EXTERIOR SHOT: An Imperial holding facility on Kessel. Very visible damage to the superstructure. Although no fresh plumes of smoke are visible, carbon scoring makes it clear that this was the result of an attack. Stormtroopers and support craft are everywhere. (Hold 3 seconds)

Amber text appears over the previous shot, one letter appearing at a time, with a soft computery chirp accompanying each letter. It displays [TODO] the current time, geographical location, and name of the facility. (Hold an additional 5 seconds)

ESTABLISHING SHOT: Wreckage of the Security Center. Stormtroopers are patrolling, technicians are trying to sift through the rubble. MAJOR TEREK SEDAYA stands overlooking the wreckage at Parade Rest. MASTER CHIEF KODO QUANERA comes up behind him.

MAJOR SEDAYA: (in awe) "All this… from a single ship…"

MASTER CHIEF QUANERA: (businesslike, calm) "Major Sedaya, sir. Any word from High Command?"

MAJOR SEDAYA: (severe) "Yes, Quanera. They are sending. A specialist."

MASTER CHIEF QUANERA: (still mostly superficially calm, but slightly startled by this news.) "That bad, sir?"

MAJOR SEDAYA: "Two attacks, one right after the other? Three days apart!? It's all but unprecedented." (turns sharply to make eye contact with MASTER CHIEF QUANERA) (angry) "And some Chief of Security you are! Bring me the men who had contact with the enemy! I want them questioned!"

MASTER CHIEF QUANERA: (soothingly) "Easy, sir. I've already confined them to quarters. They're writing up their reports now. We'll figure out what happened, and implement some new procedures that would have prevented it."

MAJOR SEDAYA: "Three days! I want those new procedures implemented in half that time!"

MASTER CHIEF QUANERA: (nods once graciously) "We'll get to the bottom of this, sir. And discipline the grunts responsible."

MAJOR SEDAYA: (Looking back over the wreckage again, eyes wandering.) "It may be too late for that."

CUT TO: Establishing shot of Stormtrooper bunks. Think Red Dwarf. One Stromtrooper, MS-115 KELTA, is large and muscular. He sits at a comically small table and squints at a datapad. The other, JK-137 HORD, is short for a stromtrooper, and is laying on his cot with his hands behind his head, staring up at the wall. Neither man is wearing his helmet, but are otherwise in full armor.

KELTA: "We were on high-alert following the Rebel jailbreak…"  

HORD: "You really wanna open with that, Kelta?"  

KELTA: "I'm screwed anyway.  Might as well spread the blame around a little."  

HORD: (sighs, and pulls himself to a sitting position and turns so his feet dangle out of the cot) "Fine, I'll help you with the wording…"

KELTA: (relieved) "You're the best, Hord!"

HORD: (dismissing the praise) "Save it." (hunches over and rubs his hands together a little bit, getting down to business.) All right, you were there when the Bantha took a dump. What did you see?"

CUT TO: Sepiatone footage of stormtroopers in the control room [TODO: get details from Chris about how it played out, but basically one Stormtrooper flips out and just goes YODA on the biggest Stormtrooper there, taking him down with one complex attack.]

HORD: "Wait, the impostors used Hijkata?"

KELTA: "One of 'em did, yeah. It was just like in training. Except in training, I can usually take a couple of hits, even if the guy knows what he's doing. This guy…" (trails off, impressed. implied: "…on the other hand…")

HORD: "This changes things. Okay. You wanna get out of this in one piece? Tell me everything you can remember about how the fight went down."

KELTA: "Everything?"

HORD: "Everything. Blow-by-blow."

(SHOT of storm troopers patrolling in a large formation. They need to curve their patrol route around a large chunk of ceiling. Camera is basically resting on the ground and the Stromtroopers are in the distance. A mouse-droid scuttles past the camera in the foreground, perspective making it appear much larger than the formation of troopers.)

(INTERIOR SHOT of HORD and KELTA's quarters. There are now various notes and a few open food packets cluttering up the previously clean table. KELTA is now on the ground in an exaggerated "hitting the ground" pose, and HORD is standing over him in a defensive martial arts crouch. He is wielding a blaster rifle like a club.)

HORD: "LIke this?"

KELTA: "Yeah, I wanna say he was holding it just like that. Hard to say because I blacked out. But I remember thinking he was holding it wrong."

HORD: (picking up the datapad again) "I suppose you're lucky he didn't shoot you. I can work with that…" (sits down at the table and starts keying text into the pad rapidly)

KELTA: (Pulling himself into a more comfortable sitting position on the ground) "Hey Hord, why'd you have to ask me so many questions about the fight?  I got my ass kicked, you know?  It's embarrassing."  

HORD: "Trust me, my friend, this is my finest work yet… Just read what I've got so far." (Hands the datapad to KELTA)  

KELTA: "But… this is so technical.  You know the brass hates it when we talk over their heads…"  

HORD: (interrupting) "The *brass*… will see six reports from guys who got their asses kicked, one of which describes the assailant's fighting style like a *fingerprint.*"  

KELTA: (slowly nodding) "…wow… that's pretty clever, Hord…  I might come out ahead in all this."  

HORD: "Oh yes.  Play your cards right, you could make Breathing."

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