Xavier Nicolao Zubizarreta

PCs rescued him from the Ice Tower. Was badly wounded, weakened, and trapped in hanging cage.

PCs know:

  • Comes from a city called Laila e'Sienne that lies on the north shore of the Great Lake.
  • PCs can vaguely comprehend the gist of what he's saying even though they don't speak his language (yet).
  • Patron deity is called Armistead.
  • Knows something of magic; apparently has some limited set of spellcasting abilities.
  • Friend of Marinus

Xavier is relatively tall (5'10") and fairly strong. He's blonde with steel grey eyes. He appears to be in his mid-twenties; once he had recovered a bit, he confirmed that he's nearing his 25th birthday.

In his younger days (from roughly the age of 16), Xavier worked as a soldier in something akin to a national guard organization. He describes that career as a generally-boring stint of marching from city to survoler to city on patrols, punctuated occasionally by the "brief moments of terror" of combating demons (generally those coming out of the Badlands). He originally trained as a spear-and-shield front-lines soldier, but due to his strength and swordsmanship, he was elevated to the position of a leste-glaive, a soldier whose job was to drive in from the flanks and cut through the enemy lines outside of the protection of the shield-wall. He learned to wield a large, heavy cutting-and-thrusting sword and really took to it. He's fought various types of demons, but mostly what the PCs know as zwoll, zwollhund, and mantids. He can also warn the PCs about some animals that can be quite dangerous, such as the large ourse (muscular, furry animals that look like bulky animal versions of zwallen), giant calmar (tentacled aquatic beasties) that occasionally attack boats in the Great Lake, and great puma (large, carnivorous felines).

Most of Xavier's equipment was lost when he was captured, but the PCs did manage to recover his greatsword+3, chainmail+2, and two of his daggers.

Xavier is a spellcaster of some ability, though he has neither the practical nor the theoretical skill of Maleos. He appears to favor abjurative spells, buffs, and minor curative spells. Though he couldn't particularly explain the theoretical details, he has a few intuitive spell-like abilities that he casts almost without thinking about it - minor protective abilities and an incredible facility with disrupting the weave of spells being cast against him. He can also intuitively pick up on cues that creatures might be demonic rather than natural.


If you had to sum up Xavier in one word, that word would probably be "boisterous." Depending on your views of him, you might consider him loud and brash or merely animated and open. He is polite and kind, but that doesn't stop him from being enthusiastically outgoing. He is unapologetically flirty as well and to such a degree that it is clear he couldn't get away with it if he were any less handsome or charismatic - and while he is fairly handsome, it's clear that the balance of power in that equation shifts to his charisma. He also apparently has few to no middle gears.

Xavier seems almost impossibly good-natured and has an amazing ability to remain uninsulted regardless of what anyone says to him. He deflects most verbal attacks with anything from bribery ("You'd feel better if you'd had a beer, no?") to laughter to grammatical corrections. Xavier's combat style, at least in duels, appears similarly carefree and unconcerned. It takes the eye of a skilled warrior to see that Xavier's mouth runs primarily on autopilot during skirmishes while he feverishly analyzes every tactical nuance at his disposal. He uses his apparent unconcern as yet another of those tactical advantages. Oddly, his banter during combat never seems to devolve into pure smack talk. Often, he critiques his opponents' tactical choices or merely distracts them with idle talk of completely unrelated topics - "Hey, did I ever tell you about the time…." is a common line of his in battle. He also seems remarkably unfazed by attacks that would level a lesser man; the party would have seen Aida land a solid hammer-blow to his shoulder that he responded to with genuine laughter and applause.

Xavier loves to tell jokes and stories, particularly ones where he can imply far more bawdiness than truly occurred. He clearly loves to be the center of attention. Equally clearly, he will flirt with anything in a skirt to a degree that it seems almost a reflex. Xavier is very loyal to Marinus - the two have traveled together for a long time and have become close friends. They seem to have a running contest where Marinus does his very best to undercut the exact punchline of any story Xavier can tell with a barbed remark about Xavier screwing it up somehow. This never fails to elicit a guffaw from Xavier when Marinus can manage it.


Experience: 66,750 XP

Attrib Score Mod
Str 20 +5
Dex 12 +1
Con 16 +3
Int 10 +0
Wis 10 +0
Cha 14 +2

Combat Statistics

BAB +12/+7/+2
Initiative +1
HP 124 +10/lv
AC (chain) 18
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +8 +3 +0 +11
Reflex +4 +1 +0 +5
Willpower +8 +0 +0 +8

Equipment Statistics

Weapon Hit Dmg Crit Range Type Wt
Greatsword +3 2H +22/+17/+12 2D6+12 17-20/x2 n/a S/P 8 lb
Dagger (melee) todo 1D4+5 19-20/x2 n/a P 1 lb
Dagger (missile) todo 1D4+5 19-20/x2 10' P 1 lb
Ammo No. Hit Bonus Dmg Bonus Crit Bonus Range Bonus Wt
NA 0 0 0 0 n/a 0 lb
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX ACP
Chainmail +2 25 lb med +7 +2 -2


  1. Greatsword +3
  2. Chainmail +2
  3. Masterwork Dagger x2


Unknown at this time, though he's demonstrated some limited spellcraft, significant diplomacy, healing skills, and at least basic blacksmithing.


  • Diplomacy and Bluff as class skills
  • Immune to compulsion effects
  • Can see demons at a glance
  • Smite 4/day
  • Can break curses
  • Can counterspell for free 12/day at level - 3
  • Ranged Smite
  • DR 2/- (max of DR 4/- at lv 20)
  • Toughness
  • Weapon Focus (greatsword)
  • Weapon Specialization (greatsword)
  • Improved Weapon Focus (greatsword)
  • Power Attack
  • Improved Critical (greatsword)
  • Improved Sunder (+2; no AoO)
  • Greater Sundering (damage applied against target)
  • Furious Focus (+4 dmg power attack first attack in round without suffering hit penalty)


These are the spells Xavier has demonstrated that he knows.

  1. Level 1: 3/day
    1. Create Water
    2. Cure Light Wounds
    3. Divine Favor (+4 attack/dmg for short period)
    4. Endure Elements
    5. Resistance
  2. Level 2: 3/day
    1. Bull's Strength
    2. Bear's Endurance
    3. Cat's Grace
    4. Eagle's Splendor
    5. Fox's Cunning
    6. Owl's Wisdom
    7. Resist Energy
  3. Level 3: 1/day
    1. Cure Moderate Wounds
    2. Daylight

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