You Got Me on My Knees, Laila e'Sienne

The theme song for this session is "Beware the Dog" by The Griswolds (lyrics).

Closing the Gate

TODO description of closing down the Gate of the Dead

Master of All I Survoler

TODO travel around the survoler - don't forget talking to shipwrights, research, Saul's alchemy, elevator scene with Aida, meeting with mayor-general

Combat Doesn't Scale

TODO - write up the snake combat, the cavalry rescue, etc

Laila Down

TODO activities in Laila e'Sienne upon arrival - 2 weeks. fix fang, talk to shipwrights, commission airship, craft dogtags, study ritual, talk to guards, etc.

Orc Mork Bjork Pork Fork

Maleos and Darias teleporting to orcs to get fabrics. will take about a week


1 teleport into lake
7 days yegek, maybe
1 teleport into "Moradin's Throne" area
1 day travelling between Stian and Sundtar Agamm (teleport landed them in Stian Village on a rooftop)
Another 6 days in Sundtar Agamm - buy goods here to trade with aelphin, and also see aftermath of semi-recent battle
Teleport to "forest crotch incident"
Teleport to Akihito-Remi in a couple of hops
— in trading, get 30% profit (10,000 -> 13,333 to Maleos; 3,000 -> 4,000 for Darias; 2,000 -> 2,667 for Saul)
— Maleos puts in 11,000 to purchase goods to trade w/ dharven; Saul puts in 3,000; Darias puts in 4,000
From there, teleport to Luella - have to walk a few miles; buy goods there to trade back to dharven. spend a couple of days and 18,000 gp on wine, spirits, intoxicating herbs, perfumes, and raw herbs; only a couple of days there
Day or so in Ikkuth - cloth shopping
— saw orcs
— orcs seem to love milk, cheese
— orcs decorate hair w/ jewelry
Then another 3 days in Sundtar Agamm selling - manage to turn a decent 40% profit (18,000 -> 25,200)
Try to teleport back to Ikkut - hit dead zone and badly wounded. 2 hours crawling through desert before magic reactivates and lets them heal and teleport
Another day in Ikkut picking up hundreds of pounds of silks - next day, three-hopper back toward Laila e'Sienne. First uneventful (lands near Salt Lake). Second, Maleos interrupts it because he felt something wrong with the spell that would've been bad had he let it take hold. Third uneventful. Fourth and final also uneventful.

Sanse and Sanse-ability

TODO meeting with Nalia in Sanse Alia - some of that conversation may deserve a separate wiki page/FAQ/something. need to really cross-ref since she spilled the beans about a lot of details about the gods and the Usurper.


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