You Gotta Keep Negotiatin'


PCs took Major General to Redemption (around Alderaan) to recover from injuries. While there, took some R&R. Called in after a few days for negotiations. On Alderaan for a couple of weeks negotiating with Mon Cal at Bail Organa's mansion, but couldn't get full treaty. While negotiating, Death Star arrived. Fought way off planet, rescuing Mon Cal ambassadors, just as Alderaan destroyed.

Flew to another trade route world, sold nearly destroyed YT-2400 to purchase hush-hush ride to Mon Cal, signed treaty.

  • Team members
    • Sidara
    • Rourke
    • Orden
    • Major-General
    • Tam
    • Kane
    • Venn
  • Kane sidequest - buying "equipment" for grunts
  • On trip, Venn spots Orden meeting w/ Tam a few times - seems odd, despite subject matter ("debrief" topics)
  • During first space fight en route to Redemption (pirates):
    • First exchange knocks out navicomp, comms (ion cannons) and shields (lasers) on YT-2400
    • Sidara and Tam manage to take down shields on Guardian cruiser
    • Later, YT takes laser blast to thrusters (loses maneuverability bonus)
    • Kane eventually outpilots pirates and blasts debris off captured comet in orbit around gas giant, ramming debris into pirates' ship
    • YT able to hide in upper atmo of inner gas giant for repairs
    • Repairs to ionized components
    • YT blasts out, right past cruiser; manages to trade some shots without massive damage to systems and gets out to hyperspace range, escaping from pirates
  • On Alderaan:
    • Venn grants a couple of days shore leave to most of crew while Tam on ship; after a couple of days, Tam given shore leave
    • Sidara to visit family
    • Orden to capital for intel exchange
    • Venn goes with Orden
    • Kane goes shopping
    • Rourke w/ General to Redemption
    • Team notified that massive shuffling of leadership taking place - Privateer and Riekaan called away to near Alderaan
    • Fleet currently at Alderaan called to Hoth
    • Venn planning to depart with fleet but asked to stay to help with negotiations on Alderaan
    • Cargo passed to Neb B for transport to Hoth - YT cleared of cargo before the fleet departs
  • Later, Still on Alderaan:
    • Weeks spent in negotiations with Mon Cal
    • Happens at Bail Organa's manor
    • Lots of time rapport-building, then more time negotiating terms - Mon Cals not currently willing to fully sign up, but willing to help
    • Kane detects incoming "fleet" (it's the Peace Moon, of course!) - team runs, tries to fly off, taking Mon Cal along
    • YT suffers massive dmg in firefight
      • slagged shields
      • -2D sensors
      • -1D comms
      • -2D hull
      • slagged fire control
      • destroyed ventral turret (Sidara badly injured)
      • damaged navicomp
    • Team tries to defend corvette that brought Mon Cals to system, but unable to do so - swarmed by TIE/ln and TIE bombers
    • Tam, Sidara, and Venn manning guns, managed to bring down some TIE/ln and TIE bombers, but unable to destroy enough
    • Venn, Tam, Kane saw
      • some ships managing to jump out of system
      • destruction of Alderaan
    • finally escaped to nearby trade world
  • On Trade World
    • Sold YT; bought transport to Mon Calamari homeworld
    • Sidara sent in for medical care
    • Spent 4 days or so on world
  • Finally, to Mon Cal homeworld:
    • signed full treaty
    • need to run post-mission debriefs, etc.

Side Notes

  • What's up with Orden and Tam?
  • Why was Sidara avoiding Venn on first leg of journey to Alderaan?
  • How will Sidara heal from injuries, react to destruction of her homeworld?
  • TO DO: Chris to note that Orden is from Corellia
  • I'd like to see some mention/background noise about the Imperial Senate being dissolved and the Empire now officially being a full dictatorship.

High Points

  • Venn:
    • Diplomancy
    • Alderaan's destruction
    • Underworld negotiation re: YT, transport
  • Kane:
  • Tam:

Sidara Hears About Alderaan

Ted: Uh, after the date/not date, I figure they'd be talking at "work" whatever the hell that techncally is. He'd probably ask her for information, etc. on certain things/people he should know on the base. He senses that there's some weirdness for her, mostly rank-related, but some "other" too. But, he does wanna be friends, so he's trying to talk with heras much as he can without making her uncomfortable, and sticking to venues she's comfortable with. But, non-work "talk", probably not. He mighta tried on the frieghter, but he was busy, and she was being a bit uncomfortable, so he wouldn't.
me: Okay. So, there's still something hanging in the air about the whole situation. Gotcha.
Ted: As for when he tells her, it would be in the hospital, on the planet, while we're selling the YT. He doesn'tthink it'd be good to keep it from her for very long, and hopefully she'll be together enough so she won't lose it in front of the crew (for her pride's benefit, not the crew's)
me: So, she was in and out of consciousness in the medical bed for a little while, but by the time you would've gotten her to the hospital, she would have been conscious but in a lot of pain when not in the bed.
So, she basically would've just been in the hospital basically a day or so.
Ted: I was planning on having Venn stay with her the two days she'd be in the hospital. Tam can be there or not. Venn would leave Kane in charge of selling stuff off and getting everything ready fortheir chartered flight.
me: Okay, no problem.
Ted: He would tell her after she's better, not in pain (or at least too much)
me: Okay. Probably after the first night, when she's basically healed, but she'd still be weak from the treatment. She basically took burns, so it wasn't so much life-threatening immediately as it was very painful and prone to infection.
Ted: Oky, is Tam there?
me: At the hospital? Only if you'd want him to be.
He's playing guard to the ship (while we have it), the team, and Sidara.
But if you're watching over her, he might have been watchign over the team.
Ted: Yeah, probably best he guard the diplomats, ship, etc.
me: Yeah, that was his plan.
Since he knows your skill and his, and he knows that the diplomats need to make it back alive (over everyone else's dead body, if necessary)
Ted: Okay, when she comes around. "Sargeant."
me: "…LCDR…."
yawn, droopy face
Ted: how droopy?
like just had a stroke?
me: Like sleepy plus pain just went away will it come back droopy
Ted: softly "How are you feeling?"
me: yawn "Still tired, sir, but recovering…"
Ted: "Well, the doctors have got you all patched up. Another bacta treatment and you'll be ready to go. A couple of days and they say you should be back to normal."
me: "Yessir."
Ted: waits for a bit…
"Sidara… what was the last thing you remember?"
actually, before he says that, he'll close the door if it's open
me: thinks for a minute "Bright green light, burning, lots of swearing. Wind. And Orden pulling me out of the turret." pause "She's small, but she's wiry."
Ted: "Yes, she is…" pause "Sidara," pulls up beside that bed,"I have… I have to tell you something." pause again "The… hyperspace event was actually some new Imperial battlestation. They're calling it the Death Star." pause
"Before we jumped to hyperspace… it…"
Ted: "It fired some kind of super turbolaser… Sidara… the planet." pause "Alderaan is gone."
"I'm sorry."
pus his hand on hers
me: "…what do you mean, gone?"
Ted: puts
"The planet… it exploded."
"We were one of the few ships to escape"
me: "…what? What are you telling me? That thing… that… it BLEW UP Alderaan?"
Ted: "Yes."
Ted: "I'm so sorry, Sidara"
me: "That's not possible. That's… it's a PLANET. That's.. it's just not possible."
Ted: "I wouldn't hav believed it either, if I hadn't seen it.
Ted: "We've been laying low for the past few days. Even so, the newsfeeds have been starting to cover it."
"We're… we've sold the ship. It was too heavily damaged."
"We're arranging passage to Mon Calamari."
me: She's not really listening anymore.
Ted: he's stopped talking
justholding her hand and waiting
me: She'd take her hand away. She's closing up and turning away.
Ted: He's not gonna push her. He'll pat/rub her shoulder for a moment, then sit back and just be in the room and wait with her.
me: You'll be waiting a long time. She's closed up.
Ted: He'll wait.
I assume the nurses will be coming in with IV/etc.?
me: Something like that.
Ted: She gone catatonic?
me: She's basically going to be closed out for a while, and she won't broach the subject again. She's in denial, and once she gets past that, she will be in the 6th stage, which I like to call "seething rageful vengeance."
She's not catatonic.
Ted: Ah… SRV.
I'm going to have to physically pull her out of the next engagement, aren't I?
me: It's possible.
Although not certain.
Ted: Well, he's going to be staying with her until we're ready to leave. If he thinks she needs to be carried or sedated, he'll call someone. If not, he'll step out just to check in with Tam and Kane.
me: She won't need either. She's much more self-controlled than that.
Ted: Okay.
Ted: He'll keep a close ee onher during the trip/
me: But she's going to be very. very. very. angry.
Ted: on her during the trip
make sure she doesn't kill one of the Mon Cals by accident.
or our captain
or us
How is she during the trip to Mon Calamari?
me: She's not going to lash out at the team. She WILL probably drill the team more.
And she's also going to be back to Drill Sergeant Barbie mode more.
Ted: Okay. Well, not good, but the best for the time being (they're stil not sure if they're being hunted)

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