What the Pluck?

AKA Burns of a Feather, AKA

YM using ballista bolt of scrying x1 on camp that they fly over - hits "tall thin willowy woman" with it, then with a regular one
few days on journey
14 days ish at Geskas Andan, maybe a little less
party learns kgoli, tayeb
couple of days negotiating and shopping on Reef Island (OOC: Boomerang Island) in city of Aldershoff.

Darias: 2000 gp booze; sweetgrass, 900 gp; sweetgrass seed, 100 gp; seafood, 1000 gp
Maleos: 1750 gp booze; sweetgrass, 1000 gp; seafood, 1000 gp
Saul: seafood, 3000 gp

Treasure found in shipwrecks: (another couple days on Boomerang Isle, probably 3-4 total)
- 9000 gp in cash
- 2 precious-metal figureheads
- 4 casks fey wine
- 1 field provisions chest
- 6 ballista bolts w/ 1d4 sonic dmg + Fort save DC 13 or deafened 1 round

Merchant check for selling seafood: (2 days selling)
- 20% over cost; 1200 gp to Darias, 1200 gp to Maleos, 3600 gp to Saul

Aida buys 2668 gp for bottles to bottle up all the casks; takes a few days of 24 hours, everyone working

Merchant check for selling sweetgrass: (2 days selling)
- Maleos gets 1300 gp; Darias ditto

Merchant check for selling booze: (7 days selling)
- 3000 gp to Darias
- 2625 gp to Maleos

Merchant check for selling fey wine: (10 days selling 126 bottles)
- total 31,500 gp
- Aida keeps 42 bottles of the fey wine

Figureheads sold for 2700 and 700 gp

5 mushrooms; 8 phoenix feathers

Did the tower of life thing - "ghost version" of ice tower - do PCs know why? not everyone saw it that way
- Carbry back, Sal back; need mythic trial
- Others are Mythic 1 now

PCs at 56,267 XP, tier 6.0 mythic

Party has 2 phoenix feathers, 1 deathcap mushroom left as of end of this session - used 4 mush, 6 feathers.

Party stopped off at Arpadhelt to pick up Carbry's remaining possessions from his residence there.

Session Event Outline

  1. Take Off From Lake
    1. There are small camps along the roads and the lake the PCs landed on, but there are fewer on the western side.
    2. The arrow of eyes creates a 10-minute scrying sensor that's fixed to the arrow's location.
    3. PCs see aelphin departing. Fiona-Kawa, 13 other aelphin in various outfits, and 30+ treants.
  2. Passing Through the Mountains
    1. After her 1st spell of illness (next session), PCs will notice argia veins lining Thema's irises. When she's recovered, give her a chance to see the "taint" of demons on YM, Finn, and the PCs. She'll automatically see Saul for what he is. Can't remember if the PCs spoke to the paladin's party about who Saul really is, but I think they said something.
  3. Stopping in Sundtar Agamm or Geskas Andan
    1. Shopping
      1. Darias willing to make Finn's armor? He's scraped together money for that
      2. Darias willing to help make aelphin war arrows? YM might offer that up as a peace offering
      3. Maleos's Prank on the wizard lady if in Geskas Andan
    2. More?
  4. Leaving in the Springtime
  5. Aviary
    1. point 1 is phoenix feathers
    2. point 2 are shipwrecks

TODO Items


  • record info about your vision and your conversation with Thema
  • stop sexing the NPCs? :-)


  • Cover NPC ramifications from last session:
    • How do Carbry and Salvatrix respond to suddenly being alive again?
    • How does Klementyna respond to Carbry and Salvatrix being raised? Salvatrix, who she sorta saw as a little sister, and Carbry, her sorta father/mentor figure, were brutally killed and are now alive again. How do they cope? What kind of hedonistic run is Klementyna going to go off on in Geskas Andan as a result?
    • How does Thema respond? She feels responsible, as leader, for what happened to Carbry and Salvatrix. How does she react to their presence?
    • How about Khalil? Salvatrix is his cousin and ward, after all.

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