also considered by some of the more staid Rebel commanders to be a loose cannon. Wen isn't afraid to buck authority when he feels his way of doing things is better, though he doesn't disobey orders unless the pressure is on and he fears mission failure or loss of life. Wen wouldn't likely succeed under a strict military hierarchy, but with the Rebellion in its current position, he may just be exactly what the Rebel military needs.

Wen is very outgoing, athletic, and extroverted. He's exactly the type to bust into a crowded party and immediately chat up the hottest girl there. He's quick witted and often sharp tongued, but he has a real knack for becoming the center of attention at a party. He also has a reputation as a prankster. From all outward appearances, though, you'd never guess that he's a closeted geek at heart. When not partying or gambling, Wen spends most of his time dissecting and reassembling droids or reprogramming and repurposing the meager electronics the Rebels can afford. Wen tries to keep this "nerdy side" somewhat hidden. Though he doesn't mind showing off some skill he's picked up (like hacking an Imperial computer or throwing together an entertaining Droid), he'd prefer that other Rebels not know exactly how much time and effort he's had to put in to master those skills… or how much time he still puts in refining them.

Wen's biggest weakness is his borderline addiction to gambling. Though strong willed, Wen has a hard time resisting a game - he always believes he'll walk away from the table a winner. This addiction follows Wen into combat situations Though he can keep his cool under pressure, Wen always believes that the odds are with him and that he'll always come out of the firefight clean. This can lead him to take risks that endanger his own life or the lives of his teammates, though he'd never knowingly endanger his friends. It's more a case of him not really thinking through the consequences of his actions… and sometimes not recognizing that his actions do occasionally have big, big consequences.


Unspent Character Points: 3
Wen is most likly to spend character points developing either his existing Technical skills or new ones. Given access, he would likely work on various starship repair skills. He's also likely to work on Astrogation and additional knowledge skills should he be unable to practice assembling and disassembling various gadgets.

Dexterity 3D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 3D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Blaster 5D+1 Willpower 6D Space Transports 3D+1
Dodge 5D+1 Survival 2D Starship Shields 3D+1
Melee Combat 4D Tactics 2D Astrogation 3D+1
Running 4D Sensors 3D+1
Perception 3D+1 Strength 3D Technical 4D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Bargain 4D Climbing/Jumping 4D Computer Programming 7D
Con 4D+2 Lifting 3D+2 Droid Programming 5D+1
Gambling 4D+1 Stamina 4D Droid Repair 5D+1
Hide 3D+2 Security 6D
Investigation 5D+1 Space Transports Repair 5D+1
Sneak 5D+1
Search 3D+2


  • Blast Vest
    • +1D physical
    • +1 energy
  • Blaster Rifle (5D)
  • Blaster Pistol (4D)
  • EMP Grenade x2
    • Damage: 5D/4D/3D/2D Ion
    • Burst: 0-2/4/6/10
    • Range: 3-7/20/40
    • 350 cr each
  • Datapad
  • Universal Computer Interface
  • Universal Power Adapter
  • Computer Toolkit
  • Security Systems Toolkit
  • Military Commlink
  • 600 credits
    • 500 of which is currently invested in Kane's Falleen artwork

Earns 550 credits/month for his rank… that is, when he can get back to Third Fleet to actually pick up his pay….

Life Events


Venn Tyree

Wen has come to trust Venn as a leader that actually cares about his men. There's trust, sure, but also a little envy - Venn has shot into a very high-ranking position in the military in a very short time. In comparison, Wen feels a bit underappreciated. His competitive side wants to come out whenever he's around Venn, but he doesn't want to come off as insubordinate to his commanding officer.

Kane Novallis

Wen and Kane get along extremely well. Kane seems to have enough of the true rebel in him that Wen could cut loose a little more without worrying about repercussions. Wen wouldn't mind hanging out with Kane more often, roving some bars and chatting up some women. Maybe next time they get some leave, Wen will talk to him about trying to find some good R&R - a good table, a good bar, something.

Tam Minera

Wen doesn't fully trust Tam, but he really gets along with Tam. He's still a little put off by Tam's past, though. Sometimes he finds himself forgetting about that, though, and that scares him. Underneath it all, and buried deeply enough that he doesn't even admit it to himself, Wen is jealous of Tam's quick progression up the ranks. He'd would secretly love to show Tam up a time or two.

Wen always keeps one eye on Tam during any mission. Though Tam hasn't shown anything but loyalty to the team, there's still a tiny part of Wen that expects Tam to turn on the crew at some point in the future.

Amanha Orden

Orden honestly scares Wen. He doesn't like how she can read situations so thoroughly from such odd bits and pieces of information, and he doesn't trust her because she's so… odd. Still, she's so useful that he tries to keep his nagging, crazy fears to himself. He tries to keep his distance, partly to keep himself from saying anything to her, and partly because he's afraid of what she might say to him….

Sidara Lanka

Sidara's just like any other drill sergeant: cold, a bit cruel, but all for a cause. Wen doesn't particularly like Sidara, but he very much respects her. That's not to say that he dislikes her; he just sees her as a superior with how he can't get too personally involved. After all, she's always going to be ordering him around, and Wen's just not sure he could ever truly be friends with a boss.

Katiara Rourke

She's hot, super-hot in fact, but kinda shallow. Still, she's very sweet, not to mention damn attractive. Eh, maybe if we get some leave, some time off, maybe I can look into something there… but for right now, that's too risky. I don't wanna mess up the delicate balance necessary when you've got a small military crew on a small military ship for long periods of time.

To keep himself from temptation, Wen hasn't spent too much time with Rourke outside of medically-required time. He plans to try to keep things that way, too… unless they get away from the Prospect and onto a large ship of some sort. Or, even better, if the war ends….

Zhymmia Starfall

Wen likes Starfall; she's an extremely reliable squadmate. Sure, sometimes she's just too damn optimistic. Still, he understands she's just so young. They have a good relationship, bantering like any two grunts in a squad that trust one another implicitly. There are no romantic feelings between them, however; they've trained together for so long that they can't seem to think of themselves outside of the identity of the squad.

Wen loves gambling and bantering with Zhymmia, and he knows that if she's around, someone always has his back in a firefight. She and Wen keep a close eye on Tam in any fights, and they have agreed to retaliate immediately should he prove to be untrustworthy.

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