William Kelvin


William is an average-height human (5'7") of slightly muscular build (170 lb). His father was Oeridian; his mother was Suel. He was born in an area near Furyondy with a higher-than-normal magical background. This plus his mixed parentage left him with an odd mixture of Oeridian and Suloise traits. His eyes are dark blue-violet and very dark for a Suloise man. He has the dark olive skin and dark hair of his Oeridian father. He keeps his dark brown hair neatly trimmed and relatively short.
William tends to dress in subdued colors, generally browns, tans, and greens. This is largely due to his lifestyle - he grew up farming and tending animals, and he still spends much of his time in the great outdoors.


  1. Born and raised near southern border of Furyondy
  2. Parents still alive - farm near his homeland
  3. On the flip side, no real enemies - he's a non-entity in most people's books
  4. Left home because of his calling - no real close friends as a result (since he's far from home)
    1. learned about magic WHEN?
    2. how did he learn druid magic?
    3. how did he learn wizard magic?
  5. Came to Greyhawk due to Cairn Hills, wizards there (twofer - study and try to bring nature back to normal in the cairns)
  6. Arrived in Greyhawk only a couple of days before Wendy did - came on the boats and worked with the Rhnee for a few days to offset the cost of the trip.

TODO what made him a druid? what made him become a wizard? where did his talent come from?

Character Quirks

  1. Collects card and dice games - that is, he tries to learn the rules to any that he encounters. He starts betting very small but will gamble occasionally once he's learned the game. He uses these games to break the ice with people in bars and such.
  2. While not a vegetarian, he tends to eat only as much meat as he needs (which can be somewhat sizeable when he's really working, but he tries not to be wasteful).
  3. TODO more quirks

Questions still to answer:

  1. What kind of person are you? Try to name some traits of yours… and WHY do you have these traits? Do you even know, or are they just integral to your personality… just because?
  2. How do you feel about authority figures? Why?
  3. Why is your moral code (or alignment, if appropriate) what it is?
  4. What motivates you deep down inside?

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