Whip It Feeling (Flashskates)

Whip It Feeling (Flashskates).

(intro part)
Fiiirst, put on makeup, uniform shirt and tights. Clear your mind, deep inside of the team's locker room. Skating on to the track; feel the crowd at your back. Hear the cheers, hear the jeers; put them aside….

(verse 1)
Weeellll I put my skates on, pull my skirt up, show my bloomers. Skate around, warmin' up for the jam.

("what a feeling" chorus)
I'm a pivot! Control the pack's rate! Block the other jammer and make a friendly hole.
Take the hat now! I can jam now! Busting through the pack from the back into the liiiight, ohhhhhh!"

(TODO verse 2)
whip around… take control, of my paaaack!

(TODO "what a feeling" chorus)
I'M A PIVOT! Something something!

(TODO i can have it all something dancing for my life what a feeling)

(TODO what a feeling part with backing vocals)

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