Zhymmia Starfall

Specialist Zhymmia Starfall

Rebel Alias: Sara Kesyk (Also known by: post-Alderaanian fixer Davin Finnall on Antaras)

Petite, strong blonde with military bearing and short, semi-practical hair

Zhymmia Starfall is a young rebel soldier stationed at Echo Base during the start of the campaign. She met the PCs during the prison holding facility raid. She provided breach backup during the raid and comported herself reasonably well. Her family used to work at Corellian Engineering Corporation before defecting to the Rebel Alliance, and her mother and father both support the Rebel medical frigate Redemption.

Physically, Starfall is an attractive young woman. She is petite with central-European looks. She keeps her straw-colored hair trimmed short because she is on active duty. Despite all that's happened to her during her military service, her light brown eyes still sparkle with wit and excitement.

Personality-wise, Starfall is often full of surprises. She's very quick-witted for a "young grunt," often surprising her officers in command with her useful assessments and amusing her squadmates with her wisecracks.

Having grown up in a household run by two doctors, Starfall has picked up some medical knowledge, though the her medical training is quite limited. For most of her life, she, too, planned to be a doctor, but she joined up with the Rebellion after she saw the threat the Empire posed to her homeworld (Alderaan). Still a little green, but tries to look cool under pressure - that doesn't always work. Her excellent natural talent with firearms serves her well.

Starfall is still very young. She tries to keep her "cool face" on, but just under that surface broils a tremendously passionate woman with strong, uncompromising ideals. She is convinced she can make the galaxy a better place.

Personality Quirks

  • Can be bubbly and outgoing in a purely social situation
  • Still a little more unsure about her role (socially speaking) in the military; all her former commanders have been very strict, so she's still adjusting to Venn's style
  • Demolitions and guns level the playing field for her since she's so small
    • she could hold her own in a fight (tough and wiry due to growing up with older brothers), but she doesn't look it
    • doesn't pull punches in firefights - blasters to kill unless ordered to set to stun
  • Followed parents to Rebels, but not wholly because of them
    • Couldn't really put together a rationale for why she was drawn to the Rebellion
    • Partially drawn due to Imperial treatment of aliens
      • Grew surrounded by lots of aliens, particually Sullustans
      • Doesn't even understand how to think of a sentient alien as anything other than "another person"
    • Followed parents' lead in going to med school, but was never in love with it
      • fond of the healing part
      • not so fond of some of the memorization/work
      • very much not fond of the bureaucracy
      • very much not fond of being constantly mistaken for a goddamn candy striper instead of a medical student
    • after parents joined Rebellion, she joined as well
      • partly to get out of med school
      • partly to give herself a sense of direction
      • partly because of ethical compass/sense of justice
  • Smarter than she first comes off when it comes to technical work in particular, but never interested in the big toys (speeders and such) or engineering ("too isolating")
  • Extremely strong internal ethical compass
    • Driven for "justice"
    • Can very much be driven to anger by small perceived injustices (e.g., friends can piss her off by doing things she perceives as "unfair")
    • Her sense of "justice" is mostly about people getting what they've given/put in and treating others in as minimally-impactful of a way as they can

Physical Description

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lb (when wet)
Hair: Blonde, military-compliant pixie cut
Eyes: Light brown

Starfall is extremely tiny for a grunt.


Unspent Character Points: 6

Zhymmia is a bit of a literal firecracker; since she's joined the military, she's become a big fan of shooting big guns and demolishing things. She's less fond of hand-to-hand combat, keeping her skills up as a last-resort defense only; while scrappy, she prefers not to have to go against those bigger than her (most everyone is). She's not particularly interested in vehicles or the operation thereof. She's also generally less interested in Knowledge skills. Zhymmia has a latent talent for command and persuasion; she will also be investing in the growth of those skills. Zhymmia has little interest in engineering and would not invest in those skills. Additionally, while she has sort of a natural medical talent, she's not particularly interested in medicine or first aid and only improves those skills when absolutely necessary.

Dexterity 3D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 3D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Blaster 5D+2 Survival 4D Repulsorlift Operations 4D
Dodge 5D+2 Willpower 4D Space Transports 3D+1
Running 5D Intimidation 2D Starship Gunnery 4D
Melee 5D Tactics 2D+1 Starship Shields 3D+1
Vehicle Blasters 3D+2 Alien Species 2D+1
Alien Species: Medicine 2D+2
Perception 3D Strength 4D Technical 3D+1
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Command 4D Climbing/Jumping 6D Demolitions 5D
Hide 5D Lifting 5D Space Transports Repair 3D+2
Intimidation 3D+2 Stamina 5D Security 4D+1
Gambling 4D Brawling 4D First Aid 5D
Sneak 4D
Search 3D+1
Con 3D+1


  • Blast Vest
    • +1D physical
    • +1 energy
  • Blaster Rifle (5D)
  • Blaster Pistol (4D)
  • Thermite Grenade x2
  • Fragmentation Grenade x4
  • EMP Grenade x2
  • Flashbang x4
  • Detonite Charges x10
  • Detonators x20
  • Medpac x3
    • Human-compatible
    • Single use
  • Military Commlink
  • 700 credits (500 of which is currently invested on Kane's Falleen artwork)

Earns 550 credits/month for her rank… that is, when she can get back to Third Fleet to actually pick up her pay….


Venn Tyree

Venn keeps Starfall's idealism alive. A former Senator, a cog in the very machine they all now fight against, she can't help but see him as representative of her hope that the Empire can be turned around and the Republic redeemed. Zhymmia has the utmost respect for Venn, and being so young she rarely if ever thinks to even question his orders.

Kane Novallis

Zhymmia finds Kane charming and brash, and she's a little attracted to that. As a woman who has spent so much time in the military hierarchy, his roguish ways are intriguing to her. What makes him even more attractive to her is that he's not all talk; she absolutely respects his skills in action, both piloting and in sticky combat situations. He's enough older than she is to cause her to think twice, but thinking about the possibilities does sometimes put a bit of a smile on her face. Still, with him so close to command and her so far at the bottom of the hierarchy, she feels she must push those thoughts out of her mind.

Tam Minera

The destruction of Alderaan irrevocably changed Starfall's opinion of Tam. Though she couldn't help but initially be angry with Tam for the role he played in the Empire, she quickly saw the anger and shame he felt and how he redoubled his efforts for the Rebels after Alderaan. She's since forgiven him his part, however small, though she never quite forgets. She can't bring herself to fully trust Tam in combat; she's always looking over her shoulder just a little bit whenever they do have to endure a firefight together.

Amanha Orden

Secretly, Zhymmia feels sympathy for Orden. She believes Orden is likely, for lack of a better word, "broken." She respects Orden's incredible knowledge base and analysis skills, but she doesn't know how to interact with Orden at any significant level. She'd like to learn more about Orden, possibly even try to develop a friendship of sorts. Her problem is that she doesn't know how to approach a superior officer in that capacity.

Sidara Lanka

Sidara's just like any other drill sergeant: cold, a bit cruel, but all for a cause. Starfall doesn't particularly like Sidara, but she very much respects Sidara.

Katiara Rourke

Zhymmia alternates between looking up to Rourke as someone she'd very much like to emulate and looking down upon her as a bit of a shallow snob. Largely, though, Zhymmia likes Rourke, though she quickly tires of any conversation involving shoes and skirts. She can't help but be won over by how kind and warm Rourke is to everyone, and that is the part of Rourke's personality that Starfall most envies.

Wen deCrion

Starfall likes Wen, perhaps quite a bit, but she's always irritated when he reverts too much to his childish pranks. Still, she understands he's just trying to blow off steam. They have a good relationship, bantering like any two grunts in a squad that trust one another implicitly. There are no romantic feelings between them, however; they've trained together for so long that they can't seem to think of themselves outside of the identity of the squad.

Zhymmia loves gambling and bantering with Wen, and she knows that if he's around, someone always has her back in a firefight. She and Wen keep a close eye on Tam in any fights, and they have agreed to retaliate immediately should he prove to be untrustworthy.

Character Quotes

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Life Events

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Basic Training

The butterflies fluttered uncontrollably, the same way they had since the first day of basic. It sometimes seemed that they'd never stop again. This was the day Starfall had been dreading since training started: the first day of weapons training. She'd never so much as seen a blaster rifle up close; it wasn't as if the Sullustans gave the engineering station staff quarterly marksmanship tests. When the call came in for her squad to report to the range, she shuffled the course in the manner she'd mastered, just slow enough to ensure she stayed in the middle of the pack.
That all changed the moment she first picked up her issued rifle. It felt nearly… magical, the way it just snuggled into her arms. She suddenly felt as if she'd found a purpose, and that purpose was… visceral. Primal. Violent. She'd grown up with 2 older brothers. She knew how to handle herself in a wrestling match, how to compensate for her small frame by using an opponent's momentum against him… but this was different. This was an equalizer. With this, no longer did she have to worry about mis-estimating an opponent by a few kilos or a swing by a few milliseconds. With this blaster rifle in her hands, she held the edge: smaller and harder to hit, but just as capable of hitting back.
Starfall had never realized until that moment how much she enjoyed this side of herself, her… well, her vicious side. She understood, now: why that recruiting poster had nagged at her mind all those weeks; why her parents had slipped away from their safe, secure corporate jobs to work on the Redemption; why she'd buckled down and stayed in basic despite the physical hardships of the past few weeks. She'd been the small one, the target, for far too long. Now it was her turn to deal out the beatings, her turn to bring justice to those who would bully the smaller and weaker.
This feeling only intensified the next week when Starfall's sergeant recommended her for demolitions training. Approaching the demolitions range couldn't have felt more different to her than her run-up to the firing range. She couldn't have been more exhilarated than she was when the range safety officer handed over her first grenade. The weight of it in her hand just felt so right. She held power, and she was ready to use it.
Over the next few weeks, Starfall devoted any moment of free time to the range. She was determined to lead her class in marksmanship. Some days, she seemed to spend every waking hour at one range or the other, blowing through magazines as if they were going to spoil or setting charges until her fingers were raw. Despite the low recoil of a blaster rifle, within a week she'd developed quite a bruise on her shoulder. Still, she'd run up through the leaderboard from mid-pack to third place, and both squad members above her had years of shooting experience.
By the time basic had finished, Starfall hadn't managed to make the top of the leaderboard; she had to settle for second place. That burned her; she'd wanted the top position so badly she could taste it. Still, she hasn't been born blaster in hand. She had to concede that PFC Homal deserved the win, and she'd still qualified Expert Sharpshooter. That knowledge didn't ease the burn much, though. Well, if she couldn't take the top rank, she'd comfort herself by using her new skills to put as many holes in Imperial Stormtroopers as possible defending all the people of the Galaxy.

Destruction of Alderaan

The destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star left Zhymmia reeling for a time. Thankfully, her closest family members were safely off-world; however, she still lost friends and family that day. Her anger at the Empire burns incredibly brightly within her. The idealist within her can't help but hope that these actions were the actions of a select few, though; she hopes that there are still redeemable people within the Empire's inner workings. Working so closely with Venn and Tam helps to keep that hope alive.

Though she couldn't help but initially be angry with Tam for the role he played in the Empire, she quickly saw the anger and shame he felt and how he redoubled his efforts for the Rebels after Alderaan. She's since forgiven him his part, however small, though she never quite forgets.

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