Wen "Firebrand" Jing

Character Notes

Everett-area decker, mostly retired.
Alias: Wu Jin

cf: Coyle

Physical Description

Height: 1.8m (6'0")
Weight: 80 kg (175 lb)
Hair: Short, brownish-blond, but starting to grey
Eyes: Greyish-blue

Born 2020.

Firebrand is a Chinese-American elf with the body of a career Barrens decker - scarred, skinny, and a little bit pale. Though relatively young for an elf, Firebrand looks older than he is due to the hard life he's led. Firebrand has burns and scars, predominately on the left side of his body; being a right-hander, he naturally protects his dominant side. He normally wears heavier clothing to cover up his injuries.

Basic Personality

Firebrand is and has always been brilliant, but he has that rare quality of being able to also make others feel brilliant. His people skills more than anything kept him alive during his days in the Barrens, and


  1. Tries to always present his right side to hide his left-side injuries, including:
    1. burns on his left shoulder, arm, and neck;
    2. three bullet wounds along his left side below his heart; and
    3. hellhound bites on his left shin and calf.
  2. Still subconsciously hides his elven features in unknown company (memories of those old race riots still get to him).

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 2 Charisma 7 Edge 4
Agility 4 Intuition 5 Essence 6 (4.325)
Reaction 3 Logic 5 (8) Magic 0
Strength 2 Willpower 4 Initiative 8


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Computer 5 Renraku (SCIRE) 5 (7) Chinese Native
Data Search 5 Computers 3 English 5
Hardware 5 Seattle Gangs 3 Japanese 3
Software 5 Financial Planning 1 Sperethiel 3
Cybercombat 5 UCAS Bureaucracy 2 Russian 1
Electronic Warfare 5 Everett Area 3
Hacking 5 Magical Theory 1
Climbing 3 History 2
Gymnastics 3 Seattle Music 3
Running 3
Swimming 3
Etiquette (Street) 2 (4)
Negotiation 2
Perception 3
Pistols 3
Dodge 3


Positive Qualities

  • Codeslinger
    • +2 with one Matrix action (Sniffer)
  • Erased
    • Negative data about him is erased from Matrix within 24 hours after it is created
  • Quick Healer
    • +2 dice to all healing checks (including magical healing)

Negative Qualities

  • Scorched
    • Nasty experiences with Black IC
    • -2 dice pool to Willpower tests when facing Black IC or BTLs (except Damage Resistance)


  • Ares Predator IV x2
    • Regular Ammo x200
    • APDS Ammo x100
  • Flash-bangs x5
  • Lined Coat
  • Fairlight Caliban running modified Novatech Navi
    • System mod to 6
    • Firewall mod to 6
    • Hot sim module
    • Skinlink
    • Subvocal Microphone
    • Hacking Software R6 x10
    • IC R5 x2
    • Common Software R3 x10
  • Low Lifestyle Home
    • Security System R5 (various sensors, maglocks, etc.)
  • Cyberware
    • Datajack
    • Hot Sim Module
    • Skinlink
    • Skillwires (R5)
    • Smartlink
  • Bioware
    • Cerebral Booster R3 (+3 Logic)
    • Sleep Regulator


Firebrand was born in the Puyallup area in 2020. He hung around with other metas as a child, particularly elves and trolls. He managed to survive the various racial incidents throughout the years by befriending people bigger, stronger, and healthier than himself. Firebrand was always good with people and incredibly smart; when he was only 8, he managed to get his hands on a half-trashed cyberdeck, repair it, and begin his hacking career.

Through the years, Firebrand has been smart enough to keep himself one step ahead of the competition, and he's been lucky enough to stay out of the real suicide runs. He built up a pretty consistent runner team that actually managed to build something of a name for itself amongst the Seattle shadows. Rare amongst runners, they also managed to mostly keep themselves alive for almost thirty years. Unfortunately, doing so meant they had to shy away from some more potentially lucrative runs. This meant that Firebrand and his team spent most of their lives hovering just above the squalor they so desperately wanted to escape.

By the 2050s, the constant struggle led some of the more brash members of the team to pull for bigger payoffs. A could of risky runs went relatively well for the team, allowing some members to gear up more. The plan was to go out with a bang - gear up for a final big run that would let the team retire. The big opportunity finally came in 2058 when the team signed on for a run against Renraku's shiny new Seattle arcology.

Firebrand has never spoken about what the run was, who called for it, or anything else related to it. The only thing Coyle ever knew was that Firebrand and his team rescued him from the rogue robots in the SCIRE. Firebrand, Coyle, and a couple of the team members then managed to dodge trouble and survive until their escape from the SCIRE 6 months later.

After the SCIRE incident, Firebrand's team was devastated. Broke though they were, they chose to withdraw further into the shadows, taking only lower-profile runs and trying to scrimp and save just enough money to retire. Whether it was karma, old age, or something more sinister, the remaining team members began dying off one by one. Firebrand continued to raise Coyle after the rest of the team had gone, but he's long since decided to retire - his injuries from the '50's runs (and especially the SCIRE run) have long since caught up with him. He now keeps his shadow interactions to occasional Shadowland postings and low-key help for young runners.

Firebrand has long since retired his old runner moniker and prefers to answer to his clean-living alias, Wu Jin.

Old Team Members

All of Firebrands old team members are now deceased. The team is listed by date of death.

  1. Kendrick Cabreros - June 1, 2044
    1. Hispanic ork
    2. Weapons specialist
    3. Died in run against Ares due to jammed gun
  2. Thaddeus Lopaz - December 20, 2058
    1. Hispanic-Caucasian troll
    2. Hand-to-hand specialist
    3. Died in the SCIRE trying to get the rest of the team away from drone attackers
  3. Rivka Montello - March 13, 2059
    1. Indian elf and one-time lover of Firebrand
    2. Mage
    3. Died in an ambush in the SCIRE led by some of Deus's otaku and drones
  4. Madelene Glendenning - March 13, 2059
    1. Tir-born elf who escaped to Seattle; refused to ever talk about her time in the Tir
    2. Decker and rigger
    3. Died in an ambush in the SCIRE led by some of Deus's otaku and drones
  5. Alvaro Grandel - March 13, 2059
    1. Hispanic-Italian troll
    2. Weapons specialist
    3. Died in an ambush in the SCIRE led by some of Deus's otaku and drones
  6. Deonna Steenhard - August 2063
    1. German dwarf
    2. Mechanic and rigger
    3. MIA during a "no-risk run" to fix some smugglers' T-birds
    4. Body was found weeks later
  7. Bryon Clendennen - May 8, 2064
    1. Irish ork
    2. Adept and something of a jack-of-all-trades
    3. Gunned down by Knight Errant during "warrant mistake"

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