Yidira System

A low-resource Inner Rim world not far from Antaras. This is the homeworld of the Xillashi.

Planet Information

  • Name: Yidira
  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Temperature: Hot
  • Atmosphere: Type I (78% Nitrogen, 19% Oxygen, 3% Other)
  • Hydrosphere: Low (58% Landmass, 42% Water)
  • Gravity: Standard (0.93 gs)
  • Terrain: Plain, Mountain, Urban, Desert
  • Length of Day: 31 Standard Hours
  • Length of Year: 266 Local Days
  • Sapient Species: Xillash
  • Starports: Stellar Class - is Restricted, Two Smaller Ports
  • Population: 3.41 Billion (100% Xillash)
  • Planet Function: Homeworld (for this culture), Manufacturing/Processing (particularly semiconductors and metallurgical specialties)
  • Government: Feudal - Houses
  • Tech Level: Space Age
  • Major Exports: Mid Technology; Custom Alloys
  • Major Imports: None

The Xillash protect their homeworld with incredible tenacity.

  • No jumps directly from system
  • All extra-species business conducted from colonized world
  • Massive investment in defensive space stations
  • Purchased deep-space warning beacons

Star System Information

The Yidira system lies at the edge of an active nebula. The nebula recently (in astronomical terms) spawned a cluster of magnetars that lie near to (read: less than 10 ly from) Yidira. As a result of the stellar nursery and the magnetars, there are only about a dozen safe routes (either sublight or via hyperspace) to the Yidira system itself.

The Xillash have heavily populated these safe routes with manned planetary defense stations and purloined deep-space probes. Only the rare smuggler has stumbled upon these routes, and thus far, they have been considerably overmatched by the Xillash system defense forces.

As a result of the nebula and magnetars, the Antarans have not yet managed to find the Xillash homeworld despite various scout/survey missions. The same formation has kept the Yidira system off the Imperial charts. This is particularly ironic, as the Antaran system lies nearly directly through the nebula from Yidira.

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