Worms' Tongues

TODO start

TODO start here with second meeting at waterfall with Rido where she might provide the party with some additional help in the form of a contact of hers.

TODO D&M flashback

TODO flashback to Maleos's first visit to Darias during their apprenticeships where Maleos first reveals to Darias that he can cast spells.

TODO Aida flashback

TODO flashback to training in Violetford - pulling herself up inch by inch climbing watchtower in full armor

TODO Aida asides with aelphin

TODO D&M quest with giant bird

TODO break-in

TODO get PCs notes about Hallvar break-in

Session ends with Darias, Maleos, and Saul working on toxins; Aida guarding. Will finish up in 2 days (start of next session), then will start next session with hanging a blue ribbon for Rido after all toxins mixed (aiming for 8-10 doses consuming 2/3 to 3/4 of available argia).

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