World of Greyhawk

Over the years, Chris has customized the World of Greyhawk as described in the various second-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons boxed sets, etc. This campaign world has also been used in some third-edition campaigns, and the history has been converted (where necessary) to comply with third-edition rules.

It should be noted that Chris started tinkering with the World of Greyhawk setting way back in 1991, when he was about 11. As a result, certain events from waaay back when have been retconned to be more in line with the continuing storyline. Also, Chris often (almost always) uses Oerth to introduce new players to D&D. As a result, most (but not all) Greyhawk campaigns are higher-than-average magic and are played in a more "four-color" style than some of Chris's other campaigns and settings.

Major Eras

Chris has run campaigns spanning various major historical eras in the World of Greyhawk.
Per the Greyhawk 2nd Edition boxed set, the "canonical year" is 0 CY (Common Year), which is the same as 644 OR (Oeridian Record) and 5515 SD (Suloise Dating).

Land Wars Era (circa 0 CY)

  • 1000 years before Great War (Sundering)
  • Soon after completion of third city walls

Greyhawk Boxed Set (901 CY)

  • Few campaigns run during this period
  • Circle of Eight
  • Most closely related to original campaign source material

Sundering Era (circa 973 CY)

  • Evil gods Abel, Vecna expelled from the Oeridian crystal sphere
  • Reya, Zoid
  • Large land invasion of Greyhawk
  • necromancer armies used to siege
  • brought sylvan elves back into the active political sphere
  • Wars in total lasted 20 years

Apocalypse (1940 CY - 2090 CY)

  • Formation of Einmannerheers
  • Formation of Raptor Corps late in the war
  • Nightwing
  • Vecna and Abel return, assisted by Nerull
  • Many incomplete sieges of Greyhawk, lasting a total of 51 years
  • First Raptor Corps assaults
  • First appearance of the extraplanar dragon subspecies
  • War in total lasted 1947 CY - 2077 CY (skirmishes after 2011)
  • Nightwing, Kieran; Luna, Hawk, Basmar, etc. near to end
  • War officially ended with formation of the City of Unity in the eastern mountains

Renaissance (circa 2120 CY)

  • existing campaigns spanning about 50 years

Major Events

Year (CY) Events
-421 The Baklunish attacked the Suloise Imperium with the Invoked Devastation, causing the Suloise retaliation against the Baklunish Empire known as the Rain of Colorless Fire (from the Boxed Set).
0 Suloise traders developed the CY calendar in an effort to simplify interactions between the various trading groups (from the Boxed Set).
901 Reference date for the Greyhawk Boxed Set.
973 The evil gods Vecna and Abel are expelled from the Oerth crystal sphere by the other gods of Oerth in a confrontation known as The Sundering.
1871 Abel breaches his cell, sneaking some influence back into the Oerth crystal sphere.
1890 Abel forges an alliance with Nerull. Together they breach Vecna's cell.
1947 Abel and Vecna show themselves by invading Oerth forcefully, beginning the confrontation known as the Apocalypse.
1960 The Great Siege of Greyhawk begins. The Raptor Corps are instrumental in keeping this from ever being a complete siege of the city.
2011 The Great Siege of Greyhawk is finally brought to an end.
2077 The Apocalypse is finally brought to an end.


Chris's modified World of Greyhawk has a different set of deities than the standard pantheon.

Deity Alignment Domains Specialties Description
Reya Spelljammer CG Magic, Knowledge A goddess of magic and a powerful wizardess. Born an elf and elevated to Demigod status. Generally portrayed as a tall, lithe elven woman.
"Random" CN Chaos, Magic Chaos embodied. Nothing ever seems to go right around him. Literally touched by chaos at birth. Male, but specifics vary. Usually small and smiling.
Abel LE Law, Knowledge Literally wants to know everything, which in his mind means putting everything into a statis under his control so that he can do so. Avatar's form varies widely. Holy symbol is a perfect katana.

Also, these gods from the standard pantheon exist essentially unaltered.

  • Pelor
  • St. Cuthbert
  • Ehlonna
  • Fharlanghn
  • Nerull
  • Vecna

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