You and What Army? (DHD Campaign)


The party has scared up a posse to go scout and eliminate any hobgoblins remaining at the fort ruins. Isidor is introduced to the other party members and tags along to help defend Throme as payback for the hospitality they've shown him.

The party quickly learns, however, that they and their army have bitten off more than they could chew with this scouting mission as they discover that the hobgoblins are led by a powerful sorceress.

Included Caleb, Nathan, Magnus, and Isidor./

Session Description

TODO - expand this into full writeup - currently is just notes based on my memories - CME

  1. Conversed with Dale (Caleb) – gave him some background against Isidor
  2. Met up with raiding party and is following lead scout
  3. Townfolk and party went out under command of a guard captain.
  4. Went to fort - found that it had burned to the ground.
  5. Scared Eric’s char with Mending due to lack of comms (he was dirty; was going to get mud off his face)
    1. "What? You do not burn dirt off face with green fire?"
    2. "Iz hygenic device! We call 'kiln!'"
  6. My names for Archyyr and Arin: Bigflatwolf and Tinypointywolf (respectively). Corrected (“she. Fox”) for Arin, leading to the new name of Tinypointyfox.
  7. Ruins basically vacated. Find ritual room in basement. Detect much magic, so have head mage of soldiers destroy it.
  8. Attacked by much larger army than we imagined - forces were scattered and most troops were killed
  9. Party cut off from town and decided to head for a location that might have held another fort/outpost similar to the one they'd destroyed (found it on a map when back in town and decided to go there as a last resort)
  10. Ran from army (forced march) for days - finally made it to other fort/outpost and set up fortifications there.
  11. Explored and found little, but odd locked-and-sealed door on top floor that we couldn't break into. Magically barricaded - had to get captain-mage to unmagick it. Found book - like a diary - and an Elven sorcerer's corpse.
  12. Magnus and Isidor set up barricade traps in the stairwells and fought off attackers one by one as the rest of the party fired arrows and flung spells from the top-story windows. Magnus and Isidor were able to make a fighting retreat to the formerly-sealed room just as the Captain burned a teleport scroll they'd found, allowing us to teleport back to the village (all 6 survivors — party + captain and one female NPC soldier).
    1. Isidor managed to execute some spiffy kills and actually retrieve a token (a hobgoblin jawbone) that he planned to use in decorating his crossbow. He got two crits, which were his first kills with that crossbow, during this fight.
    2. Isidor also managed a supremely lucky double-crit with his axe while at the last stand defending the 2nd-story stairs. He has added this to the stories about his axe's prowess.
    3. Magnus and Isidor kind of bonded over coordination during fight.

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