Personal History

Yoshirou-Mura is becoming friends with Aida through the course of Trying Times and Wagon East. She specifically volunteered for guard duty to spend more time with Aida during the journey east. This is the first time she has really left the city of Kaede.

She wears leaf-scale armor (treat as scale mail, just a different design and aesthetic). She carries a leaf-bladed medium spear, a curved elven sword, and a composite longbow. She and Aida have some aspects of their personalities in common: they are both tall and strong for their race and gender (Yoshirou-Mura being nearly 5'4"); they both desperately wanted to become elite guards defending their respective cities; and they both train exceedingly hard.

During the PCs trip to Hallvar, she sparred with Aida quite frequently. Though her fighting style is significantly different from Aida's, she seemed to be somewhat able to hold her own. Aida would usually win their battles, but Yoshirou-Mura would make her work for the win and could occasionally land a winning blow.

When Aida was in Hallvar with Yoshirou-Mura, Aida purchased a metal shield for herself and gave her old wooden shield to Yoshirou-Mura. Aida then began training Yoshirou-Mura on how to properly use a shield so that she will know both the aelphin and the Islander fighting styles.

When the PCs left Hallvar, Aida convinced Yoshirou-Mura to join them.

Yoshirou-Mura is really a relatively young woman, though she looks more mature than her true relative age. She is an only child raised by her guardsman father after her mother died in an accident. As such, she is somewhat reclusive and asocial for an aelph. She's also somewhat tomboyish (again, for an aelph).

She has always wanted to be a city guard and dreams of one day being a hero of sorts, though she's quite nervous and even scared to leave her home.

Relationship with Aida

Yoshirou-Mura is somewhat confused about her relationship with Aida, as she is much closer to Aida than she has ever been to any of her own folk. Since she hasn't really had much in the way of friends, she's not quite sure why she feels so protective of Aida and jealous of Maleos, Darias, and Saul. She has thus far dealt with this the way she deals with most of her problems: she pushes it aside and deals with the job at hand. When Aida comes by to visit and spar, though, she can't really hide her excitement nearly as well as she would like. As a result, she has shown much more blatant depth of emotion to the PCs than any of the other aelphin they have met.

Relationship with Darias

TODO not great - Darias is a dick to her, she doesn't appreciate his rudeness. Basically deal with one another by not really interacting all that much.

Relationship with Maleos

TODO not much of one

Relationship with Saul

TODO rough patch but okay now

Physical Description

Yoshirou-Mura is tall for an aelph, nearly 5'4". She is also very heavily built for an aelph, having noticeable biceps and strongly-muscled forearms. Though she is still nearly impossibly lean for a human, it is obvious at a glance that she is quite strong for an aelph.

Yoshirou-Mura has long forest-green hair she usually keep bound in a tight bun under her helmet. Her skin is middling-toned for an aelph. Her eyes are an amber-yellow almost exactly the color of the waxleaf flower. She dresses in her city guard uniform or clothing very like it almost without exception.


Like all of the aelphin the party has met, Yoshirou-Mura is somewhat emotionally distant and restrained. She maintains a public face of stoicism, though the PCs are beginning to understand the small facial gestures and involuntary tics that betray the aelphins' true feelings. For context, the aelphin follow cultural norms similar to the Japanese or Chinese concept of "face" - dignity, respectability, self-control, and so on. Yoshirou-Mura, however, is not as good at maintaining face as many of her brethren; her emotions are easier to read than those of most aelphin, though still relatively controlled when compared to those of an Islander.

Yoshirou-Mura is standoffish in dealings with any new people. It is becoming clear that she is, in fact, quite shy in most social situations, only losing her self-consciousness when sparring, exercising, or in combat. Yoshirou-Mura enjoys physical punishment, taking now-obvious pleasure in feeling sore muscles or bruises from fighting. Her heart is similar to that of a champion athlete who cannot be happy unless she is moving, competing, and pushing herself to her limits. She is not, however, an adrenaline junkie; her sense of accomplishment comes not necessarily from danger but from the realization that she is pushing herself to become better. She does, though, appear to have little fear of death, grinning and even laughing in the faces of opponents who have wounded her and simply closing in for more. This may be partially confidence (or hubris) on her part, her faith in her combat expertise, but it also may be something deeper.

Due to her social inadequacies, Yoshirou-Mura hasn't really felt as though she's fit in anywhere but the city guard; only after meeting Aida has she found a kindred spirit with whom she has become close. She sometimes openly smiles when sparring with Aida, even when she is losing; she takes great enjoyment from the challenge and the closeness she feels with Aida when they are both in their true element. Yoshirou-Mura sticks close to Aida most of the time.

For a true warrior woman, Yoshirou-Mura is a surprisingly dainty eater.

This is a conversation she had with Maleos in Akihito-Remi after killing Iealdith. Her parts of the conversation reveal something of her character - a little too open and too sarcastic to nicely fit in with aelphin society.


Aelphin Fighter Level 7/Coillearnach Wolf Level 5
Tier 7 Champion (1/4 trials completed for Tier 8)
XP: 71,925; 78,000 XP for next level

STR 18 (20) +4 (+5)
DEX 28 (30) +9 (+10)
CON 16 (18) +3 (+4)
INT 12 +1
WIS 8 (12) -1 (+1)
CHA 12 +1

Combat Statistics

BAB +12/+7/+2
Initiative +10
HP 130 +10/lv
AC 24 (28)
Speed 70' 1 mythic power use = +10'/tier
Save Base Ability Magic Total
Fortitude +9 +4 +0 +13
Reflex +3 +10 +0 +13
Willpower +6 +1 +0 +7

Equipment Statistics

Weapon Hit Dmg Crit Range Type Wt
Battle Sword1 +4 1H +22/+22/+17 1d10+26 17-20/x3 n/a S/P 4 lb
Battle Sword +4 2H +22/+22/+17 1d10+28 17-20/x3 n/a S/P 4 lb
Battle Sword +4 (thrown) +23/+23/+18 1d10+26 17-20/x3 20' S/P 4 lb
Dagger +1 (melee) +15/+10/+5 1D4+5 19-20/x2 n/a P 1 lb
Dagger +1 (missile) +21/+16/+11 1D4+5 19-20/x2 50' P 1 lb
Composite Longbow, normal2 +23/+18/+13/+8 1D8+6 x3 550' P 2 lb
Composite Longbow, aelphin war +1 +21/+16/+11/+6 1D10+7 19-20/x3 450' P 2 lb
Composite Longbow, arrow of eyes +24/+19/+14/+9 1D8+6 x3 550' P 2 lb
Warhammer, masterwork +15/+10/+5 1d8+4 x3 n/a B 4 lb
Warhammer, masterwork, thrown +18/+13/+8 1d8+4 x3 20' B 4 lb
Manti +14/+9/+4 1d8+4 x3 n/a P 9 lb
Manti, thrown +18/+13/+8 1d8+4 x3 20' P 9 lb
War Fan +14/+9/+4 1d6+4 x3 n/a S 3 lb
War Fan, thrown +17/+12/+7 1d4+4 x3 20' S 3 lb
Ammo No. Hit Bonus Dmg Bonus Crit Bonus Range Bonus Wt
Aelphin War Arrows +1 60 -1 +1D 19-20/x3 -20' 3 lb
Aelphin War Arrows +1 of Greater Demonslaying 1 -1 +1D 19-20/x3 -20' 3 lb
Normal Arrows 40 0 0 0 n/a 0 lb
Arrows of Eyes 7 +1 +1 n/a n/a 1.5 lb
Darias's Arrow3 1 +1 +1 n/a n/a 0.2 lb
Ballista Bolts of Eyes 3 +1 +1 n/a n/a 3 lb
Javelin of Lightning 5 0 5d6 x2 n/a 1 lb
Armor Type Weight L/M/H AC Max DEX ACP
Elite Guard Scale Mail +1 30 lb m +5 +2 -2
Heavy Wooden Shield +2, Animated 10 lb n/a +4 n/a -2


Yoshirou-Mura gains (3 + Int mod) skill points per level.

Skill Ability Class? Abil Mod Ranks Class Bonus Racial Bonus Magic Total
Appraise Int +1 +1
Balance+ Dex X +9 +11 +1 +21
Bluff Cha +1 +1
Climb+ Str X +4 +10 +7 +21
Concentration Con +3 +3
Craft (bowyer) Int X +1 +6 +7
Diplomacy Cha +1 +2 +3
Disable Device* Int +1
Disguise Cha +1 +1
Escape Artist+ Dex +9 +1 +10
Forgery Int +1 +1
Gather Information Cha +1 +1
Handle Animal* Cha X +1 +3 +1 +5
Heal Wis +1 +1
Hide+ Dex +9 +5 +5 +19
Intimidate Cha +1 10 +1 +12
Jump+ Str X +4 10 +14
Knowledge* (something) Int +1
Listen Wis +1 +4 +5
Move Silently+ Dex +9 +5 +5 +19
Open Lock* Dex +9
Perform (something) Cha +1 +1
Profession* (something) Wis +1
Ride (something) Dex X +9 +9
Search Int +1 +1
Sense Motive Wis +1 +1
Sleight of Hand*+ Dex +2
Spellcraft* Int +1
Spot Wis +1 +5 +5 +11
Survival Wis -1 -1
Swim+ Str X +4 +1 +7 +12
Tumble*+ Dex +9 +8 +17
Use Rope Dex +9 +9

* denotes a trained-only skill
+ denotes armor check penalty applies
% denotes a skill only applicable to shapeshifters


  • Equaen (aelphin; native)
  • Faeon (humans of the southwest forests; 4 points)
  • Aodzhiv (dharven; 4 points)
  • Sjef Les (zwallen; 2 points)

Class Abilities and Feats

  • Low-Light Vision: - Can see twice as far as normal in dim light
  • Racial Skills: - +4 to Hide, Move Silently, Listen, and Spot skills
  • Weapon Focus (Aelphin Battle Sword): - +1 bonus to attacks with this weapon
  • Combat Reflexes: - Maximum of 5 attacks of opportunity per round.
  • Quick Draw: - Draw a weapon as a free action.
  • Two-Weapon Fighting: - Penalties reduced to -4/-4 (or -2/-2 if off-hand weapon is light) when fighting with two weapons
  • Far Shot: - Range increment penalty decreased to -1 per range increment.
  • Weapon Specialization (Aelphin Battle Sword): - +2 bonus to damage rolls with selected weapon
  • Mythic Two-Weapon Fighting: Spend one use of mythic power to eliminate penalties for two-weapon fighting for 1 round per tier.
  • Hard to Kill: Automatically stabilizes at negative HP, and remains alive until reaching -(2*Con) HP.
  • Mythic Power: Has 3 + (2*tier) uses of mythic power per day, currently 17.
  • Surge: Can spend one use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll by 1d10.
  • Impossible Speed: +30' land speed. Spend one use of mythic power to add an additional 10'/tier.
  • Champion's Strike: Sudden Attack; expend one use of mythic power for bonus melee attack at highest attack bonus (in addition to other actions during round). Roll twice and take better result, adding tier to attack roll. Damage bypasses DR.
  • Limitless Range: All range increments multiplied by 5. No maximum range. Can throw any melee weapon as if it had a range increment of 20' (not multiplied by 5, but no maximum range increment).
  • Mythic Weapon Specialization (Aelphin Battle Sword): Grants additional damage to attacks using battle sword equal to half her tier.
  • Greater Weapon Focus (Aelphin Battle Sword): +1 bonus to attacks with this weapon.
  • Improved Critical (Aelphin Battle Sword): Doubles threat range of aelphin battle sword.
  • Fast Movement: Increases land speed by 10' when wearing light, medium, or no armor.
  • Trackless Step: Cannot be tracked in natural surroundings.
  • Recuperation: At 3rd tier, restored to full HP after 8h rest. Expend use of mythic power and rest 1 hour to regain up to 1/2 HP and any use-per-day-limited class features (reated as 8h rest).
  • Mythic Weapon Focus (Aelphin Battle Sword): Doubles bonus from weapon focus/greater weapon focus.
  • Fleet Warrior: May take normal move in addition to full attack action, either before or after the attack. This movement provokes attacks of opportunity as usual.
  • Elegant Strike: Add Dex modifier to damage with aelphin battle sword (in addition to Str modifier). Foes immune to critical hits or sneak attacks are also not subject to elegant strike.
  • Unstoppable Shot: You can use a ranged or thrown weapon to make a single powerful shot that shoots through all creatures in a line. As a standard action, make a single ranged attack roll and resolve the attack against all targets in a straight line up to the maximum range of your weapon, stopping at any barrier the attack couldn't penetrate. Roll damage once and apply that damage to each creature hit by the attack. Before making the attack roll, you can expend one use of mythic power to bend the path of the attack up to two times as it strikes targets or objects. Each deflection can alter the line of the attack up to 90 degrees, allowing you to shoot around corners or cover.
  • Precision: 2nd and subsequent attack rolls are at a +5.
  • Mythic Saves: Any saving throws that would normally be for 1/2 damage are instead saves for negation.
  • Maneuver Expert: Do not provoke attacks of opportunity when attempting a combat maneuver check. Expend 1 mythic power to gain Improved and Greater feat effects for a given combat maneuver check.
  • Mythic Improved Critical (Aelphin Battle Sword): Critical bonus for aelphin battle sword increases by 1.
  • Power Attack: Take -2 on attack roll to increase damage by +4. Increases by -1 attack/+2 dmg at lv 12, 16, and 20.
  • Mythic Power Attack: At every 4th level, instead of gaining +2 dmg on power attack, gain +3. Bonus damage doubled on a critical hit before it is multiplied by the weapons' critical multiplier (e.g., +6 becomes +12 and then that +12 is multiplied by the weapon's multiplier). Expend 1 mythic power to ignore penalties on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks for one minute. Currently: -2/+6.
  • Critical Master: Roll critical against non-mythic critical, automatically confirmed. Automatically deal the maximum damage on a critical hit.
  • Armor Mastery: Maximum dex bonus increases by +2 with any armor you're proficient with.
  • Unfettered Stride: Gain the ability to move through bogs, rubble, undergrowth, ice sheets, and natural stone floors without impeding your movement speed.
  • Titan's Rage: You can cause yourself to grow in size, becoming a terrifying sight to behold. As a standard action (or a free action if you have the rage class feature), you can expend one use of mythic power to increase your size to one size category larger. This grants you a +4 size bonus to Strength and Constitution, imposes a –2 penalty to Dexterity, grants you a +2 natural armor bonus, increases your natural reach by 5 feet, and increases your weapon damage based on the new size of your weapons. This size increase lasts a number of rounds equal to your tier, and doesn't stack with any other spell or ability that alters your size.
  • Mythic Far Shot: Expend one mythic power to ignore all range increments until the end of your turn.

Faeliel's Fang's Bonuses

  • Enchanted: Treated as a +4 weapon.
  • Animal Familiarity: Grants the power to speak with animals at will.
  • Forest Familiarity: Grants a +4 bonus to Climb checks when in the forest.
  • Water Familiarity: Grants a +4 bonus to Swim checks.
  • Blind-Fighting: Re-roll any miss due to concealment once. Invisible attackers gain no bonuses when attacking. Can move at full speed in darkness or when blinded without acrobatics checks.
  • Never Lost: The wielder can automatically determine which direction is north as a swift action.
  • Weather Sense: The wielder can automatically determine the likely weather for the next week with a 1-minute study of the environment.
  • Greater Forest Familiarity: The wielder can move through areas considered lightly forested or denser by running from tree branch to tree branch, travelling at normal movement speed.
  • Adaptation: Faeliel's Fang can, at will and as a standard action or as part of a full attack action, transform between a sword form and a composite longbow form. Enchantments and effects of both forms are the same.
  • Pass Without Trace: The wielder can pass without trace through forested areas as a druid of her level.
  • Treewalk: The wielder can teleport between two trees per dimension door 3/day.
  • Stalker's Blessing: The wielder can become invisible 3/day as a free action.
  • Deflection: The wielder gains damage resistance 10 against electricity and sonic attacks. The wielder gains DR 3/-


Item Location Wt Notes
Aelphin Battle Sword +1 Left Thigh 4 lb Long, curved, finesse sword
Faeliel's Fang Left Thigh 4 lb Long, curved, finesse sword (Aelphin Battle Sword)
Dagger Right Thigh 1 lb
Dagger +1 Left Thigh 1 lb
Manti Quiver 9 lb (0 lb)
Warhammer Quiver 6 lb (0 lb) masterwork, secretly crafted by Darias
War Fan Right Thigh 3 lb
Composite Long Bow Quiver 2 lb (0 lb) Mighty +2
Aelphin War Arrows x60 Quiver 3 lb (0 lb) Bonus damage, but somewhat easily broken
Aelphin War Arrows of Greater Demonslaying Quiver 3 lb (0 lb) Broken on use; Fort save DC 23 or take 100 extra damage if demon
Arrows x40 Quiver 2 lb (0 lb)
Arrow of Greater Demon Slaying x1 Quiver 0 lb Fort save DC 23 or take 100 damage if struck
Arrows of Eyes x7 Quiver 2 lb (0 lb) Can be used as scrying sensor after fired first time; if recovered, is plain arrow +1
Efficient Quiver Left Shoulder 2 lb Holds 18 javelin, 60 arrows, and 6 spears
Scabbard of Many Blades Left Hip 2 lb Holds 5 medium weapons or 10 small
Elite Guard Scale Mail +1 Worn 30 lb
Bracers of Armor +1 Worn 1 lb
Cloak of Aelphinkind Worn 2 lb +5 Hide checks
Boots of Aelphinkind Worn 2 lb +5 Move Silently checks
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 Worn 1 lb +2 to Str, Dex, and Con
Heavy Wooden Shield On Back 10 lb Given to her by Aida; later enchanted to +1, Animated (4 rounds of animate defense)
Backpack Worn 2 lb
Bedroll and blanket Backpack 5 lb
Waterskin x2 Backpack 8 lb
Eyes of the Eagle Worn 1 lb +10 to Spot checks plus the ability to "zoom" up to 300x like a telescope
Headband of Inspired Wisdom Worn 1 lb +4 to Wisdom
Javelin of Lightning x5 Quiver 1 lb ea 5d6 lightning damage; consumed on use
Gloves of Climbing and Swimming Worn 1 lb +5 competence bonus to Swim and Climb checks
Crystal of Comprehend Languages Headband 0 lb Continuous comprehend languages effect
Ring of True Strike 5/Day, command word activated. Worn 0 lb Borrowed from Maleos temporarily.
Total 84 lb


  • 1200 aelphin gold pieces
  • 250 aelphin silver pieces
  • 100 dharven silver pieces


  • White pearl worth ~500 gold pieces
  • White diamond worth ~250 gold pieces x4

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